I can not resist to take photos of abandoned boats, it is something special with them. So also with this boat we found at Fårö island at the northern tip of Gotland island at the east coast of Sweden.

faro-abandoned-boat2, Gotland, Sweden

Left at the shore for ever…? Or is it someone owning and using it? Makes me wanna take it for a tour at the sea again….

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3 Comments on “Maybe Not Abandoned Boat”

    al said:

    maybe the owner is just sleeping somewhere. like you, i miss the ocean…


    Yes, the ocean is something very special. Giving so much peace and beauty. I’ve missed you Al, been on the way to your blog so many times now! We’ve changed internet service provider, could barely update the blog with the old one! Now I’m back on the net again, but busy times too!

    *on my way to your blog*

    claudie said:

    Love the abandonned boats too! I love simply the life near the sea!

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