“If you run in to each other in the street and the man says Pardon me and the women says You are welcome. Then it can happen that they move in together”.

[ Anna, 7 year ]

I wonder if her parents met each other that way or where in earth she did get that idea from? Looks like some people moves really fast!

4 Comments on “Moving Love”

    Miss ass said:

    What can we learn from this??? Never say “You are welcome” on the street! *lol*

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    …or in a lot of other places either!!!!

    The Complimenting Commenter said:

    That is a really funny quote. Great post and I love the website. Can’t wait to read some other funny posts too.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks for your nice words, we are glad to hear that you too have a strange humor ;-) .

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