Lifecruiser Christmas gifts 2007

Captain Lifecruiser

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    Thank you and a very Merry Christmas to you too Captain. :)

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    Maribeth said:

    God Jul! And Merry Christmas to you!

    SwordGirl said:

    Merry Christmas Captain and a happy new year too!

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    Gattina said:

    A Merry Christmas to you too ! We are leaving for Amsterdam in two hours and are coming back tomorrow night.
    I put the most famous french Christmas song on my blog, which all French speaking people are knowing. I learned it from my son when he was little. Have a nice feast and don’t eat too much, lol !

    Caledonia said:

    Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for being such a good captain!

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    Twisted Cinderella said:

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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    claudie said:

    Merry Christmas, my Captain, you and Mr Lifecruiser and all family! Stars shine just over our Lifecruisercybership!

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    RennyBA said:

    Thanks Capt’n and God Julehelg to you too!
    Come on over if you like to see White Christmas – it’s not that cold as it looks :roll:

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    Kuanyin said:

    It’s probably already Christmas Day where you are, so I wish you a Merry Christmas! It’s nearly Noon on Christmas Eve here on Maui! May you have many giggles today and lots of GOOD champagne!

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    Toni said:

    Thank you for the greetings! Merry Christmas too!

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    Sanni said:

    God Jul – Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine!

    *puss* :wink:

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    Vjai said:

    Hi.. Merry christmas to u too captain!! Thtz a lotta gifts tht u ve got.. And long since i saw u on board.. What was d reason for the absence captain??

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    saboma said:

    Ho Ho Ho and boarding ship with a bottle of hot buttered rum to share with all, Captain! The jolly ole fat man blew into town and just long enough to drop off some Christmas goodies for the folk’s in town and then he took off like a fury. He mentioned that he wanted to stay and visit longer but, you know it works. He had loads more places to visit before his work day was through.

    Mrs Claus definitely keeps that man fed well, doesn’t she? :shock:

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    Gattina said:

    I hope you are still alive after the festivities and put on some weight, lol ! As always when I think the worst would happen we had a very nice Christmas eve in Amsterdam with our son. The “DIL” had made an enormous effort and was very kind (and normal) They had prepared Christmas eve with a lot of love and I appreciated this very much. So everything went smooth and we also had a lot of fun. I have to write about Amsterdam at Christmas that’s really sinister ! They only start to decorate the city for Christmas a little bit !! They never did it before. It is really not a town to get you into Christmas mood !

    Lifecruiser said:

    To Vjai:
    Oh, no, that’s not my xmas gifts, that’s the ones I wrapped up for Mr Lifecruisers daughter Jane :-)

    Well, the “long time” expression is relative… hm… There really is no excuse that will do, but I have been busy with all kind of things all December, exhausting me completely and that can be noticed on my blog too since I haven’t even posted every day like I use to. Or answered every comment like I used to before either. There is simply no time for it unfortunately. phew. But hey, I stopped by yesterday didn’t I? Better late than never… *giggles*

    And you haven’t been here that much either reminding me – you see I’m a case of Altzheimers Light and I’m so old – 48 years old – so I need you youngsters to nag on me to refresh my memory! *giggles*

    raja said:

    Thank you very much Captain….. Had a great fun here…. India is in tour to Australia for Cricket series… We are gona have a great New Year too :smile:

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    Debo Hobo said:

    Thank you do the same. I really like your template a lot. Gorgeous blog!

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    Mark said:

    Hi Capt’n,
    Hoped you have stopped drooling and have trimmed your armpits. Looks like an interesting pile of presents, hope you got what you wanted.

    Cheers Bongo

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    Sueblimely said:

    As I am a little late wishing you a happy Christmas I will wish you a very Happy New Year instead.

    Your present wrapping is stunning. Puts mine to shame.

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    Melli said:

    They are GORGEOUS gifts! I used to be like you — always wanting the outside to be AT LEAST as special as the inside! But that was back in the days of just a gift here and there… If I did that NOW it would take me a YEAR to wrap the gifts!!! You’ll see if you visit my most recent post… LOL! Now it’s just slap some paper on them and GET IT DONE!!! hehehe…. SOMEday I will go back to OH SO BEAUTIFUL wrapping! :)

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    Kat's Krackerbox said:

    Thank you! I hope you and Mr. Lifecruiser have a richly blessed New Year in 2008!

    Kat’s Krackerbox’s last blog post..Say Goodbye to 2007 by Write From Karen

    Professional Santa Claus said:

    Those are some amazingly wrapped presents…I am going to have to share them with the elves and get them to work a little harder this Christmas!

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