Did I ever tell you about my COLORFUL DOLLS?

I remember having some really colorful dolls in my childhood. Of course they weren’t that colorful from the beginning…

My parents didn’t have much money, so I had to long for a bigger doll for a long time before I finally got one for christmas when I was around 5 years old maybe. How happy I was! The doll had to go with me every where. So I decided that the doll should take a bath with me. Of course she had to change her clothes to come and bath with me, so I dressed her up in her green swimsuit.

We did take a long hot bath and had very fun until my mother came in and screamed discovered that we were 2 green aliens from planet Mars in the green water in the tub! We had both turned all green from her swimsuit! I got rid of the green color after awhile and oh, about thousands hours of scrubbing and no skin left any more, but my doll never did. She was an unusual colored alien doll after that. All my friends were so jealous of my new cool doll!

After a couple of years I got another big doll that was more advanced, more like a real baby, soft in the body and with real hair on her head. My older sisters were very nice to me and sew a lot of clothes to her, so I had a lot of fun with her – totally normal playing with the doll. For a short while. Then I got ill and ended up a couple of months on hospital and couldn’t take my doll with me there (it was totally different at that time on the hospitals!), so I made my sisters promise that they should take really good care of her.

One day when they visited me at the hospital, they told me that my doll had been sick and they had been forced to take her to hospital for an appendix surgery, but she was OK again. They just wanted to prepare me for the fact that she now had a little scar on her right side of the stomach. That was a really big scar, but I was a big girl then and could take it as the accident it was. The real reason was that one of my sisters and my brother had been fighting and with the dolls as a weapon, so they just “happened” to rip her apart during the fight…

Even this time, my friends were really impressed over the fact that my doll had been put under surgery and wanted to hear all about it. So I had to tell the story about the hospital many many times from that day. The only thing I thought was a pity was that she didn’t get that scar in her face, that would have been more striking… Then I could have called her scarface. I was very fond of scary stories when I was a child even if they did scare me and made me afraid of the darkness long up in the ages!

The last doll I got was a Barbie doll I inherited from my older sisters. She had her hair in a pony tail, very nice and neat hairstyle. But of course I wanted to brush her hair so I let the hair out. I shouldn’t have done that… She was BALD! The hair began kind of around her ears, very long hair but what did that help when she was bald on the top of her head?! I just couldn’t get that pony tail right again, so from that day my Barbie always had the most cool’est hats.

And once again my friend were so jealous of my cool Barbie…. Setting the fashion trend there with a very cool (read crazy!) hat fashion.

So I learned very early in life that being creative and with a little imagination you can turn the most awkvard situations into something good or even exciting.

Even Albert Einsten once said: “Fantasy is more important than knowledge”.

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8 Comments on “Monday Memories Dolls”

    Lazy Daisy said:

    Awww….what a nice memory. I had a doll named “Winky” cause I was fascinated by how her eyes opened and shut and accidently punched one out.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, now when you reminded me, that alien doll also lost an eye later, so she was a female pirate alien after that… *lol*

    libragirl said:

    I had a doll when I was younger, soft and cuddly and you pulled a string and it talked. One day it stopped talking and I cried so my mom operated on it. We have pictures of my mom and my brother and cousin in swim goggles with knives operating on my doll. It never talked again and my parents had to buy me a new one but I do remember the operation. It wasn’t fun at the time, now, 30 years later, it’s one of my funniest memories.

    Lifecruiser: I remember that type of dolls too, but never had any. That sounds like a type of photo I would keep for ever :-)

    sisiggy said:

    I still have most of my dolls. One throws up on you when you feed it its special formula, which was an interesting concept for a child’s toy. The special formula “disappeared” after the first — um — incident the Christmas I got her.

    Lifecruiser: Wow, that truly was an intersting concept. I would have loved that *lol*

    Marti said:

    I had a Barbie like that too – was crushed to discover her bald spot LOL

    Trying to visit the Wordless Wednesday blogs (which will probably take me until this Wednesday LOL!)

    I got a late start as I have an awful lot of dead relatives, hence a lot of cemeteries to visit- LOL!

    Terrific blog you have here – nice writing – thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

    Thank you for your nice words Marti and like they say: better late than never :-)

    The Shrone said:

    I’m jealous just hearing about the green alien doll! I want one! :mrgreen: My problem with dolls was I wanted to give them haircuts. It was a one-time only deal. Then many years after I outgrew dolls, they developed the Barbie that you could give her a haircut and her hair grew back. Your memories of your dolls brought back many of my own. Thanks for stopping by my MM!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, haircut dolls, that is very interesting for any girl I think. There is a lot of children that even has got so far that they cut their own hair too… To their parents horror… *lol*

    craziequeen said:

    I didn’t have a lot of dolls as a little girl. I remember ‘borrowing’ my friends Cindy (poor man’s Barbie!) so I had one! I was a little tyke!

    One year I spent my whole dad’s Christmas money gift on the one doll – my mum was furious! £5 all on one doll! It was twenty years later that she admitted she was mad at my dad and herself for not thinking to buy me a doll!

    My MM is up!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I can understand your mothers reaction there. Mothers always tend to have high demands on themselves :-)

    Dirty Butter said:

    I really enjoyed reading all about your doll memories. Our Plush Memories blog started out being posts similar to this, but folks kept asking for help finding lost lovies, so it kindof evolved into something different.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I can understand how it went, it’s always interesting with things we remember from the past. I love old things since it got a history too. New things don’t have that yet.

    Norma said:

    What a great story, and how creative you were (even by accident) as a youngster. I still have three of my dollies from childhood. My mother used to make us matching dresses.

    My MM is up.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Norma. You reminded me that my mother sew matching dresses a couple of times for me too. Tha was very nice, to match each other.

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