This post is about Love combined with travel (old content for some of you, sorry) the two most important things in my life. I’ll start with our engagement trip, which was quite unusual. Many people travel to tropic islands or some other “supposed to be” romantic place to be engaged – or married.

We did go to our summer paradise island Fårö, but in the middle of the winter, totally wrapped in thick winter clothes, just our eyes were visible! It was the 24th of February (2004) and cold, very little snow, but extremely windy. It was my first time on the island, but I instantly loved it, despite the winter.

It’s a very deserted island during winter. Only around 650 persons lives on the island permanently according to the records and in reality even fewer. In the summer many thousands visits the island…

Just start your imagination: there were we, the ultimate love couple, totally alone on the Norsta Aurar beach, that reaches at least 3 km (about 1.8 miles) and we had walked to the middle of it. The power of Love in the sunset, only listening to the sound of the ocean – and our hearts… We truly felt like we were alone in the world!

Lifecruiser's empty winter beach

Who said one must go to tropic islands to experience romance?

Such a magic moment, the toast with champagne for our future together, putting on our engagements rings on (left hands ring fingers) – trying not to get any the blowing sand in our glasses or mouths. It’s not easy to take photos in the dark with water and sand flying around – and between all the kissing… *giggles*

Mr Lifecruiser opening the champagne bottle

It does look dark and gray yes, but think about it: simply perfect for newly lovers who wanna wrap around each other all the time, whether it were outdoors or indoors…. *giggles*

Some explanation before reading more: here in Sweden it has been rather common to be engaged, but even if you’re engaged, it’s not said that you automatically has to be married as a next step. Many couples doesn’t even get engaged, they just live together anyway.

We were engaged for a couple of months and then we took a flight to Paris in the spring, around the first of May. We stayed in small hotel in Montmartre, which is a wonderful area with a lot of “the right” atmosphere. I can’t say the same about that hotel though, but for us it didn’t matter that the hotel weren’t quite living up to our standards, because we only had eyes for each other.

We did see the most of Paris, but it must have been too early in the spring, because we didn’t believe our eyes: no love couples in Paris…??? We stayed for 4 days and only spotted one very young couple down by the Seine, we were the only ones living up to it’s reputation as being the city of romances!

Especially the day we went to see the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart).


Yes, it was below there Mr Lifecruiser proposed to me, on his knees despite lots of people passing by – and this is after I said yes…

I was wondering why Mr Lifecruiser were so different than usual at the first part of the trip, but then I understood. All the trip he had searched for a proper place to propose!

Our wedding in 18th century fashion style were held the 28th of August 2004 at the Drottningholm Palace Church, where the Swedish Royals live. We thought of inviting them to the wedding at first, but decided not ;-)

♥ Read about Lifecruiser Wedding here ♥

On honeymoon we went to the fantastic island Crete, Greece biggest island which I truly can recommend with a warm heart!

kreta 256 kreta 003

kreta 014 kreta 713 kreta 355 kreta 322

There is so much to see at Crete, so many interesting villages, breathtaking scenery up in the beautiful mountains, great restaurants and the crystal clear sea. No wonder people keep coming back to this island! We will too, some day.

Come to think about it, all our travel have been like a honeymoon…

Captain Trip Lifecruiser

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    Gattina said:

    You are right ! the place when you are in love is not important at all. It could be more romantic amongst garbadge cans in a dirty district behind the North Station then a sunset at the sea in Hawai when you are not in love !

    I don’t know who invented the loving couples in Paris ! I have been there a lot of times and all I saw was fighting people on the street the kissing once were all tourists, lol !


    What a beautiful post. The proposal and wedding are both awesome. Thank you for sharing such a private part of your life. Very enjoyable read. Big hug and have a great day. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Daddy’s Little Girl

    Natalie said:

    You really have had some fantastic adventures together. My husband and I have been to Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts in December, it’s cold and gray much like your beach pictures, but we loved it! :)

    Natalie’s last blog post..Heads or Tails – Love

    Skittles said:

    It’s so interesting to read about how people met, fell in love etc! I can picture that beach perfectly thanks to your wonderful words. :)

    Skittles’s last blog post..Art Award

    ByrningBunny said:

    Wonderful love story. I would love a cold, windy beach on a dark and gray day; thats exactly the kind of atmosphere that’s perfect for lovers! And I loved your wedding. I’ve never seen one like that before.

