Around midsummer in Sweden (this year the 25th of June), it does not get total dark even though the sun has gone down – always fascinating to experience.

Fårö Midsummer Night View

Many ask us if it’s difficult to sleep when it’s not dark, but I guess we’re just used to it since we were born, we have no problem with it. Up in the north of Sweden they even have midnight sun.

Fårö Midsummer Night House

Of course, we stay up longer in the summer nights… not only because of the light… *giggles*

You will find more at Lifecruiser’s Fårö Island Summer 2010 photos.


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    Maribeth said:

    It’s funny. I love the darkness of night. In fact I am one of the odd ones here that enjoys the long winters because I have longer darkness at night. Call me strange!

    TorAa said:

    What to say, but those who have never ever experienced our looooong Summernights they must for once in a lifetime come and feel it – whatever the Northern weather might offer.
    It’s so exceptional and unbelieveable to stay under the Mid-Night Sun (I have a couple of times).

    Thanks for this post. It’s a dream after returning from Turkey.
    (I’ll post more from there).

    Have a great time at Fårö, and we all love to see you soon.


    We experienced our first midnight sun in Alaska last month. It is amazing. The energy that we had all day and night was incredible. We wondered how we could keep going on minimal sleep day after day, I guess it was the midnight sun. But I have to say, when we went to sleep, we didn’t have a hard time sleeping either. We just had to make the conscious effort to actually go to sleep.
    Hard to believe we hadn’t been that far north before, since we are from Canada, but I am looking forward to making our way to Northern Canada in the near future to see the midnight sun again.

    claudie said:

    Marvelous pictures! I am so glad since I know we will experiment the summer nights in Oslo very soon!!!
    :smile: I dream about North Europe, about the good time we will have at the OBG, I imagine us around the table speaking in the august night light!


    Well of course you can’t just sleep away the summer nights, when it is so beautiful and warm we have to use them to the maximum :cool: Lovely photos, I am sure you have really been enjoying those warm summer nights in your paradise!


    hope you had a great midsummer!

    Mar said:

    This is fascinating!! something I would love to experience. I need darkness to sleep so I guess I’d just have to bring my sleeping mask along :cool:

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