Lifecruisers Moms funeral

Can funerals be really beautiful? Yes, now I know. They can. My mother’s last Tuesday was the most beautiful. As beautiful as she was – even after she had passed away peacefully.

Everything was just so perfect. The white coffin. As pure as her heart was. The red roses (Opium) and white lily’s went so breathtakingly well to the white coffin. We did choose the rose before we knew the name of it and when I heard that it was Opium I thought it was perfect, since it was one of her favorite perfumes.

The funeral was held in the same church we had for my fathers funeral, nearby the place where they had lived together since the early fifties. We had a wonderful, very human priest who held such a beautiful and touching speach. She was clearly moved herself, no fake. A caring person.

It’s a lot to consider when choosing funeral music, but since my mother loved music and to dance, I made it a personal challenge to choose the most fitting music for the last farewell to her.

The music I had selected tu(r)ned out perfect, not an eye were dry, but not too grievous. My mother wouldn’t have wanted that as she had a very bright personality.

  • Organ, melody: Memory (A. Loyd Webber)
  • Psalm: I denna ljuva sommartid (In this sweet summertime)
  • Psalm: Bred ut dina vingar (Spread out your wings)
  • Solo singer: Unforgettable (Irving Gordon)
  • Organ, melody: Nocturne (E. Taube)
  • Solo singer: Smile (C. Chaplin)
  • Organ, melody: Sista valsen förklingat (The last waltz died away / J. Robledo)

Already when they started to play Memory, we all got our eyes full of tears, but in a bitter sweet way. It’s a very classy tune. Unforgettable too. The title says it all… Both Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole have done their versions of it.

If you just want to listen to one of the above, please choose Smile and tell me then if it isn’t one of the best!

It did put a smile on our faces, trying to live up to her capability to smile whatever burdens she had on her shoulders. Many times I’ve wondered where this wonderful woman did take her strength to smile & laugh from. Even in her last years when her body were so broken and she wished to leave this world, she was so easy to get to laugh!

Lifecruisers Mothers funeral churchI thought it was even more striking when the lyrics in Smile also says:….”you see the sun come shining through” – which it really did, through the church windows. A wonderful bright sunlight, to enlighten the sad moment.

She had the sun with her, even on the last journey, giving us bright memories.

My mom made big impressions, not only on us. I’m so full of admiration. She was the most honest, hardworking, fair and easygoing person.

I wish to leave the world
(Jose Julian Marti Perez)

I wish to leave the world
By its natural door;
In my tomb of green leaves
They are to carry me to die.
Do not put me in the dark
To die like a traitor;
I am good, and like a good thing
I will die with my face to the sun

I’ve never ever heard her saying anything negative about any person, even if it were truly bad persons. That is truly admirable. Can you say the same? I can’t…

Yet, she had temper, no one could treat her with bully manners. I think I’ve inherited much of her temper… *cough*

Her memory will live as long as we live and I’ll keep her saying with me all the time, the words she repeated through her life:

“You don’t have more fun than you make it yourself”

Lifecruisers Moms funeral

Captain Mom Lifecruiser

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    Sue said:

    What a beautiful, and moving entry :) Thanks so much for stopping by, and directing me here :)

    Maribeth said:

    This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Maribeths last blog post..Spring Cleaning

    Tammy said:

    A beautiful tribute to your mother.

    Tammys last blog post..Heads Or Tails #37


    What a wonderful tribute to your mother. It’s all very beautiful. Big hug. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Tags, Tags and More Tags

    Shannon said:

    That is a beautiful tribute to your mother. Hugs to you and your family.

    Shannons last blog post..Hump Day Humor: Moms

    paint protection said:

    Your mother must have been very special, and you obviously follow in her footsteps.

    Simply Beautiful !

    Picturing said:

    GREAT post about ur mother…

    My mother story in here thanks

    Picturings last blog post..Heads or Tails #8

    Anders said:

    A beautiful and tasteful way to say farewell to your mother, and I think the chosen music is really great chose of my music for a final farwell.

    Anderss last blog post..Måndag – Yahoo!!! Ny vecka – Nya upplevelser!

    Vic Grace said:

    Thanks you for sharing this special moment. This post will also be something to cherish along with your memories and photos.

