After you have booked x amount of trips, you get more advanced in your search for travel deals, but still: we need more tips about cheap holidays, don’t you think?

We have been writing some earlier post about this subject, which you can see in the list below. Do you have any tricks or tips to share with us? Please share whatever you got.

We have already discussed different comparisons sites and choosing hostel instead of hotels, to use couchsurfing or similar sites. Other ways are of course teaching abroad, volunteering, petsitting and such things. Even working holidays, on farms – or within your profession.

We are staying on a farm right now, not exactly working on the farm, but yet, living with the locals and helping the farmer out with some things like painting and other maintenance tasks.

We are also cooking all our meals at the farm, not even having coffee out, to make it as cheap holiday as possible.

Kitchen-tools, farm holiday, Faro, Gotland, Sweden

Count the times you eat/drink out and you will be amazed of how much money that is disappearing that way…!!!

There are always ways to get a cheap holiday if you really want to get away. Sure, it might not be that paradise resort you have been dreaming about, but dreams not always come through, do they? Not for free anyway, if wanting something you have to work for it.

In the meantime: why not enjoy what you can get instead, even if it only should be a roadtrip…

We are taking a roadtrip today, down to Visby, the main town at our summer island Gotland, to run some errands together with the farmer.

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    Jassy said:

    We have been to Kenya for 4 weeks for beach holiday at Nyali Beach as well as going on a 4 day safari.Beautiful experience ,wonderful country adn cheap service

    Andrea Ivey said:

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    These are really good tips for making cheaper holidays! I think you helped out me and many other people.

    Thank you.

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