Haven’t been home for long when already planning new trips! I just must have something to look forward to…

First of all, we’ve booked a Räkafton (Shrimp Evening) out with M/S Vindhem 16 April in the Stockholms archipelago, together with my sister Susan, to cheer us up a bit.

On this boat you get to eat as much fresh shrimps with bread as you want to, with cheese and biscuits as dessert.

Aboard it’s live music entertainment, which my Mom would have LOVED to dance to. Some of you may think it’s disrespectful of us, or that we’re not really mourning her because of this, but then you didn’t know my Mom.

The last thing she would have wanted was for us to be sad, so I plan to do a lot of things for her sake. After all, she gave me birth, to a life to LIVE – and I’m planning to do just that!

So we’re also going to:

- Fårö, Gotland, Sweden 3 July – 31 July (4 weeks as usual)
- Norway, TorAa‘s Annas birthday party, September

Yes, we’re finally going over to visit them and without doubt we’ll have so much fun, so we’re really looking forward to it.

Actually I wanna go to some more places besides that, but I haven’t had any time to do some research for it yet, as you know I’ve been busy arranging for my Mom’s funeral.

Since we were driving around Spain recently, I got my travel boots on, kind of speaking, so I wanna keep up the pace now.

Maybe I should book one trip a month, like in 2004-2005? *giggles*

Only problem with that would be that I hardly would get any time between the trips to report to you about it all!

One of the countries I’m going to investigate a bit more of, is Italy. I’ve only been to Milan earlier, actually to buy shoes (6 pairs!), but there is soooo many other nice places in Italy to go to!!!

Tonight we’ve been taking a music trip as well, because we’ve bought a small Casio digital piano for Mr Lifecruiser. Not especially advanced, but good enough to serve us with music trips.

We saw it in the paper and it was really a good offer so better to grab the chance. It was like sent from heaven – maybe my Mom’s way of saying Goodbye and thanks for the music ;-)

We’ve seen other ones earlier, but thought that it has been to expensive for the little use we have for it. After all we do have a very small apartment – and we’re away so much on our trips too.

Now when he won’t go to the elderly home to play every Thursday like he has done the past years, he can play at home instead, so I got to enjoy wonderful music!

Well, some time we may go to the elderly home too, just to cheer up them a bit, they’ve been asking a lot after us we’ve been told…

Captain ♥Travel Lifecruiser

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    I think that celebrating your mothers life is wonderful. It is much nicer than moping about. Have a great time and toast your mother for the wonderful person she was. I think you are doing a wonderful thing. Have fun. Will await your travel schedule. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Shit Happens…

    Maribeth said:

    Celebrating Life is what it is all about! I am glad you are not sulking in depression!
    You know the USA is a fun place to be and I will be having a party in November for my 50th birthday!

    Maribeth’s last blog post..The Day After…

    claudie said:

    Celebrating life is a beautiful way. I remember a woman from south native from Corse and at this place the tradition were always present, women wear black clothes when they loose a family’s member during 2 years. As she lose always someone because she had a big family, I saw her wearing in black during years and years!!! nothing bad to enjoy and cheers yours! I finish my job at school today and I’m free to the 21 april!!!
    Freedom now!

    claudie’s last blog post..School during the vacation

    Wolfbernz said:

    I think that is a wonderful idea.
    Have a safe and great trip!

    All the best

    Wolfbernz’s last blog post..Thirteen Top Sites Sending Traffic to BlogDumps

    Mar said:

    I have heard of people putting away money specifically for a party celebration and not a mourning for the time they leave this world . You are doing the best thing, just like your mom would have wanted you to!
    Fun plans is what keeps us young (at least at heart!!). Keep us posted.
    Couldn’t avoid thinking of those elderly people who are going to miss your mom and your happy visits, with Mr Lifecruiser playing the piano. But such is life and we have to move on. And you will have live music to enjoy a glass of wine! Beautiful.

    Mar’s last blog hunt: twist(ed)

    Sword Girl said:

    I love how you said, “After all, she gave me birth, to a life to LIVE – and I’m planning to do just that!” That is perfect! Mom’s always are happiest when their children are happy!!

    We are going to the strawberry patch today. ((()))

    Sword Girl’s last blog post..Day45-Project365

    Kango said:

    June is month and a half away. You still have time to sit back and enjoy home life till then. BTW, the site looks cool with this color.

    Fendi said:

    From QC dropping by…
    not comingby to Malmö? ;)
    Have a Lovely cruising!!


    Blog de Viajes- Ruta Nomada said:

    the plan looks great, hope you enjoy it :-)

    Blog de Viajes- Ruta Nomada’s last blog post..Camino de Viena

    Eamon said:

    Italy is great. Personal recommendations

    The magnificent Lake Como (near Milan), Venice, Verona, Bologna, Padua (the wonderful frescoes of Giotto), Ravenna (the amazing 6th century Byzantine mosaics), Florence (in particular, the frescos of Fra Angelico), Assisi (birthplace and home of the colourful figure, Francis of Assisi), and Rome (for lots of different reasons).

    The south is meant to be good too, but don’t know it, as well as places such as Sienna, Pisa and more.

    TorAa said:

    I do agree, think of all the positive moments you’ve had with your mother and celebrate her for those moments.

    The other Day, I heard that at Sulawesi some place, they do celebrate funerals for a week. Even tourists must bring gifts and Money, Money collected for the benefit of the whole Village.

    Love your travelling plans. And guess what we are looking forward to. LOL: in September: The two of you at Anna’s B D party. We will come back with more details.

    Our travelling plans so far are very Simple: Michigan and Hong Kong. Plus around here and there. With canoe.

    TorAa’s last blog post..Family Dinner


    just to share something about Filipino culture: our parents live with us until they die. we take care of them even if they’re *&^*&^*&

    nothing beats being with your loved ones. my mother’s birthday is fast approaching

    RennyBA said:

    I agree: after all, its a lot to be thankful for too!

    Please keep us post about the Räkafton – you know I love it!

    Grrreeeeeeaaaaaaatttttt; we’re gona meet at Anna’s Party! Can hardly wait!!!!!!

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Team Building in IT Professional Networks

    Dot M said:

    Hi, your Mom would be happy knowing you are continuing to travel. She would want you to continue traveling for as long as you both are able. I know this because she said it in one of her posts on her site. Having a casio is nice. I have a floor model Lowry with the genie 88 and all types of music, tones instruments, foot pedals, and so much more on it. I love playing it, but still miss not playing it for my husband. Like your Mom, he also loved listening to music. I miss the old days when we used to go dancing to the country bands. That was one of the many things your Mom and I had in common- we both loved to dance and loved listening and even sometimes singing to the music. She so loved listening to your husband play. She would be happy that he is still playing. :)
    Have a good time on your next trip.

    Labasta said:

    Italy is a great place to visit. I went there at the end of March 2008 for the second time. I only went to Pisa, Florence and Venice. (I’d been to Rome earlier). I strongly recommend Florence. It was my favourite out of all 4 destinations. The food, archeticture, art etc. was awe inspiring.

    Florence says three things about its past:

    1. Don’t mess with us (we will hit back)
    2. Class and style
    3. Money

    Venice was good too, but seemed like a gay, dinkier version made for tourists.

    I put together a website for potential tourists on what I thought of Venice and what to look out for (plus half of my holiday photos).

    Have a look if you want:



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