The flight from Stockholm, Sweden to Marseille, France, with Ryanair in the beginning of August went smooth, except from some turbulence over the mountains. Not bad at all, in fact of the kind that made everyone in the plane laugh as from a rollercoaster ride…

Mountains, France, Copyright

We were heading for Marseille Provence Airport (MP), which is actually located out in the nortwest suburbans of Marseille, in Marignane, at the lake Etang de Berre.

Marseille Provence is the 3rd French airport (except Paris) for passenger traffic and 2nd for cargo traffic, with the special low-cost terminal MP2.

When coming in for landing, it’s quite a beautiful view from the air, over the Frioul archipelago just outside Marseille.

Islands outside Marseille, France, Copyright

The plane had to turn around to get in to the runway from the Sea, so we got a good look at the runway before landing.

See how it ends out in the water? That’s the lake Etang de Berre.

Marseille Provence Airport runway, France, Copyright

I always try to get a window seat when I can, since I love to stare out during the flight and even try to take some photos.

Sometimes it has felt like I’ve been hanging out on the wing… *giggles*

Yep, the flight there went really smooth as I said before, it was just a pity that not the following was going as smooth as the flight….!!!

(to be continued in next post…)

Lifecruiser Marseille Airport

15 Comments on “Marseille Air Lair Stare”

    SwordMama said:

    Beautiful!! :D

    griff said:

    so lovely…am anxious for your next post!

    Gattina said:

    What a chance you had that the pictures came out so nicely ! real good. So you were satisfied with Ryan air. I have heard so many contradictory opinions, that I think I have to try it myself.

    Maribeth said:

    Good News! Two of my babies Claus (green) and Caspar (blue) have found forever homes!

    Esther Garvi said:

    That’s beautiful! You should do Skywatch!


    Well, Gattina, I’ve always wondered if the ones complaining about them are sent out from the other competitive airlines… Or if it’s jealousy of some kind.

    Because I can’t find anything bad with Ryanair and we’ve been flying A LOT of times with them!!!!

    OK, they have some bold attitude in the press, but I don’t blame them, they must be sooo tired of all people always jumping on them…

    Read more about them here:

    Follow my advices there and ask me if it’s something you wonder about.

    Why pay more than you have to for a flight?


    Thanks for the tip Esther, I might join – or at least have a look at them on Fridays. I love skies :-)

    Charles Ravndal said:

    That’s really an awesome shot coming from the plane angle! Loves it!

    TorAa said:

    What a wonderful inflight.
    You have taken really great photos.

    Miss you
    Anna and Tor

    Puss in Boots said:

    Great photos of coming in to land at Marseilles. I don’t look out the windows of a plane…I don’t like heights, so I always get a seat on the aisle.

    claudie said:

    Your pictures are beautiful! It’s the first time I see a picture by plane above Marseille and the Frioul. It’s wonderful! Kalle and Anaïs took Ryan air too when they came in France and they didn’t speak about any problem! :grin:


    My curiosity is piqued! What was the bad thing that happened next??


    Great picture from the cabin! You know I love to take pics from the plane too, but it was totally dark when we landed the day before you.

    I think I know what comes next, but I think Mr. Lifecruiser manage quite well ;-)

    Erica said:

    I really like the first two photos! Like you, I also always try to get a window seat.

    yangshuo travel said:

    Your pictures are beautiful! i like the second one very much

    thank you for your share

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