Cruisers boarding the Lifecruiser Ship

Welcome aboard mates – roam around an’ let us know what ye think!

You do have TIT’s (=TIckeTs), don’t you? No? There is still some left. Read about Lifecruisers cyber cruise event here.

Relax, have fun, enjoy. No lifejackets needed. Yet. No drunk captain. Or nude. Yet. Just some crazy crew and hot brew…. and YOU :-)

This will only be one of several stops in Stockholm – or even Sweden, so there will be more later on the cruise schedule.

After you’ve packed up in your luxurous cabins there will be mingling with (a lot of glasses of) Dom Perignon and a Swedish smorgasbord on topdeck.

Time for some heavy seightseeing of Stockholm – even called “The Northern Venice” because it’s 14 islands joined by 53 bridges!

Click to enlarge and hop to my flickr photo set with more photos of Stockholm!

stockholm 359

Short facts: 760 000 inhabitants (greater Stockholm 1.900.000) of Swedens total 9 millions, dates from around year 1252, 1/3 water, 1/3 green, 1/3 urbanized, 38 parks, 14 islands joined by 53 bridges, most narrow street 35 inches between the walls, 54 golf courses, archipelago with 24.000 islands, up to 2500 restaurants.

Read Lifecruiser earlier post about Stockholm here.

This evening we will hold a party on the Lifecruiser – not only a welcome aboard party, but a special birthday party for one of our special friends and A-Team Cruiser: Debbie, who’s actual birthday was this wednesday but we’ll celebrate it tonight!

Happy Birthday Hugs Debbie, here are some gifts:

We’ve built a bigger cargo room and more power in the engines too be able to sail with all your stuff (read Dom Perignon boxes & gifts) you’re bringing, heavy machines, loads of toilet paper, tampons and Sannis 436 pair of shoes!

Oh, and why not say out loud the real reason for you taking that binoculars with you? To look at the gorgeous ship crew that’s going to pamper us on this cruise! Ha! Whalewatching?! Really? Busted!

Now be aware, rumor says that Melli and Mar is going to share cabin! Danger alert!

As you might know, Sanni has that wooden dick pipe that’s my favorite already of course. We’ll get plenty use of that one. She has to do some blowjobs (now, no dirty thinking – or dancing!) = give the signal for dinner, dancing and walking on the plank with that one.

No paparazzi manners are allowed on the ship. I must urge as a captain of this ship that NO pictures of the DRUNK captain – or NUDE – will be allowed – so you’ll without mercy be walking the plank!

…and the planks been oiled fer them that don’t o’bey the ol’ Captain!

Oh, and you have trained on your pirate-songs haven’t you? We’ll never know when we’re going to be boarded by pirates!!!

You have to understand that we have to have that security guys go through all your stuff before set sails, do you? We want you all to feel safe aboard.

So if there is anything you feel the slighest worried about in your luggage, please tell us before so we can get our hands on it for our own use put it away somewhere safe during the cruise.

Sorry R’acquel, that Tiger balm that you like to sniff to get high on, didn’t pass the security control….

Machines and tools will, how ever pass the security without fuss, since they can come in handy in certain situations. Though I’m very suspicious of what R’acquel really is doing with that miniature drill-press and the vacuum cleaner – after all, they do create heavy vibrations…

Ladies, feel free to bring all the dildo’s you want, whether or not they are human or not ;-)

You might need them to get hot enough when we arrives to Maribeths Alaskan port!!! Or to hold hands with since Irish Church Lady offer us a mystery destination….

Special treats on the cruise ship (so far)

- The Electric Lifecruiser Orchestra (ELO): Sanni – Wooden dick pipe, R’acquel – Violin, Mr Lifecruiser – Piano. Any one else care to joyn?

- I’m positive that if we all fill up their Schnaps glasses and cheer all the time with them, we can get Gattina & Mr Gattino to belly dance for us, since they have been practising a bit on their Egypt trip recently. Rumor says that there was some Schnaps involved when they met each other, so we’ll get them in a very romantic mood then huh?

- Lot’s and lot’s of cat purr – and not only from the cat’s…. *LMAO*

- The Lifecruiser Casino: – for all gamblers, all kind of gambling is allowed. Bring all your money! We need it ;-)

- Gourmet meals: The most famous and experienced Chief cook is hired and all the food gourmet ingredients is filling up half the cargo room. We do plan to fill it up at the other ports too.

- Small shopping area: Fabulous small and very unique boutiques even though other ones will wait us on the other ports. We do need something in between!

