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We went to Uppsala one day in May, when there was a celebration week of Linneaus over there. Remember Linneaus (Linné in Swedish), the father of the whole worlds modern taxonomy of plants?

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There is a garden there, called Linneaus Gardens, which we visited. The staff were dressed up in 18th century clothes to honor Linneaus 300 years birthday.

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Though we were a bit disappointed since it weren’t that much flowers blooming in there at this time. Very sparsely. We only spotted this wonderful Peony.

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Uppsala is located about 70 km north-west of Stockholm and is Sweden’s 4th largest city and is most known to be a university town, so there is many students there.

It’s said to have the oldest still existing University (founded 1477) in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Many famous Swedes has been studying there.

Uppsala is divided into two parts by the Fyris river, one historic area west of the river and one administrative, residential or commercial area in the east.

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I think the west is the most interesting since it’s there the old streets, the river, parks and the cathedral is.

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This day there was an 18th century market place there.

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There is also Uppsala Castle up on the hill above the city, which was constructed during the Gustav Vasa era in the 16th Century, in the beginning as a fortification in a series of burgs that Vasa and his sons built up as a protection of foreign and local enemies.

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Today, the castle is the residence of the Governor of Uppsala and even for several museums.

When we were there the students had some sort of ceremony held there.

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Some one getting thirsty of all the walking? Have some water at this old well as many other Uppsala citizens does.

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The history behind it is that at this very spot there was a fight between Swedes and Danes in the year of 1160, where the Swedish King Erik Jedvardsson were killed and where his head fell there arised a clear well of water. At first there was a simple wooden building over it, then in 1850 this current one were built in cast iron.

We ended this lovely day out with a dinner out at Tzatziki at Fyris torg, a wonderful quaint Greek restaurant.

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It’s situated in a old house by the Fyrisån, the creek that flow through this small town, in the Gillbergska gårdens basement and a wonderful terrace at the back by the river.

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The stonewares in the building is constructed during a longer period, probably already in the 16th century and went on to the 19th century.

Actually it was with Miss Ass. Lifecruiser, which x-husband was the chief there and he is Greek, so how could it not be? *s* He is also very hard with the staff, so they work very fast, which is needed because this is a very popular restaurant!

Of course we did have a lot to eat, but did we remember to take any pictures of it? No. Right now I don’t even remember what we did ate, just that it was delicious! Totally hopeless are we? *giggles*

As Gina very well know, since she lives there, there is a lot of other things to see in Uppsala than we have captured here, we only had one short day there.

Lifecruiser Uppsala photos in large as slideshow.

Come back tomorrow to see some glimpses from the outside of the Uppsala Cathedral and the 18th century styled wedding party dresses that we spotted there that day!

Captain ♥Green Lifecruiser


19 Comments on “Linneaus Uppsala Prime Time”

    Tricia said:

    Upsalla looks like a beautiful city with a ton of history. Are the Linneaus Gardens large gardens? One that would take some time to look through?

    The peony is lovely.

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    No, Tricia, it’s actually a very small garden :-)

    Vjai INDIA said:

    Oh captain.. I am starting to just love ur posts.. A very neat portrayal of Upsalla… Tht picture of the Linneaus gardens with the name written in grass… Very artistic… And I would luv to visit such a place.. Cos, u dont find such beautiful, neat places down here… I really envy u… Wish i were in sweden too…

    .: mar SPAIN said:

    Oh, such a wonderful place for a Sunday stroll!!! beautiful pictures as always. Mr Mar cooked wonderful things this weekend and did I take pics? forgot!! they would have made a wonderful gastronomic post, have to remember this.

    While reading your post I was thinking of the following:

    First of all, Linneaus reminds me of Linus from the Peanuts :)
    Second:Uppsala sounds like what the Germans use instead of “woops”!
    Third: Thanks for the link to my blogaversary **grin**. That leads me to the fact that we haven’t been partying lately… and maybe we should do something about it. A large party. An upcoming birthday??????? :)
    Happy Sunday, Captain ♥Green Lifecruiser

    .: mar SPAIN said:

    And thanks so much for your oh, so kind comment on my blogiversary!!!!!
    I remember your goosebumps very well indeed! I was thinking , that poor one :)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Just to tell you I am back from Italy in a “normal” world at least concerning internet connection ! I have never had that since I am blogging ! Not even from Egypt or Turkey. From 1 h Internet I could use maybe 45 min at the beginning and then 15 the last 3 days ! It was awful. We arrived home at 1.30 pm made the trip in two shots of course. Now I have to catch up on all news in blogworld ! So I have a lot to read, lol ! Sorry that I couldn’t comment, but I will update me on the cruise happenings later !
    Fortunately I could upload my pictures and already sort them out for the Cruise to the Garda Lake !
    Mr. Gattino met Swedish people and they told him they drove almost 300 miles he found it strange but they told him that in Sweden you also count in miles only it makes 1 miles = 10 km, something new to us but then it made sense, lol !

    Aiyana UNITED STATES said:

    Very pretty flower and great photos. Happy GTS,

    Sword Girl UNITED STATES said:

    What a pretty pink castle! I really miss peonies. I used to have a bush outside of a house a long time ago. And the Greek restaurant looks so nice next to the creek. :-)

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Uppsala seems to be a beautiful town! I’m surprise to see the students with uniforms. It’s not a tradition here.It is really sympa!
    Greek cooking! Nice! I adore!

    bharadwaj AUSTRALIA said:

    The two men standing make a excellent pic. The background is not even visible for the whiteness of their trousers..

    A. FRANCE said:

    An ancient university town – wonderful. And I remember Linnaeus, from my days of studying botany.
    For me, one peony would make up for dozens of some others. They are most beautiful. Like Sword girl, I used to have some in the garden.
    Thank you for another great visit Captain Lifecruiser.

    lazaza83 » A very quiet sunday said:

    [...] trip in the Lifecruiser Cyber Tour in Uppsala, a beautiful swedish [...]

    TorAa said:

    Mrs Lifecruiser, thank you, honestly, to bring me and Anna to Uppsala. Never been there. Butt, believe it or not, at school we in Norway learned about the city and it’s importance in Nordic history.

    btw. We are back in the Summerhouse – from the Mountain


    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Thank you for another wonderful guided trip Captain!
    When I was in Mariestad and at Vadsbo Museum, I heard about Linneaus and I think they said he was from the area?

    Your slide show at flicker was breath taking – thanks for sharing!

    Happy Fall Equinox day and a great week ahead to you and all Cyber Cruisers!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanks. Yes, he is from there, that’s why the garden is there and why they celebrated him for a whole week there this year. His 300 years birthday :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    I’m note sure, but I think this was special students, becoming professors or something and having some kind of party/ball for them :-)


    Greek food is awesome. I knew there had to be lunch. What a wonderful trip. Have a great day. :)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I am catching up on the Cruise news. What a difference in architecture between north and south !! I never realized it so much !

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    You have done our town justice! Right now the centrum is still heavily decorated with flowers and signage promoting Farbror Calle!

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