WARNING: Miss ass Lifecruiser is on her way here! Everything can happen…

Just thought that it would be fair with a little warning. It always happens things around her. Not her fault, it just does for some strange unkown reason.

I wonder what will happen this time…. ? *nervous wreck*

Remember what happened the last time? I certainly does, it left a ugly scar on me!

Better not to think about it. We are going to have SO FUN!

After all, she is flying back to Chicago, Illinois again, to her Love and we really don’t know when we are going to able to meet again.

So if we are not writing new post in the same pace as usual, there is 2 alternatives:

1. We are having way to fun to have time to write.
2. Unusual things are happening us that keeps us occupied.

Both alternatives actually is bound to happen…..

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6 Comments on “Miss ass warning!”


    Have fun and adventures..

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    We have fun, about the adventures I’m not quite sure… and quite anxious *biting my fingernails*

    Dolli UNITED STATES said:

    Dolli from Cali Tan in Roselle, Illinois sends a big Salutation to my good Swedish friend ‘Miss Ass Lifecruiser!!!!!!!!! She has been travelling quite a bit lately.

    Mr & Mrs Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    No salution for us….? Not even a small one…?

    *tears in our eyes*

    Dolli UNITED STATES said:

    Oh, my deepest apologies…:wink:….A very LARGE GREETING to Mr.&Mrs Lifecruiser. One day our paths will cross.

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanx Dolli, now we’re happy again :-) Yes, we do hope that we’ll meet some day, it would be really nice!

    And thanx for being a good friend to Miss ass Lifecruiser, she has been helped a lot talking to you.

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