I’ve decided to participate in the Thursday Thirteen Blogroll. That means that you’re going to read a list with 13 things every (almost) Thursday here from now on.

13 things you didn’t know that you wanted to know about me and my life…

1. The car means more for your weight than income, gender, education and origin. The more time you spent in the car on your way to your work or doing errands, the more risk of getting over weight. So that’s why I’m under weight now. I don’t work for the moment and really avoid doing errands….

2. Herring communicate by farting. Maybe it’s the same with me…

3. I’m not ever going to do any plastic surgery, despite the fact that plastic surgery was done already year 600 before Christ. OK, maybe if I were involved in a big car crash. Or if they could promise me that I would look like Halle Barry ;-)

Mrs Lifecruisers Barbie

4. American girls in the age three to eleven have an average of ten Barbie-dolls. I only had one and it wasn’t a good one either, but I played a lot with it. I still have it, but not all the clothes I had to her. I’m sorry that I don’t know where they’re gone. I can’t date exactly from what year she is from, but some time around the sixties. I inherited her from one of my older sisters. Note that at that time, she had stiff legs and arms, they wouldn’t be bent like the later Barbie dolls were able to.

5. Four of ten teenagers are not satiesfied with their look, but I’m not a teenager, so I am! (Except from the getting bald part now :-)

6. Swedish men get the lowest amount of sleep in Western Europe. Swedish men over 35 years old get less sleep than all of them – 6 hours and 53 minutes per night. Wow, so I guess I have a still young husband then, because he sleep more than that!!!! (Or isn’t he sleeping, hm…)

7. My horror list:

- Nastiness
- Enviousness
- Greediness
- Deceitfulness
- Unfaithfulness

8. They have confirmed that women over 50 year visits bars almost as often as women in the thirties, drinks more wine and alcohol and shop as much as their own children. I wonder what they say about me that is under 50 and without any children….?

9. Dom Perignon, the benedictine monk, was originally hired by his abbot to take away (!) the sparkling from the champagne. Thank god he didn’t succeed! I just LOVE champagne and especially Dom Perignon.

10. There is no obstacle of learning a new language in the age of 70, or get yourself a new job at your sixtythird birthday. With the right exercises the brain can be intact almost as long as you wish. New research has shown that new nerve cells can be created way up in the seventies. So there really is some hope for me with my imagined Altzheimers too, YEAAH!

11. In a research from England blondes have answered honestly (?) about theirs hair colour. Over 80 percentage of the blondes admitted that they were false blondes. I’m not a blonde any more… I think… I’m getting bald…. *lol*

12. Brussels sprouts contain three times more c-vitamin than oranges, but I think I prefer to eat more oranges anyway since the sprouts have some strange influence on my stomach…

13. It’s not the dirty underwear on the bedroom floor or the empty shelf in the fridge that get Swedish women tired of their men. The fact that’s bothering Swedish women the most is that the other part not is talking to them. And I’m sooo very lucky, because I don’t have that problem at all!!!!!! Mr Lifecruiser and I are on speaking terms what ever it may be.

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16 Comments on “My First Thursday Thirteen”

    TN Chick said:

    I never had 10 barbie dolls… My daughter has one and never plays with it. I don’t even know where it is, actually. I, too, prefer oranges – no matter how many more I’d need. :) 4 out of 10 teens isn’t many – that’s is sad, those stats.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thats probably because you’ve got the prioritys right, so she doesn’t need all that barbie dolls :-)
    Yes, isn’t it sad with the stats?

    Kasia said:

    Hm..a very funny 13! :grin:

    skye said:

    Nice start to your Thursday Thirteens! I didn’t really need to know about #2, but that’s okay…lol. What you said about the car in #1 is sooooo true. When I was going to college, I used to have ride my bike about 6 miles each way. I was never so fit in my life. As soon as I got my first car, that ended, and I haven’t looked back since…especially at my back end, ’cause it’s getting way too wide.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks Kasia and Skye. I wasn’t satiesfied with the T13 myself, but I wrote it hastily…

    sisiggy said:

    I still have my stiff-legged, bubble hair Barbie and all her clothes (which are vastly better-made than the tarty stuff they have her wearing these days).
    I will eat both Brussells Sprouts (what do they call full-grown brussels?) and oranges and be swimming in Vitamin C, which I am in particular need of right now…
    And you’ve made up my mind for me: I’m never going to communicate with a herring.

    Dave said:

    Got the weekend off and came home. Bring on the Dom! Got to go back Sunday PM to return home Friday. And yes, I’m starting a new job at the tender age of 65 although Wanda swears I’m just a child and since she also has no children, her child. I act like one so she’s not dissapointed.
    One thing about Brussel Sprouts, they do facilitate communication, especially if yur a Herring.
    Have a good week.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Good to see you Sisiggy, hope that means that the cold is getting much better!

    Welcome back Dave, you’ve been missed. I just knew that you would like the Dom thing :-)

    And I think all of us like the child in you!

    Barbara said:

    Nice TT13 Lifrcruiser! I didn’t have a Barbie doll. I had Skipper, Barbie’s sister. I don’t think she was the same size as Barbie, so buying clothes was a bit difficult.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, I remember Skipper too, she was a little bit smaller, but as nice as Barbie. A lot of my friends had Skipper and i wanted one too but never got one.

    sharlet said:

    “6 hours and 53 minutes per night” – actually, I sleep less than that every night! Oh no! That means I sleep less than many many people in Europe! :S

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes it does. I know, life is too short to be sleeping it away, but we really need a lot of sleep. For us, it’s that part with taking the steps to the bed that is most difficult. OK, sometimes even when we’re in bed and start giggle because we’re not enough tired – or over tired :-)

    Skittles said:

    :cool: Very cool list. Great job!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks Skittles, I liked yours too :-)

    mar said:

    Welcome to TT! and thanks for your nice comment on my list, you know why I am late visiting this time! My in-laws are over 70 and they both “go to school” to learn Spanish, they have been doing this for a few years and it really helps them to get around here when they visit.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks mar! I think you’re parents are great, learning spanish. I want to learn spanish too, it’s useful when out travelling.

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