    ByrningBunny’s last blog post..Heads or Tails Tuesdays: Love

    TorAa said:

    I just wake up this Night, what was it? The Cats or some important message?
    You have showed me the place at exotic Farö, wre you two accepted: Will you Marry me?

    And, you might remember, I asked Anna to marry me in Notre Dame de Paris.

    hehe – it’s nothing then we could have such a great time with you last Summer.


    Mariestad : 20/21-24 feb

    PS. Did you know, if you make a triangle: Copenhagen – Oslo – Stockholm: What’s in the centre of that triangle? haha. Now you know.

    TorAa’s last blog post..Cats on Tuesday – Feb 12-13 in the Year of 2008

    MarkMiller said:

    Beautiful story.. and great honeymoon, Crete is one of the really best places for that. Good luck!

    MarkMiller’s last blog post..7 cool new gadgets for the frequent traveler

    Andrée said:

    Sometimes I see a couple that seem to have been born to be together. Not often, but it happens. And the two of you seem perfectly mapped. I am so glad to see how happy the two of you are. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Andrée’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: A Cold Fish

    Mar said:

    Awww, what a sweet post, love is in the air!!

    Mar’s last blog post..wordless wednesday [ 80]

    ghee said:

    OMG!!what can I say??I am really speechless here!

    What a beautiful,romantic and perfect post for Vday!!

    from the proposal of Mr Lifecruiser,the locations,food,clothes and most of all,the hearts that thug as one!!

    Very romantic :) Thanx for sharing,Cap!

    ghee’s last blog post..My Birthday!

    RennyBA said:

    I would say Paradise is a perfect place for love and care and even engagements. Diane and I have our Paradise in Sweden too you know – just the place Tor mentioned :D

    Yea, I’ve red most of this stories before and seen most of the pics – but thanks so much for taking us with in this lovely story again. In your affection and love to each other you are a role model and we all wish many, many more love years to come!

    RennyBA’s last blog post..A culinary feast at Restaurant Eik in Oslo

    lazaza83 » The lovers of Peynet said:

    [...] the post of our Captain, Love Trips snips, when Mr Lifecruiser made his love declaration in Paris, I immediatly thought to the Lovers of [...]

    claudie said:

    You and Mr Lifecruiser gave me the inspiration for my post tonight! Happy Saint Valentin!

    claudie’s last blog post..The lovers of Peynet

    TigerTom said:

    It’s interesting how women’s blogs are about their lives, whereas men’s are about their hobbies.

    Very pretty blog, by the way.

    Kango said:

    Ahh…captain. That is touching. These memories you have are really golden. You have been blessed with a wonderful life.

    Kango’s last blog post..The world’s best bathrooms?


    awww… a beautiful love story and a magical wedding!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!
    *throws chocolates and red roses*
    kisses and hugs

    eastcoastlife’s last blog post..Happy Valentine’s Day 2008!!

    Simonne said:

    Hey, I also want to go to Crete! Your photos just make me long for the summer. But we still have some way to go until there.

    Simonne’s last blog post..Izea, Former PayPerPost

    thinkjayant said:

    ooh.. how sweet…

    i remember me proposing my girl i the confinement of the college library… how boring was that….

    i envy you. he he.


    thinkjayants last blog post..Best “catch the moment” snaps part 1

    Daniel said:

    Absolute paradise, a perfect place for relaxing and spending time with loved ones. Excellent for a honey moon and wow how nice is it. Hope I can go there one day, seems so nice and peaceful and I would say a great way to get away from things going on in life or work. Thank-you for posting the pictures and information for all of us and take the time to tell the great story. Good luck with the blog and I hope it stays as wonderful as it is right now, a great success and hope it can continue on. Many wishes to you my friend!

    Daniels last blog post..Madrid to

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