- R’acquel Designs will offer you “beautiful couture for the ladies in case they can’t find EXACTLY what their hearts want & dream of because nothing ever fits well or is other-bodied who look nothing like size 2 supermodels”.

- The Nad’s Naughty Bikini Wax – R’acquel has promised to teach men & women the important lessons of how to perform the DIY Brazillian Wax at home or in their cabins!

- The Spa area: Whirlpools with floating pool bar, massage, manicure & make up services, hairdressers, to pamper us carefully. Cruisers, we have a special mission: to get YellowRose healthy as a teenager again. Even Tricia has earned this after all her stomach & camera pills experiences.

- Need warming sweaters? I’m sure Debbie will knit you some awesome creations if you can’t find a partner to warm you up :-)

- The Crazy Hat Parade – Be sure to bring some of your craziest hats so Melli gets some compition, she is bringing at least 20!!!! Date will be announced later, but in advance.

- The Big Cruise Ball – That might sink the ship. Date will be announced later, but in advance. Though we’ll probably party all the time anyway!


Opening Dom’s… *bang* *spraying the ship with Dom*

Who want to help us hoist the sails….? Do we have any Rigging Monkey among us?

We’re pulling in the gangplank Friday at midnight CET. Be sure to be aboard by then or you’ll have to swim out to the ship ;-) No sneaking out peeing or romancing, we’ll leave you behind…

We’ll continue to party until all of us have passed out and probably even then in our dreams ;-)

Lifecruiser set sails and weigh anchor!!!

Next port: Oslo, Norway’s capital.

I’m sure TorAa & RennyBA have done all the shopping before the cruise right (= a lot!) and will offer us some true Norwegian delicious feasts whether it’s shopping or dishes!

The Cyber Cruise Scheduled ports

NOTE: This post may be updated several times!

Lifecruiser weigh anchor

58 Comments on “Lifecruisers Nut Maiden Voyage”

    mar SPAIN said:

    Too early for Dom Perignon but I’d love a cup of coffee and I will look around :) Show me not the most handsome crew member but the funniest one to help me find my way around while waiting for the other guests to arrive! Cheers!

    Lifecruiser: I think we might need som Dom here anyway to get us going :-) )) Cheers!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Ai, ai, Captain and thanks for your warm welcome and what a lovely Ship!
    I’ll take care of Mar and join her finding some of the funny stuff!
    After given her a glass of champagne, I’m ready to help you hoist the sails (I mean I look like a monkey, so why not act like one:-)
    May I have the cabin next to R’acquel? I mean I know how to shave but never tried that wax thing LoL
    I do hope you take credit cards as I didn’t have room for all the millions of Norwegian bank notes I have! If you are looking for me: check the casino then.
    Btw: I didn’t brought a dildo, but I would chase Sanni’s pipe.
    So then I’ll go mingling and enjoying the smorgasbord until you call me for hoisting the sails!

    Lifecruiser: Here have some more champagne while waiting for more to come. I hope you have found your cabin and packed up . You do know that drinks are allowed at the pool bar???? Just whisper your wishes and the crew will run for your every request!

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    *Huff…huff…huff… pant…pant…pant…* NO, I’m NOT having an orgasm! I’m just trying to get this HEAVY butt suitcase onto the ship!!! *whew* Well. I’m here! The party can start now! Dom? Uh… no… not for breakfast! I’ll be having coffee & comedy with Mar! *grabs Renny by the elbow*… c’mon! WE’ll entertain you until R’acquel gets here!

    Lifecruiser: Why Melli, did you carry those suitcases yourself? there are a lol of handsome men around to help you out!!!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I quickly came on board to see the 20 hats of Melli and also to ask the DJ to play Celin Dyon’s song Titanic when we hoist anchor !! I don’t think it’s too early for Champagne, Mar has to get used to a champagne breakfast the next days ! I want to hear her singing !

    Lifecruiser: I’m not really sure that’s a good music choice for this ship….? We need something more lively! C’mon disco dance. We need to wake up here!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Hello fellow party mates – what a wonderful start to the cruise! I feel fantastic already in company with Mar, Melli (hold on to my arm and I’ll help you with the suitcases – we don’t want any orgasms – yet!!)
    Gattina: Your my kind of woman and we do have to learn the others how wonderful champagne is for breakfast! As far as I know: The Captain have ordered a cooler with ice sat in every once cabin in the morning and what else do we use it for?

    Lifecruiser: Ha ha ha… This is sounding GOOD. Maybe we should rename the cruise to the orgasm cruise??? It begin to sounds like it’s another waves going on aboard – HEAT waves ;-) )))

    Maybe there is gonna be needed ddeck swabbing of another reasons…. *LMAO*

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    As you have seen, from my last WW, I’ll bring my pussies. They are checked out by customs. And stick to the rules!

