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Lifecruiser trip schedule

I just thought that I should give you an update of our planned upcoming trips. (So far!)

First of all: remember that I told you that we already had booked flight tickets for the 16-21 of April? Well, we finally decided to cancel them, despite that we don’t get our money back.

Why? Because we don’t have time and energy to go on 2 trips in this short time lap, we need our energy left for the next trip and to save the money for that trip too.

But won’t that be to throw the money for the flight tickets in the lake sorta? Yes, but the flight tickets were dirt cheap (238 SEK / $28 / 22 Euro) and the cost of a hotel, food and pleasures for over 5 days there will cost so much more.

When is our next trip?

Actually we booked a cruise to Finland today, because we had free tickets to use before the 30th of April, so we’re going on a 48-hours cruise already next week-eeeek!!! We couldn’t go next weekend because we have other things we want to do then. I’ll tell you more about it later.

More booked trips

My regular blog friends already know that 1-8 May we’ll take a trip together with hubbys (grownup) daughter, to a secret destination because she got this trip as a gift from us. She still doesn’t know where to, just what she’ll have to pack…. She’s begin to feel nervous now.

Oh, don’t you just love surprises? *giggles*

Next already booked one is our obligatory annual trip to our summer paradise island Fårö outside Swedens east coast: 2 -30 July, as usual most of July month. We can’t be without that. Ah, we’re longing to go there already! Swedens best beaches!

The most exciting of our planned trips however is to South of France 4-18 August, where around the 4-10th of August will be spent with a bloggers meeting at Claudie & Pierre’s home, together with our dear friends Tor & Anna plus Renny & Diane who also are going there.

Ever since the fabulous Claudie were kind enough to invite us, we’ve been like kids on Christmas, wanna go there at once. I’m sure we’ll have a blast – especially since Pierre already started to plan the cooking. YUM.

It will be so nice to finally meet after years of blogging together! *jumping up and down of excitement*

Trips in the planning phase yet

We want to do some longer roadtrips in Sweden in May and June (not as our 4620 km roadtrip to Spain last year though!). We just haven’t decided where to yet. We might end up slightly out of Sweden too, but to the south in that case.

There is also the traditional Midsummer weekend to plan. We did spend last year’s Midsummer in the Swedish town Vadstena and then continued to some other places (which reminded me that I haven’t written about that trip yet either!). We haven’t decided yet where to go this year.

What about the beginning of October? I wish for a trip on my 50th birthday which I want to escape. Sorry friends, no party, I won’t be at home…

….and then we have the much hated winter. I refuse to be here in this cold country one whole winter again. I can’t handle the dark and cold any more. I simply must go somewhere during a longer period next winter.

How about you…? Any trip planned?

Lifecruiser Trips

15 Comments on “Lifecruiser planned trips 2009”

    RennyBA said:

    A lot of travel plan this year – you know we love it too:

    A: Just been to Brussels
    B: Going to Kirkenes, Norway this weekend with a quick visit to Russia.
    C: Budapest, Hungary in June
    D: Our paradise in Sweden in July
    E: Meeting you at Claudie’s in August.

    You can always follow my travel plans here.

    TorAa said:

    You are busy but also very concious when talking about travel=leisure, decouvert new places and also keeping traditions alive.
    Afterwords sharing your wonderful experiences. That’s fantastic..

    btw. 2 of my 3 computers does not work as they should do this day. So I’m writing from my old private one.


    i do love surprises. can’t wait to read about all your amazing trips. you lucky lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

    Mar said:

    We were supposed to spend this weekend in Madrid but they expect nothing but rain until Sunday evening so we cancelled that…
    Will be in France in late July but not long enough to make it to Claudie’s meet up ::sob::
    I need a glass of giggle water to cheer me up, cheers!

    Puss in Boots said:

    You are going to be busy in the next few months. But that’s the fun of it all isn’t it? I’ve got a train trip coming up in July then over to New Zealand again in December for my mum’s 90th birthday. That’s all for this year, as I have to save the money for the big bash for my 65th birthday next Jan.

    Look forward to hearing about your trips and seeing the photos.


    all of those trips sound amazing. i hope to make it to midsummer this year

    Caroline said:

    You have such an exciting summer planned! We can’t go anywhere because we are still waiting to get our passports back. We will be lucky if we get to Norway this summer never mind travel any other places :sad:

    ah well – once hubby has his Norwegian family permit we will have more freedom……..

    You give me a little thought when you’r sitting on your cruise watching the sunset with your glass of champagne – chin chin :wink:

    Lifecruiser said:

    I just LOVE to hear all about your plans too my dear friends!

    …even though I feel sorry for you Caroline – hugs!

    Ling said:

    You’re lucky, captain, you get to travel so much. I don’t have any major plans for a vacation right now, and until I do, guess I’ll just have to make do with pictures of your trips. :wink:

    Maribeth said:

    I won’t be going anywhere for a while with the coming of the puppies! Also will be breeding Greta in June/July and then more puppies!!!

    Lifecruiser said:

    I wasn’t aware of that you’re planning to breed Greta too, Maribeth! Wow! Your house will be filled with puppies for quite a while – how much fun you’ll have :-)

    claudie said:

    We are planning with Pierre about cooking and all ! :grin:
    Anaïs arrives with Kalle the 12 th july at home! she will be perhaps still at home in august or not it depends her plans. so now I am on holiday but prepare home and garden for summer. Our garden is a big one 3800m2 so we have a lot of work. We will do a trip to Finland after summer. Sure i adore travel! For the moment it is still difficult. But Mélissa will do a trip to Portugal this summer cause Pierre’s Entreprise comity offers nice cheap trips for children.

    Gattina said:

    Nice plans ! In exactly one months today I am leaving for 12 days to Morocco, a roundtrip through the south. Then comes 12 days Garda lake, one week along the Rhine, one week at the English coast and 2 weeks Egypt !

    Gennaro said:

    Planning is part of the exciting for me. Thinking about which countries or locations to select and the romantic notions of each scenario. Enjoy.

    kg said:

    WOW! I’d also love to go to Finland and Sweden!

    Since I’m in the Philippines, Asia would be my priority…so, if things go as planned, Thailand and Hong Kong [separate trips] are my itinerary for this year. I’d love to go on a month-long vacation again though [these trips will take only days].

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