    Mar said:

    This was a wonderful tribute to your mother and I love the way you said farewell to her. The white coffin and the flowers look like the best of this world, pureness and beauty…
    I need to install some plugins to hear the music but I will.

    Mars last blog post..F is for fish

    Kango said:

    Ahh….Captain, that is so beautiful and so sad. I’m sure your Mom would have been happy to see all of you still so much in love with her.

    Kangos last blog post..Join the LA Taco Truck Revolution

    Skittles said:

    I’m listening to the song “Smile” from the link you provided. How beautiful!

    Your mother must have been an amazing woman and I’m sure she will be missed.

    Skittless last blog post..Heads Or Tails #37 – Mother

    Caledonia said:

    I’m sitting here crying because it all reminds me so much of Grandma’s funeral. Grandma loved music so much and we spent ages finding the perfect songs, one of which was Hayley Westenra.

    I miss her so much and would give anything to see her again.

    I hope the funeral brought you peace.

    Caledonias last blog post..Cameras Do Lie

    Tina said:

    Sounds like it was a really beautiful ceromony. I love her quote she said. That is so true. God bless x

    Thanks for stopping by my place.

    Tinas last blog post..A TRIBUTE TO MOM’S

    Debbie said:

    I sit here with tears as I read this. I know from all I read how much she meant to you and how much she has taught you! She left behind a smile and her laughter in your heart. Thank you for sharing her last journey with us. It was quite beautiful. As I am at work I cannot listen to the music (no speakers) but knowing you it was as beautiful as she was. God speed my friend!

    Debbies last blog post..Monday Once Again

    Inspiration Alley said:

    Beautiful and moving tribute to your mother.

    Inspiration Alleys last blog post..Not Like My Mother

    Linda @ this and that said:

    Such a lovely tribute to your mother. My Mom never said a negative word about anyone. She would always tell me, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all”. Unfortunately I can’t say I have followed her advice.

    Linda @ this and thats last blog post..

    Raven said:

    Your mother was clearly a special person and her funeral and your beautiful tribute reflect the power of her impact on those whose lives she touched. My condolences to you. Losing your mother is a profound life change, even when it is as peaceful and serene as this passing. My heart goes out to you..

    Ravens last blog post..Heads or Tails Tuesday: Mother

    Misty Dawn said:

    This is an absolutely beautiful tribute to you mother. I have tears in my eyes now. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

    SwordMama said:

    Your tribute to your Mom is SO beautiful! The songs are really beautiful and soothing. ((()))

    Autumn said:

    That truly does sound like a beautiful funeral. I’ve only attended one in my life. I’m lucky that I’ve only lost one person I care for. We can only try to leave such wonderful thoughts behind us when it’s our time. Sounds like your mother was wonderful.


    I feel very touched by your post. You wrote it so beautifully….Your mother seemed to be a grand lady…

    Peace and love to you from Spain (where your sweet comments have been highly appreciated…)

    Alice said:

    Your mother sounds like a really fantastic lady. I am sad for you for your loss, and I am happy for your mother. I believe that she is laughing and joyful now, and that you will see her again one day. I am blessed to have a wonderful mother too. She will be 85 in August and is still going strong. I don’t know what any of her 5 children will do when she goes on. We’ll all be wrecks.

    Hugs, Happiness and Harmony!

    Alices last blog post..NOTE!!!

    DianeCA said:

    Yes, my friend, funerals can be beautiful…and you and your family have put your heart into your mothers. You know you have a special place in my heart now since I have recently been through the same. My brothers and I bonded quite well and used a lot of time in planning our mothers last journey together. I truly believe she would have really liked it, as I know in my heart your mother also would have appreciated the thought and feeling you put into her last journey. I am sorry for your loss, but like Alice above here I believe your mom is in a better place now. We chose to close my mothers funeral with Joyful Joyful ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcMdjnFsEtI&feature=relate )whichI hope can also bring you some peace.