    - Is it ok, if I bring some naked facts?

    RennyBA and I thought about a live web-cam, but after some direct broadcasting scandals here this week, we will stick to sensorshiped short-cuts from Saturday evening here in Oslo South.

    - Invited to a test dinner. Coming soon back.

    PS. I might use both my blogs. You’ll find out.

    PS2: Will you tell the story about the war ship Wasa?

    ai-ai captain

    Lifecruiser: I’m quite satiesfied – there will be no icky rats on this ship since we’re having a lot of ship cats!! Excellent!

    Oh, sounding good Tor! Even if I’m sure all the ladies would have been very happy with the naked scandals….

    Wasa??? Schhhhhhh!!!!!! Don’t want to scare people with that sad history! Must convince people that we Swedes know how to build ships….

    aka R'acquel AUSTRALIA said:

    Very excited by the line up and the travels around the world ahead!!! Melli’s 20 Hats? My brain is a blur atm but reading those two words really excited me amongst the other features & destinations! 4:40am here, battling with nasty sleeping problems so a short note to declare i’m still here and look foward to catching up *properly*!

    Lifecruiser: That’s our kind of gal!!! I’m impressed R’acquel, that you’re still on your legs at this time – maybe you’ll be suffering from jet lag if the ship’s sails too fast around the world? *giggles*

    Caledonia UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Oooh, I’ve never been on a cruise before so this should be interesting but I’m terrified of water so will need someone to hold my head up while I “feed” the fishes.

    Lifecruiser: Welcome aboar Caledonia :-) I’m sure that one of the gentlemens aboard will keep your minds off such horrible things as fish feeding! Here, have some gDom Perignon to calm the nerves down!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Before I shut my cabin, I just want to tell you that three of my cats are vaccinated and with a knob in their ears on board too ! (Mr.Gattino and the 4th cat get seasick, they stay home) Tell Tor to keep his cats in his cabin, don’t want a massacre on board !!

    Lifecruiser: Ha, that’s just camouflage: “Mr Gattino gets seasick” Ha I know what you’re up too! Well, you’ll get plenty fo accompany around here, we have especially choosen only very handsome AND charmy crew – not to mention WITTY! that could come in handy for them, dealing with these cruisers! (Poor crew…)

    But Mr Lifecruiser got very disappointed not to be able to meet Mr Gattino and sit in the piano bar until early morning smoking cigars and drinking whisky and cognac… after all that wine celler activities….

    Consider it done. The only massacre we want aboard is the one of the champagne and delicious dinners!!!

    Ruth (mother of invention ) CANADA said:

    Waiting for the signal, “All Hands On Deck!” if you all are playing with a full deck by then after all that Dom!!!
    Shiver me timbers, this sounds like a lively cruise! Hope I make it in time for the life boat drill! Someone could end up on the bad end of a “Man Overboard” shout!

    Catching you later, me mateys! Arrgh!

    Lifecruiser: Well, for that we have to have Sanni blowing in the wooden dick pipe, she is responsible for that! I’ll call her to duty!

    balou UNITED STATES said:

    Here I am! Had to win my ticket in a last minute game of poker in a pub on the docks. Give me a glass of that bubbly and show me the way to the deck hands!

    Lifecruiser: Welcome, welcome. So, I do hope that it wasn’t Mr Lifecruiser you defeated in poker back there because he get so grumpy then ;-) Here, have a bottle of Dom!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    What a lovely start of this cruise! So many lovely people to mingle with – the ultimate temptation:-)
    And then this sightseeing in The Northern Venice – what a lovely view and nice atmosphere! Your such a great host and it’s a pleasure!
    Do we have the time to visit here before we boarding and go to Oslo tonight?:
    Café Opera

    Lifecruiser: Despite the fact of having such a lovely bunch of cruisers aboard – you just made the Captain swear Renny! Now you have spoiled my suprise for the evening! Well, that won’t take the fun out of it, does it? Stockholm most popular place maybe. And especially since we come there!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    :Blowing the little dick: :lol: *HOOT-TOOT*
    Aaaaaaah… Stockholm! How I missed it… Will we have time to visit the “Fasching”?

    :looks around: :shock: By the way… our Lifecruiser Cruising Ship looks quite familiar to me. I could swear I´ve seen it before… at the Vasamuseet. *LOL* No, impossible. I gues it´s amental delusion produces by too many DOM.


