Monday Memories 9NoseRules

Mrs Lifecruisers nose stuff in Natal    Mrs Lifecruisers nose stuff in Fuerteventura

Did I ever tell you about my 9NoseRules?

These pics above are actually very fond memories of mine. Of my runny nose. At least for Mr Lifecruiser, but he call me his nose picking wife

The left one is from our trip to Fuerteventura (Spain) and the right one from our trip to South America, at the beach of Ponta Negra, Natal, Brazil. This is also how I feel and look like today, except that I’ve been going bald too since that shot.

My runny nose has struck once again, the only difference is that this time we’re at home. It’s making sure that I’m parked here and can go no where.

I seem to catch a cold whenever we travel somewhere where it’s meaning that we shall relax in the sun, either that or strucked my bad weather curse. I can’t go away for a week, that would be wasted money, it must be at least 2 weeks. Then we can have a good time at least one of the weeks. Maybe.

Oh, how sweet the memories is from the time in my life when this nose wasn’t that runny. When I could catch a normal cold, without having this tissue issue to handle.

This is a very demanding, taking over control nose. It has taken over completely. I think it has delusions of grandeur. Instead of the little stream, this nose is thinking big waterfalls. How do you dam(n) a waterfall?

9 rules of my runny nose:

1. I’m in the flood mood.
2. I’m influenced by the Iguazu waterfalls.
3. Don’t try to dam(n) me or I’ll become a Tsunami.
4. Don’t remove tissue without proper precausions.
5. Special advanced tissue technique is needed to eat.
6. Don’t wipe nose with toilet paper and not with used one.
7. Don’t follow kiss prescription while having tissue issues.
8. Simultaneous use of tissues as drooling kit is allowed.
9. No need of nose blow jobs here, it just comes.

I’m 9ruled by my nose….

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Comments on Monday Memories 9NoseRules

  • 1
    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    You poor thing. Maybe it is more an allergy thing? Nothing is worse than going somewhere and getting sick or coming home from a wonderful vacation and getting sick! I do hope you feel better soon. I won’t wish you a magic Monday again but I will wish you a Less of A Tissue Use Monday instead! Or something like that!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, thanks pleeeease. I had no intentions of supporting the tissue industry this overwhelming way ;-)

  • 2
    Norma UNITED STATES said:

    Oh I hate colds and the runny nose too. My colds last 3 or 4 weeks–at least the side affects. This is really a different memory–and such a good sense of humor from our Mrs. traveler.

    My MM is up.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Norma. I like to see it from the humorous side despite the ruling nose ;-) Oh, no, don’t tell me that - 3 or 4 weeks, I need to get rid off this nose!!!!

  • 3

    You must have felt so bad. Imagine going on a trip and just be sick. I hope it doesn’t happen again. You might have a case of rhinitis. You might not want to support the tissue manufacturer, but they’d love to have you. (Lol)
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Lifecruiser: Well, I try to see it positive: it would have been boring to be at home and sick, now at least I got to see new things… *lol*

  • 4
    Kasia POLAND said:

    Maybe it is an allergy to something? Whatever this is - allergy or cold - it must feel terrible. Garlic! Lots of garlic could help!

    Lifecruiser: No, no allergy. It’s a bad cold. With a terrible cough. I’ve got it from Mr Lifecruiser - it’s all that kissing I guess…. *lol* Yes, garlic is effective - luckily enough Mr L loves that too, so we can stand the smell from each other and keep kissing :-)

  • 5
    mar SPAIN said:

    I have allergies and they show with a runny nose… So I always have loads of kleenex in my bag/purse, whatever I am carrying. It comes and goes, I just learned to live with it since it isn’t too bad, I guess :wink:

    Lifecruiser: Ouch, that is even worse than my cold - to have it on a regular basis now and then, poor you!!!! But I sincerely hope that you just have a runny nose, not the kind of waterfalls I have now!

  • 6
    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    Ewwwwwwwwweee with the garlic! Sorry but I just can’t tolerate the smell of it…much less eat it. LOL I do hope you are feeling much better though!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I greatly appreciate it. *s*

    Lifecruiser: Well, let’s hope I’ve stopped the worst flooding now, I’m almost afraid of saying it, but it SEEMS like it has improved a bit now.

  • 7

    Sorry about your runny nose! Hope it gets better soon!!

    Have to say that I love the photos of Iguazu Falls! That place has been on my “must travel to” list for quite some time!! Looks like an amazing place!!

    Lifecruiser: Well, I can only say that it’s well worth the trip there! The pic’s can’t do it justice and yet they look nice too. Truly amazing place - and so well organized with all the paths which makes you come real close to the falls. *dreaming*

  • 8
    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    A garlic pill a day keeps colds away. That’s what my mom says anyway and it works for her!
    Sorry to hear you have a cold, thats just rotten. Here’s a hugsssss for you and hope you get better real quick.

    Mandy :=)

    Lifecruiser: I wonder if you smell garlic when eating them? Well, the waterfall seems to have stopped at least, now it’s just the cough. Thanks for the hugs, they’ll surely help :-)

  • 9
    mrhaney UNITED STATES said:

    i am sorry to hear this is happening to you. i don’t get a runny nose much but i have had some problems with a bloody nose. a bloody nose feels just like a runny nose but every thing gets to be red especially when it happens at 4 a.m and you are asleep. in fact most people are asleep at that time of night and here you are with a ton of tissue stuck up your nose.
    well i certainly wish you the best and i hope it goes away and never comes back.

    Lifecruiser: Glad you reminded me of that mrhaney - there is always something worse - I guess it had been a bit more difficult if all this waterfall had been red too! Oh my god…. *fear*

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