    DianeCAs last blog post..Dating for grownups

    Dot M said:

    Thankyou so very much for notifying me. The songs were some of the favorites I grew up with and so fitting of your wonderful Mother. Being some of the older time songs, I am sure they were also some of your Mother`s favorites.
    I own and play my old large double keyboard Lowrey organ with the foot pedals and lots of different musical instrument buttons, so I also loved the Organ music you chose.
    You did her Proud and she would be so proud of you in your choices.
    Yes, she did leave great impressions on anyone who had the chance to get to know her, even if only thru the blogs. I always wished I had been able to meet her in person. I respected her courage to keep fighting even when her body was in so much pain. She was so thoughtful and caring of others, never puting herself first. She was special and will never be forgotten.
    God Bless her and the Family she loved so much.

    laketrees said:

    my deepest condolences to you Lifecruiser…
    I shed a tear when I read this…
    such a loving tribute to you dear Mother…

    laketreess last blog post..Advertising and Entrecard

    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    What a beautiful tribute to your Mother! From reading this post and others in which you have written about her, I think she and my aunt (My Dad’s baby sister) who passed a little over a week ago now, must have been kindred spirits for sure. My cousin, who was in charge of seeing to all the affairs of our aunt and her daughter, asked me back in December to write the obituary for our aunt. He said he wanted her to “Go out in a blaze of glory and give her all the respect she was due but never felt she ever received.” I tried to do just that with her obituary and have had several people comment to me about it saying it was a beautiful tribute. Yes, it was long and yes, it was very flowery and sentimental in parts too, but when one is paying honor to the memory of a loved one who was such a wonderful person in our lives as well as in many others, it is all the truth then, isn’t it?
    I loved your choices for your Mother’s tribute to her life. Keep her living through your own words and actions now too.

    Jeni Hill Ertmers last blog post..Emerging Talent

    Gattina said:

    Nice tribute to your mother and a beautiful description of the funerals ! I love this white coffin (if I have to like a coffin, lol) it looks so friendly and elegant far better then these heavy wooden things. My mother and father’s funerals were really classic funerals, boring and dull with “Ave Maria” as music. But they wanted it that way.
    I want to be my funeral a party and a big feast with Rock ‘n Roll music !!

    Gattinas last blog post..

    TorAa said:

    Excellent tribute to your mother. You made me wipe as well. It was all so beautiful and great.

    Thanks for sharing this very moving moment.

    TorAas last blog post..Papa and Daughter – Wordless

    claudie said:

    It is a beautiful post about your mother’s funeral. I love the way you tell us this last moment with your mother. I know just one person who was never negativ: one of the sisters of my father. It is really very rare. The song is marvelous. I like the white coffin more than those wood colour we have here. and the roses…the roses are my prefered.

    claudies last blog post..COT AND MAY BELFORT

    CyberCelt said:

    How uplifting to hear about a funeral that helped the grieving process and was an expression of the person when they were living. Angels around you and your family.

    Melli said:

    Oh no… I am so sorry to hear your Mom passed LC. I know you were very close to her. You do seem to have a “settled” calm feeling about it… and it is nice that she went peacefully — that helps so much. Still I know you will miss her, and I will keep you in my prayers.

    Mellis last blog post..Alphabet Challenge – Letter I… & Stuff… & Such!

    Greenville NC said:

    That is a beautiful tribute to your mom! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

    Greenville NCs last blog post..Beef Barn Wine Tasting

    RennyBA said:

    What a great contribution to your Mom – it really shows your affection and how much you care for and appreciate her.

    Now there are only memories left – remember to treasure them dear!

    RennyBAs last blog post..David Gurteen’s Knowledge Café in Oslo

    A. said:

    I was so sorry to hear about you lost your mother too. Sorry too that I have been so slow to come over here and offer my condolences, but this is a lovely post to have found on my arrival.

    My mother’s funeral was just a few days ago, very different but beautiful and perfect too in its own way.

    A.s last blog post..PhotoHunter: any

    susan said:

    I used to read your mother’s blog to my mother a long while ago till she stopped blogging. After my mother passed away I wondered how your mother was doing. I’m glad to know she had a beautiful funeral.

    Kuanyin said:

    Like the rest of the commenters, I’m so touched by this beautiful tribute to your amazing Mother. My deepest sympathies for your loss, and yet on one level, we know they’re always with us.

    Kuanyins last blog post..Oh Lord, Give Me a Decent Movie!

    miftah said:

    mother is very important person of our lives, and no body gift your love like your mother. although you pass your mother, you still can fell her loves to you.
    because you are her son.
    so,don’t be sad.keep smile.

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