    Lifecruiser: Ah, finally, our first “blowjobber” has arrived! Excellent, but did you have to mention Wasa you too!!!! What would people think about us? I was more like thinking that I could tell you about Wasa when we arrived back here AFTER the cruise….


    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Too much DOM – that´s what I wanted to say – see *hicc*

    Nooooo… it isn’t posschible, there can never…hicc…ever….hicc… be too much of Dom!

    mar SPAIN said:

    I am in worse shape than Sanni because of all that Dom *hicc*, I’d better go find my cabin . Has anyone seen Melli? lost her after her arrival behind all those hats, lol. See you all in the morning, I guess some charming crew members are meeting early on deck to see the sunrise, ahhhhhh!

    Lifecruiser: OH my, you’ll miss all the evening fun Mar! Here have some VERY strong coffee, I’m sure it is delicious, Sanni brought the machine.

    balou UNITED STATES said:

    I brought the espresso machine. Can’t leave home with out it! Oh my…I just saw the little dick. Must go blow it now too! Dom makes me bad, so very bad. Another bottle please le capitan!

    Lifecruiser: Here *opens up the cargo room with the Dom’s boxes* The crew can’t keep up with this tempo, so we’d better help ourselves!


    That was ultra cool, great pics too!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks expatraveler :-) ))) I hope you enjoyed yourself and my cruisers behaved!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Awww I’m so sorry to unveil your surprice but that was my fist choice and it has been years since I’ve been there!
    I’m still having a great time as I wonder if Sanni is blowing the wrong pipe and grabbing Mar and Balou on their elbows for a cup of her espresso and aMackmyra

    Lifecruiser: Ooooops…. there was a slip on the deck… I hope we have assurance for that…. Must check up that Mackmyra thing, I’ll be back!

    Ah, yes, at first I thought that you had something similar in Norway, but it was the Swedish one. I’ve been tasting that one since they have a storage room outside Stockholm too (IRL), and I’m proud to say that the Lifecruiser ship has it owns bareels in the cargo room, have no doubt about that!

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Oh I thought I was going to miss the ship! You know, one more walk for the puppies on dry land. I hope it’s okay I brought the puppies with me, I just couldn’t stand to be parted from them!
    Thank you for the wonderful suite with the private puppy walking steward!
    Time for some champagne!

    Lifecruiser: Warmth welcome Maribeth. And your puppies, now we know who everybody will be cuddling with on this cruise ;-) *lol*

    Here, have a glass to get along with the others…. Cheers!

    Have a look around….

    Debbie said:

    I’m here (puff pant pant puff). I had to run to make it and carry my things. Hubby is just behind me and we are ready to go. A glass of Dom sounds great make mine a big one, better yet I’ll just drink out of the bottle! Been that kind of week!

    I hope you don’t mind but the cats are with us, I just could not bear to leave them behind for the trip but they will be fine in our cabin!

    Can I help steer the ship?

    Lifecruiser: Here, of course the birthday gal is titled to an own bottle of Dom’s at once, just snap your fingers and the steward will be right with you!

    The cats is excellent, so we can get rid of the ship rats, bring’em on! Let’em work!


    Sanni GERMANY said:

    :shock: SO many Espresso Machines :grin:
    *HOOT-TOOT* By the way: I never leave house to a cyber cruise without my *shows-a-famous-ship-I-don´t-mention-again-until-our-arrival-bought-in-a-museum-I-don´t-mention-either* :hicc: beloved coffee mug. A guy from a nice Swedish… No, wait, a present of a nice Swedish guy :mrgreen:
    And the best: MORE DOM fits in there… the mug… not the guy…

    Lifecruiser: OH, yes, Swedish guys ARE nice, aren’t they? And smart….

    Espresso? We’ll need ALL of them tomorrow I suspect!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    *OOOOPS* :shock: The comment runs over the plank…

    Lifecruiser: Ah, never mind, we’ll clean up that mess tomorrow – tonight we’re gonna celebrate Debbies YOUTH!!! Cheers to Debbie!!!

    balou UNITED STATES said:

    Hey Sanni we’ll use your machine until it breaks. Good to have a spare along you know. ;)

    I liked that you were expected to drink and dance at Cafe Opera, not just drink. I danced with Prince Carl Phillip. Turns out he’s a graphic designer too! We talked Photoshop. I heart Sweden.

    Lifecruiser: So, now you’re planning on being another princess of Sweden huh? Stealing Carl Philip’s heart like that, poor guy will be totally destroyed when you’re cruising away now! Maybe we have to send for him at next stop…. Or wait, he can take his fast racerboat and catch up on the ship! Oh, very romantic won’t you say????

