Skirting the Issue
Skirting the Issue, 1952.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

So yesterday came our last day at Fårö, after 4 weeks on the island that not only we have come to love, but also a lot of famous Swedish persons. Among them we found Ingmar Bergman, the world famous Swedish film director.

We reached by the message that he had passed away early Monday mo(u)rning. You know, rumors travels fast on a little island!

Mother nature seemed to cry for him too – the whole sky were having tears dropping down on us…

Per, the beloved farmer we rent our summer living from, have of course met Ingmar butt not only that, he also have played a smaller role in one of his films, I can’t remember which one though. He has played in another Swedish film too. They hired local people on the island to get it more authentic.

One of his tasks was to crash a piano and he got harsh order from Bergman to be really ill-tempered and make the pieces fly!

…and so he did and the pieces were flying around and also hurting Per so the blood were flowing from a minor wound and Bergman were very happy about it!

Otherwise it wasn’t very often he was spotted at Fårö, he kept for himself in the part of the island he has fenced for him and his family.

Of course, tourist often asks questions about where Bergman live/d, but very seldom they did get any answer – or a very floating answer that they don’t really know exact. OR as Per once did: send them (on bicycle) in the wrong direction to bike for miles and miles…. *giggles*

Island people stick together – as they should do, it’s all a matter of good neighbor spirit – and survival.

Speaking for myself, I felt sorry for Bergman when he lived, I think he had a very rough life from the beginning – how else could he do all this dark films…? I just can’t watch them, it’s just too much depression feelings even if it may be well done.

So I really hope that he has found his peace now, as he did at wonderful Fårö.

For us, we left Fårö with sorrow in our hearts as usual anyway, but we might not wait a year before going there again. We might make a trip there in the early spring, to fix some things with the cottage – like new floors, painting and a new outdoor stair.

The only nice thing with coming home is the wonder of flowing and warm water, not to have to carry in cold water in buckets! It’s heavenly to stand in the shower for ages!!!

We have been good, already emptied our suitcases and done a lot of laundry, though most of the clothes were unused since it were thin summer clothes and it has been to cold this summer for them.

We’ve never experienced such a windy summer vacation either. Cold winds every day. One funny thing with that is that we had to drink to keep up the warmth – so now we hope that we can recover a bit at home…

There were a lot of post too when we arrived home and – as I suspected – not only fun letters…. The social security has tried booked a meeting with me during July – how dumb can they be? The whole Sweden is NOT working during July since it’s when EVERYBODY is away on vacation. *sigh*

Anyway, they booked me in a new day, the 30th of August, for a meeting though I think it’s a waste of time since my Doctor isn’t ready with my treatment for the Fibromyalgia yet. He said that we should try another medicine, butt he has to be present while I do, IF something goes wrong. (Doesn’t sound very reassuring, does it…?)

He is on vacation right now, so that is planned for the 21th of august with some blood tests (Thyroid) the 20th, which is making me STUCK here when I actually want to go for some last minute sun traveling!!! *bummer*

I really need to go away somewhere warm and sunny and rehabilitate my back after this cold and damp summer. I do hope that I will be able to do this.

…and No, I can’t go NOW, because I need some time to recover first (!) and visiting my old Mom too!

See also all our photos from Fårö July 2007 here. Or as a Fårö slideshow here.

Captain Home(r) Lifecruiser

10 Comments on “Mourning winds at Bergmans Faro”

    mar SPAIN said:

    Welcome home, Captain! I always feel I need a few days to recover from vacation and organize things at home… Yes, the whole world is mourning about Bergman, such an outstanding film director.
    Friends from rainy and cold Germany are arriving on thursday, they need sun, sun and more sun.
    Off to see your pics and slides :)

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Home again! I’d like to go away from home too! But this year we have to sell our house and it’s not easy because the prices are hot! hot ! like our weather here! If you want warm you should come here, in Ollioules! in bathing costume, of course!
    We think a lot to your Bergman here! I hope to see retrospectives on TV.

    TorAa said:

    Can not believe it’s only a week since we left FÃ¥rö and you and B and Per. I remember well he told us about his performance as statist – Was it in “The Shame”?.

    – and now you are back home – longing for SUNSHINE. so do we. Our Dutch friends, who stayed with us for 4 days – experienced the same, green winter, and showers from next to blue sky. What a July. Have not been so rainy here since 1940!

    Hope you will recover from all your physiological “pains” and also to see you and Mr Lifecruiser again. It was such a blast.

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    HI! Glad to hear that you made it home safely. And the photos below of Faro are stunning…the skies…wow.

    Casablanca Travel PHILIPPINES said:

    Welcome back! Hope to hear more of your adventures soon.

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Welcome back Captain!

    Hubby and I have always loved the dark moving films of Bergman. I believe we have collected them all.
    Cheers to your return!

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    A windy summer (and lots of rAIN) is to be had by us all! Isn’t it funny what suckers tourist can be ;)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Ah the joys of returning home invoices and dirty laundry ! I read about Ingmar Bergmans dead on Tor’s blog on Monday or Tuesday and then in the evening I saw it in the news. Sad indeed.

    Kasia said:

    I am really sorry for all the Swedsih poeple for their loss – Ingmar Bergman. He was the greatest of the greatest. A complete genius. There are really few dimovie direstors who desereve to be called geniuses and he was one of them. My fav film of his is called “Fanny and Alexander”. Rest in peace, Mr. Bergman!
    Anyway, isn’t home coming the best part of travelling? :) Say hello to your mama. :)

    Sword Girl UNITED STATES said:

    That is sad to hear about Ingmar Bergman. I am not familiar with him, but I hate to hear that he had a hard growing up. I’d love to see some of his work. That is good that he is at peace now.

    Hope you have lots of happy hot showerings!

    I’ll be visiting more of your posts soon. :)

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