Mr Lifecruiser adjusting his stay ups

I have a wonderful husband. He is not afraid of making fun of him self. I love him extra much for that. We have a lot of fun moments because of it.

This is a picture from our wedding party, where he was wearing his wedding clothes (from the 18th century) with stay ups!

He was forced to straighten them up all evening, because they kept sliding down all the time - and how sexy wasn’t that?! *lol*

I’m especially fond of the fun bows on his shoes, that really made him HOT. It doesn’t show properly on this picture.

No, I’m not going to publish any picture of me in stay ups - no matter what bribes you offer me….

2 Comments on “My husband in stay ups”

    Erin UNITED STATES said:

    What a cute picture! Your wedding must have been spectacular.

    Hello from Michele’s!!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanks, it was!!!!!

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