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Hey! Here I am! I had to swim! I was late! Hope there is still a cabin for me and dom Perignon but I have many bottles of champagne with me, a very good one: Canard Duchêne!

    Lifecruiser: Welcome Claudie! I’m soooo glad you could come – and bringing own champagne isn’t that a hooooooot!!!! *smooch kisses on both cheeks and a hug*

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Hear, hear! Everybody! Let’s toast to Debbies birthday!

    May she live happily ever after with her nice hubby… Hurray…. Hurray…. Hurray.. Hurray….

    As it is her (belated) birthday she’ll also be granted to take a turn at the wheel.

    thebluestbutterfly UNITED STATES said:

    I am here for my first voyage as part of the Swabbing Team.

    Lifecruiser: Warmth welcome thebluestbutterfly – here have some dom and a bit of snacks! Oh, we better be nice to you whenthinking of all the need we’ll have for the swabbing later…. *lol*

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Awww, the stars shining and we are all settled for a wonderful night together! I agree; let’s toast to Debbies birthday – never to late for that! and of course she can take turn at the wheel or whatever she wants to hold on to:-)
    Ohhh and I see Cladie and Butterfly too – what more can a man ask for?
    And when you feel for it and the time has come to loose the anchor, TorAa and I are ready to invite you to Oslo!
    (hssss; R’acquel where are you? I think your cabin is next to mine and I need some guidance)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, this is going to be a cruise of a lifetime!!! R’acquel, who suffer from svere jetlag, since she came all the way from Australia has passed out for the moment, but we’ll hope she will wake up later on. the night is still young!

    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Leave all dildos in my cabin.. I’m the first test pilot *lol*.. Don’t know about the wooden one though….

    Lifecruiser: Here, have some more Dom and then you’ll see that the blowjob’s are gonna gooooo just fine!!!!

    letha UNITED KINGDOM said:

    There’d be more room if we dumped the tampons for mooncups (do a search for it, you’ll see what I mean) :shock:

    Lifecruiser: Oh my! Give me some more Dom!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think i prefer to be talking about moooooning ;-) *giggles*

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Happy (belated) Burthday to Debbie *HOOT-TOOT*
    Oh my… so many blow-jobs in one night… :shock:

    Anybody out of DOM?

    Lifecruiser: Yes, as it turns out, you’re quiet wanted! A popular cruiser indeed!

    Holding my glass to you, there can be squeezed in some mofe dropsch in mine….

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    If in any case there is someone that don’t actually get to see the changed background to the night style – push the F5 button to get your browser to update!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    :shock: Erm… honestly I´d rather blow this dick(pipe) whole night long than try one of those mooncups! *LOL*

    Lifecruiser: And you do it so darn goood…. I think i hear it all the time… or is that someone screaming down in the cargo room…? Wait, we’ll have to check – maybe some one have fallen down there!

    *switching on my flashlight*

    Hm… I think it looks like Mar – how on earth did she end up there?
    Didn’t she know that she had a first class cabin?
    Or did she think she was smart – very very close to that boxes with Dom’s…


    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Aye, captain! :takes sunglasses off: Oh, WOW! Stars… I´ve never ever seen them shining so brightly before!
    Another great reason to cruise on the lifecruiser!


    Lifecruiser: SKÃ…L Sanni! I think it might be time to start the singing. Do you remember any Snapsvisor?

    …or maybe dancing…. Well, we have to do without the belly dancing abviously – if there isn’t any one else that volunteer??? No????

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Ooooooh! Ahhhhh! Oh look! *Points to the tall steeple in the center* What is THAT building over there? Oooooh! Stockholm is so beautiful! And did you SEE the hat I bought? It’s called a STOCKHOLM hat!!! How appropriate is that? *tips back the Dom* Ahhhhh! Ohhhh I think I LIKE cruising at night!

    Lifecruiser: The nights are the best… it’s so quiet then. Hrm. Well, mayby when Lifecruiser isn’t having a party…. *lol*

    Look at those stars!!!!! *dreamy sigh*

    - Where are Mr Lifecruiser?????????? Hooohoooooo!!!!!!!!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    “NÃ¥gon har tatt min snaps!
    NÃ¥gon har tatt min snaps!
    Den stod just här!
    Men där är den ju!

    Lifecruiser: Excellent! Bravo! Magnifico! You’ll get some extra star in the Captains notebook for that one!

