One of the best features of christmas – except from all the yummy food (I am drooling heavily now) – is the lights and candles we use everywhere. It really lights up the winter darkness a lot here in Sweden.

Sometimes involuntary, a little bit too much…

Brighten Santa

It happened to me on the christmas eve, well not exactly as on the picture above, but never the less a frightening brightening.

There was living candles in a lamp hanging down from the roof that I managed to get in a little bit too close to without noticing it. Suddenly my brother and Mr Lifecruiser shouted: watch your hair! Luckily enough I reacted fairly fast and got away from there with my big tousled hair.

But I did have a nice sparkling going on there for a little while – probably the only time in my hole life that I will have a real halo around my head ;-)

Or maybe I am a real Angel without knowing it…?

And no, I had not decided to get a hair cut, even though the say that it is effective to burn your splitted hair ends.

I guess that they were scared that I was going bald, a horrifying sight that could kill anyone… I mean, how would I look without my hair….

Oh, boy, with my face and big potatoe nose…!!!

*falling down on the floor laughing myself to death just on the thought of it*

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    Mandy said:

    lol, you remind me of me. I do things like that too, and nearly set myself on fire, as if I’m not already hot enough! (haha joke).

    Mandy :)

    Lifecruiser said:

    That is probably why our hubbys loves us so much – they have always wanted to be a fireman and put out fires ;-)

    And we are such good wifes that we just go along with their wishes, I mean, we are not clumsy, we do this kind of things on purpose. I think…

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