The tower of Menestralia from the road, Majorca, Photo by Lifecruiser

When driving the road from Palma to Alcudia, in the Campanet region in Mallorca – maybe 3-4 km before reaching Alcudia – we could see the tower of Menestralia and decided to see if there were a restaurant where we could eat.

Yep! There it was, our saver in the need. A really nice restaurant with lots of free tables.

Menestralia restaurant entrence, Majorca, Photo by Lifecruiser

To our delight there were also a big and delicious buffet! We had come exactly to the right place without even plan too. There were so much food there, we didn’t even know what everything was… We sure did have a look around though!

We came at the right time too, because when arriving, there were only a few tables occupied, but after sitting there just a short while, the restaurant suddenly were full. Talk about right timing.

Since we were coming direct from the airport, just with the detour to pick up our rental car, we were very hungry at that time – as you also can see of Jane’s concentration on the food…

Menestralia table, Majorca, Photo by Lifecruiser

I love finding restaurants like this one, where the locals like to eat – I could tell that we were the only ones not speaking Spanish at least. It was nice sitting there among all the Majorca families.

Since it were the 1st of May, it were a holiday and I guess that’s why the glass making factory beside the restaurant were closed while we were there, arriving in the afternoon. Such a pity!

We had to be satisfied with admiring the wonderful old building it were situated in instead. Not so bad that either….

Menestralia glass making factory, Majorca, Photo by Lifecruiser

Remember that rainy weather I wrote about in my last post? Funny thing was: the closer we got to Alcudia, the better the weather turned out…

Lucky us!

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Lifecruiser Menestralia

12 Comments on “Menestralia Restaurant, Majorca”

    Ling said:

    That’s my kindof restaurant – completely empty, no tourist groups crowding it up and making noise, and a buffet spread where you can fill up the tank. :mrgreen:

    iandoroteo said:

    now THAT! is a good meal!

    DianeCA said:

    Okay now I’m jealous again!! hehehe it looks like a fabulous trip! I am with you, the local restaurant and ‘real’ food is always the best and what I look for too!

    super mom said:

    I stumbled across your blog, and am slowly going to work my way backwards (or maybe forwards) reading through it. Your pictures in this post look great, I hope to see many more.

    I also love the blogs theme, well done!

    Mar said:

    The ” resto” and the food look fantastic! Always follow the locals for the best place in town, great find!

    RennyBA said:

    Your always such a great restaurant hunters – looking forward to hunt with you in August :-)

    Good to hear the weather was improving! We had the loveliest weather yesterday on our 17th of May celebration.

    Puss in Boots said:

    Menestralia…an unusual name. What does it mean? I just love it when I find somewhere to eat with hardly anybody there…and then it fills up. I sit there smugly and congratulate myself on getting a table in good time.

    TorAa said:

    How can I say this in a fair way:
    I would have liked the privilage to “just travel away when you find a favourable air-ticket”.
    Huray for your travels and reports.
    It enrichest our life

    claudie said:

    :grin: He! He! You, hungry monster didn’t lose your time as soon as you arrived! :wink: and immediatly weather turned on a pleasant way! I think it will the same scenario in august without the rain!

    Ron Russell said:

    Never been on the European scene, but have spent quite a bit of time in southern Mexico. I use to teach and in the summer months would go on extended trips into the interior of that country. Along the way I found many, many great places to eat and I should add some places NOT to eat. One little town about 100 miles north of Mexico City on the old Pan-American hiway had a great little place to eat. Jacala was a place where I spent many happy days and have friends there to this day.

    Liz said:

    Locals always know best! Getting hungry… :razz:

    Pedro Deya said:

    Yes the best restaurants are the ones you stumble upon. Ours was a truckers cafe in France we randomly stopped at … the Couscous Royale was to die for, and they had a carafe of wine on each table … at a transport cafe!

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