    I’ll sing one in english for you that kind of suits this time:

    Blowin´ in the wind
    Author: Bob Dylan

    How many roads must a man walk down
    before they call him a man?
    How many seas must a white dove sail
    before she sleeps in the sand?
    How many times must the cannon balls fly
    before they´re forever banned?
    The answer my friend,
    is blowin´ in the wind.
    The answer is blowin´ in the wind.

    How many years must a mountain exist
    before it is washed to the sea?
    How many years can some people exist
    before they´re allowed to be free?
    How many times can a man turn his head
    and pretend that he just doesn´t see?
    The answer…

    How many times must a man look up
    before he can see the sky?
    How many ears must one man have
    before he can hear people cry?
    How many deaths will it take til he knows
    that too many people have died?
    The answer…

    - What I wonder is what answer that’s blowin’ in this wind we have?

    Or is it just you that is blowing the dick pipe? *lol*

    - Oooops… Or was it me FARTING???? *blushing*

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    What are all these half dead corpses on deck ?? I have to send them ALL to their cabins ! There is a mess on deck ! I just woke up and took my revenge on cat Lisa, I bite her in her nose and pulled at her tail (she pulls my hair, but I have no tail) she usually wakes me up that way. Now I am here on Deck, stretching myself in all directions, admire the wonderful sky with stars and wait for sunraising ! That’s the best moment, everybody is crawling to its cabine half dead from too much Dom Perignon and I can watch the shift change from tired staff to fresh and check if they are (even) more handsome !

    Lifecruiser: We’re not dead. We’re dancing, can’t you see that? See… I’m moving my legs. They ARE moving. They just looks like they’re still….. It’s camouflaged moving. Haven’t you heard about that? It’s the new trend.

    balou UNITED STATES said:

    Happy Birthday Debbie!
    “…Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…”
    Uh oh, are the pirates on board already? I didn’t think we’d see them until Alaska!
    The stars are wonderful and looking back in the moonlight – is it? Could it be? Prince Carl Phillips boat racing towards the cyber-cruiser? It might just be the Dom in my brain.

    Lifecruiser: No pirates – yet, the Baltic Sea outside Stockholm is pretty clear from pirates, but you’ll never know. Maybe they’ve heard of all our treasures you’ve bring aboard….

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Oh! Debbie! I meant to tell you! I have a GIFT for you… come to my cabin and pick it up!

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    WHAT? Mar fell down the steps? *runs to help!* Ohhhhhh nooooooo…. poor Mar! C’mon roomie, let me help you up! How many bottles glasses of Dom have you HAD? Awwww… it’s okay Mar! First night’s always the roughest! (well… at least she won’t complain about my snoring tonight!)

    Lifecruiser: Snoring? So you’re acatually think you’re gonna be able to get some SLEEP at this ship? *lol*

    balou UNITED STATES said:

    Have you found Mr. Lifecruiser yet? I’ve never met him. Maybe that was his ticket I won at the poker game.

    Lifecruiser: He is up in our Attack Copter for the moment, in stealth mode, searching for pirates. I’m sure he will land later.

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    I think it’s appropriate to sing the Swedish National Snapsvisa:

    Melodi: Du gamla, du fria

    Du gamla, du fina, du storsvenska snaps,
    snart randas ditt glädjedöda öde.
    Nog minns vi med saknad den tid då krånglet slapps,
    ditt låga pris och dina mängders flöde.
    Jag tronar på guld från en lånad bankir,
    när chartrat mitt plan flyr Sveriges torka.
    Jag minns hur det var och jag anar hur det blir.
    /: Ja, jag vill leva loppan på Mallorca :/

    Irish Church Lady CANADA said:

    All aboard!!!!

    I made it! Whew!!! Pass the magnum of champagne please, quick~!~

    This is Pool Boy’s first cruise~! He didn’t know what to pack.

    Oh look at the nice beautiful night sky here!! Very enchanting.

    Here’s a toast to Debbie (for her birthday) and all my friends here aboard the Lifecruiser! 3 Cheers ~ Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray!!

    The night is young but why do I feel so old?

    Oh I almost forget to show my tits! Will this do? OO
    Is my passage secure?

    Here’s to an awesome cruise everyone!!

    Lifecruiser: It’s sOO nice to see that you made it! PHew! WE haven’t sailed far yet, but if you had been more delayed you’d have problem to catch up on us!

    *pouring up more Dom to you* CHEERS!

    OLD? Nooooo. You just have to party a bit first, then you’ll feel sOO much younger!!!

    With my Captains voice: All clear with the security check.

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    LC… can you repeat that 3 times fast? LOL!

