We are continuing to do research for future menorca holidays and during the search for things to see and do there, we did stumbled upon some nice boat photos from there.

Signs are always either interesting, fascinating or plain fun. I simply could not resist this photo below – would you have been able to ignore it…? *giggles*

menorca-ass-bottom-boatPhoto by Gerriet

Then we have the ones with gorgeous views. This one below from Calan Porter, in the southeast of Menorca island. Look at those houses at the cliff in the left side of the photo – or is it maybe a hotel? Marvelous placement really.

menorca-calan-porter, SpainPhoto by Gerriet

The photo below got my attention because of the angle from within it’s taken. A very attractive and very authentic kind of angle from below the water some way. Awesome shot really!

menorca-ropeways, boat, SpainPhoto by Gerriet

Menorca has, as other foreign islands we have been traveling to, some really wonderful harbors with lots of nice boats – like the one below. I would not mind at all to have that boat even though it’s not so big.

menorca-boat-in-harbor, SpainPhoto by Ben Sutherland

One thing about the Mediterranean islands are that the Sea is warmer than the Atlantic Ocean and in some places crystal clear and turquoise too! Just look at this photo where it looks like the boats are floating in the air!

menorca-boats-clear-water, SpainPhoto by Jorge Corcuera

There are a lot of company events offering sailing tours too. Like this red sailing boat named Aphrodite too! Oh, how I wanna go out with that one! Take me with you, pleeeeeez…

menorca-red-boat-aphrodite, SpainPhoto by Rene Seifert

Some private persons with sailing boats are sailing around the islands, perhaps giving up their normal living style meanwhile. That sounds very wise I think. At least for a while, to test living another style than the regular one. Getting life experiences.

menorca-sailing-boats, SpainPhoto by untipografico

Who would not want to dive from the boat into this gorgeous Sea water….? If you say no, you should examine your head… lol….

menorca-boat-bridge, Mediterranean Sea, SpainPhoto by untipografico

Simply lovely, the Menorca boats photos, don’t you think…? I could have posted photo after photo, there are so many wonderful views at Menorca.

A truly great travel destination. Have you been there?

Lifecruiser ♥ Balearic Islands

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