The European Woodpigeon Columba palumbus palumbus (named by Linnaeus, 1758) is common in all of Europe, except for Iceland and the most northern parts of Scandinavia and Russia. Up here in the cold north, it’s a migrant. Next winter I think we’ll follow them…

Migrating Woodpidgeon nest - checking for a new house

In Sweden they have become more and more common since the 70′s. We have had a pigeon couple trying to make a nest outside our window for several years, not succeeding at all. Not one single year. Meaning no pigeon babies either, despite having a lot of love-making outside our window (lol).

Last year, the pigeon wife died under brutal circumstances, we saw a lot of feathers spread all around – could have been the neighbors cat. Normally, Woodpigeon’s stay with each other for their whole life – quite an achievement, which not many humans succeed with. The pigeon were left sadly alone. He traveled solo to the south before the winter and who knows – maybe all the way to the north of Africa? He came back solo this spring too.

Therefor we were so happy when we finally saw this week that he got a new wife suddenly. Yay! And now they are obviously looking for a new house for them, maybe he will succeed with his new wife…? We’re so curious!

We too want to migrate to the south in the winter and stay away during the winter. I have said it before, but next winter, we will do it. If not being able too (read: if our Europe trip drain our wallet too much!), we will try to at least get 2 long-stays somewhere. One around November and one around January-Mars something.

We will see where too. Spain is always an alternative we love, but if we find any other better opportunity or deal, we are going with that. It depends of lots of things as what’s in the surroundings to do, are there any golf courses etc.

Any suggestions for us? Have any long term rentals tips? Let us know in the comments.

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