    Lifecruiser: My tonguuuuuee!!!! Hellllllpppp.

    Becci UNITED STATES said:

    mmmmm…I KNOW how late I am…but there was a snow storm at my airport in freezing cold, snowy Michigan…Can I still get aboard? yes, I realize its 1/2 hour til sailing…and I dont have my papers in hand, but….the dog ate them, yah, thats right…the dog…Can maybe someone tell me how I go about getting my fastport checked? where do I throw these 2 extra large bags with my evening gowns in em? …can anyone help a lass who didnt have enough sense to get this straigthened out in time? (like uh, I need to know if I have to add something to that chit called HTML (from Hell) to my blog???

    Lifecruiser: Well, better late than never huh? *lol* Welcome to joyn us :-)

    The Cargo room is over THERE – but we have crew that’s taking your luggage, be careful – Mar already fell down there once! (though I suspect she laid down there on purpose to be close to the boxes with Dom’s)

    HINT: We can get bribed – IF you have a couple of boxes with that ceramic eggs with you…. butt you’re supposed to put a link to Lifecruiser in your sidebar and we link back to you too, so we easily can find each other…. Let me know if you need any help with that – send me a bottle mail :-)

    Becci UNITED STATES said:

    OIC…you all left port already!!! Look out the AFT of the ship! I have a red sequin eveing gown on, with a gorgeous lime green lifejacket…I am doing the doggie paddle…because I know no other swim stokes! Can you see me??? please…help me board!..or am I just tooo late? It’s ok, I’ll get on the next ship, whenever, later, maybe…I’m so tired (read depressed, that I missed the cruise) from swimming to catch up…

    Lifecruiser: Oh! woman over board! Help her up! Did we just had your twin aboard? *lol* I think we’ll send you right to the spa area for some pampering. And yes, there is a pool bar too with some handsome crew around…. *wink*

    Becci UNITED STATES said:

    Oh, and can we have a costume party on board? I brought my costume too! My gawd, I brought so much jewlery, I sure hope the casino will take emeralds, rubies and diamonds! (oh MY!)…You will hear this once and thats it, I MAY have a gambling problem….not a big one, but if I win my fortune here aboard, then I intend to stay here permantly!…oh I am excited to meet all you cruisers too,..and isnt Melli’s hat adorable???

    Lifecruiser: Captain has noted the wish. May I compliment you on that stunning dress… *whistles*

    No problem with the gambling, just to keep on as loong as you wish. Though be aware of that Mr Lifecruiser gets grumpy if he is losing too much… *s*

    I’m not really sure what the others are up too… They have temporarily disappeared… or passed out…

    You’ll have to excuse me now. I’ll have to take my turns at the steering wheel now when we’re appoaching more open water on the way to Norway.

    I do hope that I can read that compass well after all this Dom Perignon…. We could end up in the wrong port…

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    I chose to be fashionably late so I could use the chopper to lower me in a reclining position onto the poop deck! The unmatched set of Louis V is mine… (* thinking “where in hell is the Dom P. flowing”):grin:

    Lifecruiser: smart choice of you – I hope that Mr L was a good pilot and didn’t play too much on the flight? He use to scare his passengers….

    beth UNITED STATES said:

    Well, what a beautiful night! The stars are gorgeous and twinkling. It’s such a clear and perfect night to be out to sea!

    Did you say pirates?? Is Captain Jack Sparrow around? Pirates could be fun! :mrgreen:

    Mrs. Life Cruiser – I brought a few bottles of Dom Perignon with appologies for being late! It’s morning here I see!

    Lifecruiser: Welcome aboard Beth! *smack on both cheeks* So, you’re hoping for pirates too huh? Hm…. Well, they use to come in as a surprise so we’ll see when we’ll be put under attack!!!

    aka R'acquel AUSTRALIA said:

    Raising a toast to Debbie for revolving around the sun for another year! Happy Birthday!

    RennyBA, G’day neighbour! Lessons on how to wax the regions of your own continent will be arriving shortly ;) I will also be offering my services in textiles design in a very intriguing fashion to any interested cruisers on deck, so more details about that soon too.

    Still jetlaged quite badly after 3 moderate glasses of Savignon Blanc last night and i’m out of cigarettes with no concierge to bring some straight to my door here! It’s so frustrating that i have to wait until morning until i can get some more. Dang!

