Since I wrote the last time, we’ve been to Visby, the main town at the island Gotland, the island just below Fårö where we are staying this month. I promised you photos, but don’t have many photos from Visby, because my camera phone memory card seems to have some problems. Arrggh!

When we were going there is was pouring rain (the sky opened!), so I didn’t take my digital camera with me because I didn’t believe that it would be possible to take any photos, but I should have known… The weather changes quickly, so we had sun while being there.

There is not many stores to shop things at our summer islands, so if you need something special, you have to go to Visby. I did buy a cool dress and a shirt there, but haven’t been able to wear it yet, because it has been a bit cold. No summer weather exactly.

We did go to Visby because we needed a cupboard to the kitchen, but didn’t find anything unfortunately. We need to place our fridge higher up to not break our backs more.

Mr Lifecruiser cracked his back yesterday – oh no, not again! Last year too, isn’t that “fun”? Nothing during the whole year but now again. Typical. He get by with heating pads and hanging himself (!) in a ladder at the barn at the farm we’re staying. We couldn’t even get to the store for some grocery shopping, but he is a bit better today lucky enough.

He is supposed to play in a golf competition Monday, Fårö Masters, a competition he once started, so now he is worried that he won’t be able to play. Last year he had damaged his ribs and were unable to play…

We tried to get hold of a chiropractor in Fårösund, but unfortunately he too is on vacation. Then we tried another one that practice Shiatsu down in Valleviken, but she haven’t answered on her phone yet. We’ll see what happens.

I’ve been oiling our garden table and our stairs to our cottage today, that’s the only thrilling thing that has happened here. *giggles*

Today it’s a bit warmer than before and this evening the sun has been shining, so maybe it’s a good sign for tomorrow. Let’s hope so. I want to use my summer clothes and get out of those jeans – even if they are very cool – brand Desigual which I bought in Spain.

The Sudersand beach is laying there waiting for us:


Oh, yes, we’ve been sitting outside only one evening since we arrived, chatting with our neighbors here at the farm. Funny how familiar they all are at once, even though it passes a year in between our meetings!

We’re eating at Strandskogens café today again, Selene’s and Paco’s dishes are too delicious to resist. Today we tasted their home made Andalucian Gazpacho (YUM!) before our main meals, I ate a salad with sheep cheese, beans and olives and Mr Lifecruiser had a Lasagna with salad at the side.

See some of our photos so far here:

Lifecruiser’s photos from the Gotland Ferry
Lifecruisers photos from Visby (2 so far but will increase later).
Lifecruisers photos from Fårö (will also increase later).

Lifecruiser Gotland


12 Comments on “More restful vacation than we planned”

    Beaches said:

    Oh-I hope he makes it for golf on Monday.

    Beachess last blog post..Beach Day

    Maribeth said:

    Sorry to her about Mr. C. Wish him well for me.
    am back from the hospital and my surgery. I do indeed have cancer on my nose.

    Maribeths last blog post..Thoughts On A HOT Summer’s Day

    aithne said:

    How wonderful! Everything looks so peaceful And the skies and water sooooooooo blue!

    Do you meet the same group every year then?


    I hope hubbies back gets better soon so he can play in the golf tournament. I too hope the weather gets better so you can wear that new dress. Just saying. Have a great day Captain. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Senior Dress Code

    Ling said:

    Well, if you oiled Mr. Lifecruiser instead of your garden or the cottage stairs, you wouldn’t be needing a chiropractor, would ya? :)

    Sanni said:

    Aaaah… Visby and Farö… not that I’m jealous… okay – at least a bit. Enjoy, my friend! You deserve it.

    P.S.:Thank you so much for all your kind comments during the pregnancy. Come and see Lily – the newest member of our family if you find time :-)

    Sannis last blog post..Popping up…

    claudie said:

    He My Captain! love your photos! Hoping you will find someone quickly for Mr Lifecruiser, knowing the problem with pierre and his back! My Mélissa is arrived in Liverpool! I don’t tell you the problem to do her bag! When here it is too hot difficult to imagine what she will need. I did my best watching at the Liverpool meteo!

    TorAa said:

    Take care both of you. We want to see you both healthy.

    Can’t believe it’s a year ago when we did show up at Per’s Farm and met you and did canoing in the Grass.

    Those few days are so to the degree implanted in our memories.
    We would ahve loved to come over tis year as well, but, you know, it’s a limit of time.

    Anna and Tor

    TorAas last blog post..Gardening on a TORsday

    Mar said:

    Lovely shot of a beautiful place, Captain. Hope Mr L gets well soon, bad timing as it is (sorry about that!)

    Mars last blog post..project black: take two


    Wooww..nice article there hah.. You know what I love travel too..If you have time try to visit my travel blog . We can link ex-change if you like…:-)

    Gattina said:

    Sorry for you better half ! that’s really not chance ! I see you are also on holidays, we just came back on Friday and I have quite a lot of pictures already showed or to be shown. That will be a little later.
    I wish you have better weather than we have here, as soon as we crossed the Belgian border it started to rain and it’s just 16° here ! Driving through Austria and Germany we needed airconditionning in Belgium heating !!

    Gattinas last blog post..

    Lifecruiser said:

    Excuse for not answering you until now, but as you might have noticed we’re on vacation :-)

    Of course we can exchange links, Travel and Tours sounds like something we would be interested in :-)

    I’ve already added you to my link list. You can copy the code for the link back to us from the beginning of this page:

    Welcome back :-)

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