During my very looong life, I’ve stumbled upon several bath maniacs – and that doesn’t even include myself! Let me introduce you to the master of the bath maniacs, my former dog Billy Boy.

This is the only pic I have of him nearby water, because he was never still long enough so I could take a shot. Either that or the water was splashing too much for the camera…

It wasn’t always like that. He had a rough start with water, falling through the ice in the winter when he was a puppy and got scared by that. We had to built up his confidence by throwing branches for him to fetch in the water, but it went very very slowly.

Until that particular day when we had a female dog with us, who loved to swim. She jumped from the quayside without fear and suddenly he did that too! You know how males are about showing off ;-) But I must say that he looked very surprised himself of what he just had done!

After that day he was a maniac when it came to something with water involved. He just loved to bath and swim. If he thought that we intended to go and have a bath without him, he kind of screamed out loud how unfair that was. He wasn’t howling or barking, he screamed I tell you.

He knew the way to the beaches too, as soon as we turned in the right direction at the road crosses, he started to make all those noises that could drive us totally insane. By he really was so happy about it, so it was difficult to get really annoyed.

Once in the early spring we went for a walk to the beach, but I said that, nah, better to not go to the regular sandy beach, because I didn’t want him to take a bath in that icy water. So off we went to some high cliffs instead, I thought that would be much safer. I thought wrong. He was so eager to get into the water so he literally slided down on his claws!

He was so happily excited over the water that I couldn’t get hold of my best commanding voice, I couldn’t help laughing at his happiness and he heard that I wasn’t angry on him, so he just continued down. An early spring bath yes.

He even started to ogle at me when I was taking a bath at home, but he did think that the edges of the bathtub was to horrible. Luckily. I don’t think that I had appreciated if he had jumped right in…

He could be in the water for ages, didn’t really felt that he got cold, we had to order him to get up from there – just like children. He made bubbles with his head stucked under the water, played with rocks on the bottom. I’m surprised that he didn’t build sand sculptures too ;-)

He didn’t like if you splashed water on him, but he did constantly splash water on us and all our things – by shaking the water off him – while we where screaming…

Mentioning children yes. This is two of my nieces when they were little girls, taking a bath at about the same spot as my dog was actually. Today they are 22 and 20 years old.

I have another bath memory of another one of my nieces. At that time my sister didn’t have their bathroom in order and they came and visit us. During the visit there was a bath of my niece planned – she stayed in the bath during almost the whole visit, playing with the water. It’s amazing how fun and for how long they can play with water!

She still is a bath maniac, 15 years old. Her first annual baths takes place the 1st of May every year – outside in the icy Baltic Sea. Brrrr.

Dogs or children, they do have the same kind of bathing maniac spirit that’s so enjoyable to watch!

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10 Comments on “Memories of bath maniacs”

    Marti said:

    I love playing with dogs in the water. I used to take my dog to the lake and played frisbee in the water. I don’t know who had more fun, me or him. lol

    Lifecruiser: Yes, they really know how to have fun, so it’s so fun for us too!

    Norma said:

    Great memories of your pet. Doesn’t this breed have a special coat that insulates their skin? Beautiful nieces too.

    Thanks for visiting my MM.

    Lifecruiser: I do think that the Labrador has it, but since he was a mix breed with Boxer too, he lost some of it and we all know how easily Boxer’s feel cold… They like to lay under the blanket. Or at the radiator. *lol*

    Reverberate58 said:

    Mrs. L I once had an irish setter that was like that and she would get in the bathtub if you did not close the door good! Wonderful story! I love the picture of the girls on the beach really cute! Thanks for you Monday Memory share! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, they do tend to get a little bit over enthusiasted about bathing hah? *lol* I hope you’re having a wonderful monday too. i’ll pop over and see how you’re doing :-)

    viamarie said:

    They are surely beautiful memories. Pics of your nieces are adorable.

    Cheers to a new week!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks viamarie, they sure are. Yes, lets hope the new week would be good to us :-)

    Ma said:

    Ahhh, yes. Children just love the water, don’t they.
    great MM.

    I’m up.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, they sure do :-)

    Chi said:

    I so enjoyed reading this memory…funny what a dog will do when a female is around…hehehe I think it is neat that your dog learned to love the water so much after such a scare as a puppy. *s*

    Lifecruiser: I’m glad you enjoyed it Chi :-) Yes, we were happy that it changed, because it would have been a pity if he never could enjoy the sea.

    Irish Church Lady said:

    My dog is scared of the water. He will paddle and can swim but just chooses not to.

    I think it’s because I forced him into the swimming pool when he was younger because I wanted him to learn how to get out by the stairs in case he ever fell in accidentally. Consequently, I traumatized him. Oh well. At least he is safe !

    Lifecruiser: Yes, they do get traumatized easily, sadle enough and it’s hard work to cure it. Maybe you should invite a female bath maniac to influence him too? *lol*

    Mandy said:

    Billy Boy, what a lovely tribute to him. I remember our dog loving water too, and my moms 2 dogs. They always used to jump into the lake during the hot summer days. Oh and how most dogs love the beach.. there’s just something with those waves.. though the thought of all that saltwater makes me feel nauseas hehe.

    Take care

    Lifecruiser: Hm, come to think about the waves now – he once actually SURFED on the big waves and loved it. not on a surfing board, but never the less, he surfed. And in Brazil we saw a do that did surf for real, he had skills I tell you!

    Danielle said:

    He was such a beautiful dog! I want a lab one day–they have such sweet, loyal personalities. Boxers are sweet dogs too so I’m sure Billy Boy was great!!!

    My 2 yr old daughter would live in the water if she could! The boys like it too, but not as much as the princess!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, they truly are sweet. Certain kids just appreciate the water much more right from the beginning, it’s like they have it in the blood :-)

    Cozykittens said:

    wat a cute dog,,,,

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