    Currently attempting to smoke the 5.75 year old Havanah cigar from my fridge but i’m affraid it’s not doing much for me. {yech!}

    With no concierge, that means no drinking for me until Sunday too, so i look forward to gaining a decent 8 hours of deep sleep tonight to catch up and start partying hard ;)

    Guttenacht! ;)

    Lifecruiser: So, you want to smoke cigars with the gentlemens in the pianobar huh? *lol*

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    This starts waving. Toast for everyone, birthday or not. It’s Saturday and the SUN is shining. The cats miews loudly: We love this cruise.

    Lifecruiser: And excellent job by the cats: no ship rats to spot anywhere ;-)

    aka R’acquel » Crazy Weather & Crazy Hats UNITED STATES said:

    [...] feel a little self concious that this post is in-between the current CRUISE hosted by Mrs.Lifecruiser (and i’m not sure which anchor such things should point to because [...]

    Lifecruiser: Wonderful peek in advance of Australia R’acquel!!!

    Debbie said:

    Mrs. L the gifts are wonderful and I love tulips. The icebear to hug is sweet but I would rather hug my hubby! Hic, sorry! One bottle down and I am off to steer us into the sunrise or is that sunset? Where are we and what was I saying?

    Lifecruiser: I’m so glad you liked them. and we can’t let the icebear come between you and hubby huh? No, no ;-)

    I can’t give you any report of yesterday, my lips are sealed……

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Good morning everyone. What a blast of a party we had last night. To me the stars still shining – how about you:-)
    What a lovely guided tour in The Northern Venice – I haven’t been there for years!
    Hello aka R’acquel, down under, I was sorry to wake you up, but what a lovely cabin you have;-) I could really need to modernize my wardrobe, so count me in when you start your services!
    Hey; I lost my credit card? I do remember it was a lady who wanted to see the pic of me on it and now it’s gone! Gattina: do you won anything in the Casino?
    Melli: May I buy you The Oslo Hatt? Now that we are ready to explore Oslo (called The Tiger City!), I welcome all of you to a guided shopping trip:
    Lifecruisers shopping in Oslo

    Lifecruiser: You so have to explain the about the Tiger city! The only thing gets to my ming is tiger thongs, but I’m sure it isn’t what you have inmind! *giggles*

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    So glad to see Becci made it safely aboard! I dO worry about that girl! We simply MUST keep an eye on her — she gets into SO much trouble! Without even trying!

    RennyBA – Hat gifts are ALWAYS welcomed! Of couuuurse! I can not WAIT to see what you choose for me!!!

    Lifecruiser: That sounds more like she FITS RIGHT IN with this company :-)

    Buddy UNITED STATES said:

    Ahoy, mates: Friday night gales & snow made me miss the cruise…but I have you all in my thoughts — as I dig out from another ice storm in the NE USA. Hope this is last blast of winter here.
    Happy St. Pat’s Day to all the Celts on board!

    Lifecruiser: Better late than never :-) why not hop aboard at next port – in Oslo?

    Irish Church Lady CANADA said:

    I see it’s morning here again!

    My but the stars were lovely last night.

    I’ve been to Renny’s and had a lovely time but I didn’t see TorAa was up yet. Maybe too much champagne. I will check again soon, but I will soon be into the Guinness meself today. (Buddy you are singing my song!) Happy St. Pat’s everyone!


    Oh and I’m surprised none of the guys commented on my TITS. I guess my boobs weren’t big enough!! ;-)

    Lifecruiser: Oh, don’t mention Guiness…. *drooling*

    I know ICL – I was as suprised as you – no comments at all?? Very strange indeed!!!

    Becci UNITED STATES said:

    Did I just sleep the whole dam day away?? It’s St. Paddy’s night…I found that lovely green beer fountain down on the Poop Deck…that WAS beer right??? ewww….I’m going down to the casino…theres a slot machine that took all my quarters this afternoon…and even a couple of slugs I had made. er, I mean, that were passed to me by that gorgoeus white haired pizza man!…that WAS pizza right??

    Lifecruiser: Yes x 3…. *lol* Be sure to find Renny and Tor to catch up on all the festivities they have offered us today!

    that frolicsome kid BRUNEI DARUSSALAM said:

    Now THAT’S one ship I’d love to reside in! :grin: There’s so many cool facilities on board! Too bad I can’t go to the casino (since I’m underaged…)! :sad: Psst…can you make me an exception and grant me entry? LOL! :smile:

    WOW! From the pictures you took, Stockholm is really beautiful! :shock: I have absolutely no idea it’s a city made up of many islands!

    Lifecruiser: Exception granted, but only when your DJ duties is off!

    Neither did I when I grew up! Well, at least not the exact amount of islands and bridges :-) They very seldom mention it and I can’t understand why, because it’s quite unique!

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