Traveling along one of our roads in Sweden we did catch this moose on photo. To see a moose is quite common if driving in the countryside in some parts of Sweden, though I have never spotted any drunken one – even though they DO exist!

Swedish moose loose

This one was just munching grass on the field, but they also do love to step into peoples garden to eat of the apple trees among other things. Sometimes they eat fermented fruits which can make them very drunk and behave in strange ways…

Like the moose stuck in a tree and hanging there making roaring sounds. Imagine finding one in your own garden!

So, obviously, even the loose moose drink booze in Sweden… Cheers!

The Swedish moose are a big tourist attraction, it is very nice to see one, but they can actually become quite aggressive when they’re drunk (someone picturing a bar fight here…? he he).

It has been a case where a Swedish man were accused for murdering his Swedish wife – though it turned out to be a moose who did it!

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    al said:

    i have never seen a drunk moose yet. it must be a funny sight. we have some here in our area and they love to eat the sour apples from our tree.

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