So, what is the considerable changes of the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise that I talked about in my last post with Cyber Cruise News Brews?

The Cyber Cruise moves to an new blog!

I’ve decided to move the Cyber Cruise (not Lifecruiser!) to a separate new blog, as you might remember that I mentioned once earlier. This will make it more clean and tidy, a blog content which only is about the Cyber Cruise.

A group blog with own user accounts

I also decided to make it a group blog, so that you cruisers will get an own user account and be able to post your own announcements about your new cyber cruise post!

Yes, that will make it very fair to you: then you can wrote an asskicking introduction with a link to your own blog and I can feel free as a ship on the ocean….

The Cyber Cruise Archive ends

Another task of mine has been to keep the Cyber Cruise post archive list up to date. This will now end, because your posts will all be linked from the post you make on the Cyber Cruise blog and saved in the archives of that blog.

The Lifecruiser blogroll is dumped

The Lifecruiser blogroll will be dumped too. It has been tough to keep up to date since people join and then drop being active. Besides that blogrolls is about to be outdated, partly replaced by RSS Readers etc.

(Tip: Read blogs in one place by RSS)

This way, only the active cruisers will be rewarded, since their links will be in the posts at the Cyber Cruise blog.

Fair and square? Yes.

One reason for the change is travel

Part of the reason I’m doing this is that I’ll be out traveling soon (more news is coming later!) and will not be able to take care of the Cyber Cruise properly here.

This way you have the chance to dance on the deck while the Captain is away… *giggles*

Stay tuned to get more info about the new Cyber Cruise blog…

Captain Lifecruiser

Cyber Cruise:
The island of Bohol and the chocolate hills
Release party at a mini bottle gallery
Photo of the majestic Andes from the Air

17 Comments on “Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise Moves”

    SwordMama said:

    I was wondering about the blogrolls seeming kinda outdated compared to the feed readers. Very smart idea! You are soo lucky that you get to go traveling soon!! :mrgreen:

    Thank you for all the camera advice Captain!!

    SwordMama’s last blog post..Today…

    claudie said:

    A come back after a problem with internet connection. A change! and a trip for you!!! Chance you have my captain! Nothing else to take good time! I don’t want to miss any dancing party on the ship!

    claudie’s last blog post..The kings’ cake La galette des rois

    Carver said:

    That’s great that you will be traveling soon. I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Carver’s last blog post..Photohunt: Important

    RennyBA said:

    Sounds fair and reasonable as it shouldn’t be the Capt’n who do the work all the time. Looking forward to be invited as a co-bloger on the new one and I’ll try to contribute to my best ability.

    So from now one, your blog is for you, about you and yours, all by yourself. I’m looking forward to posts from an outgoing, open-minded and humorous lady, not to mention her travel reports :razz:

    Btw: Its interesting to notice you say; blogrolls is about to be outdated and of course I’ve red your educational post about RSS. So do you subscribe on mine then?:

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Release Party at A Mini Bottle Gallery

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, Renny, I’m subscribed to your RSS Feed and the other A-Team members too – and a lots, lots of other blogs :mrgreen:

    chase said:

    That is good news and it is nice that we can just join in an create posts or excerpts of our travels followed by a link back.

    chase’s last blog post..Rewind, Recaps And The Lot Part 2

    Debbie said:

    Sounds very reasonable to me. I wish I had more time to get around and read all the blogs like I once had time for. Today I did lots of removing links and changing my blog around.

    Work does take a lot of time and so does getting older! I have done lots of traveling in the past year and did not get to post much of it at all. My picture taking has taken a back seat to sleeping and eating! But this year things are going to change a bit so maybe you will see me around a bit more!

    I like your new look and really love the little mermaid at the top! :razz:

    Debbie’s last blog post..Lego Employee Of The Year

    Kango said:

    Smart idea, to seperate the blogs. Topic focused blogs generally tend to do better than general blogs. Of course, you have to put in twice the effort to keep both blogs updated…I don’t much care about the blogroll, one way or the other.

    Kango’s last blog post..Hotel Kabuki, Japantown, San Francisco

    Gattina said:

    Captain, that’s a great idea !! You achieved a masterpiece here I think this way everybody will be happy and you have less work too ! I suppose your brain was fuming but the outcome was worthwhile !
    Today I have a very special little video on my blog. It is absolutely hilarious and shows the demolition of several houses in Brussels. It happened last week. They did it so good, that the neighbor found himself with a toilet without wall. If you like it give the word.
    I found it on a Belgian blog while surfing the net for Brussels !

    A. said:

    Excellent idea of how to amange things! And also excellent news that you are going travelling again :) Looking forward to the reports.

    A.’s last blog post..“Africa being drained”


    Sounds like a viable plan to me. The Captain rocks. Have a great day. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Manic Monday # 42 – Date

    Sanni said:

    Those changes sound perfect to me – I´ll have at least one new great blog to add to my feedreader (that CC-blog :grin: ) and I smell lots of great Cyber Cruises coming. I´ve also a few W-questions for you if you don´t mind :mrgreen:

    When will you leave for your cruise?
    Where will you go?
    When will the new CC-blog be launched?
    Where can we find it?
    Will you still be our Captain… here @ Lifecruiser?
    When will you return???

    And a C-question: Can I come with you (blind passenger)? :oops:

    Have fun, oh, Captain, my Captain


    Sanni’s last blog post..A Dating Game

    thebluestbutterfly said:

    This will be interesting. I hope to find the time to do a lot of Cyber Cruising. I hope that blogrolls don’t die to quickly…I like mine.

    thebluestbutterfly’s last blog post..Vigil at the Top

    TorAa said:

    It’s a clever solution. We have been leaning on you fora year of poor joy and you have done a tremedous job. The best knews is: You will soon be travelling again. Hurray – then it’s going the right way for you.

    TorAa’s last blog post..Planning a far away Vacation – Silver Wedding to Argentina from Norway

    Caroline said:

    Organized! I look forward to reading about your new travels – you are going to share aren’t you? soon……pleeeeze…..

    Caroline’s last blog post..Little old ladies

    juliette said:

    How exiting! You are going travelling. Where are you off to this time? It is so exiting and a little bit sad because I have jsut discoverd this blog. Hope you have a wonderful adventure.
    love from Juliette

    juliette’s last blog post..Healthy eating is not a good idea

    Lifecruiser said:

    Don’t be sad Juliette, I’ll not disappear :-) I’ll continue to write here at even when I’m away, just not so often. I’ll have to manage with internet café now and then…

    And why not join us over at the Cyber Cruisers blog too?

    Cyber Cruisers New Travel Blog

    You’re most welcome :-)

    I’ll write more about our travel plans later… *teasing you a bit*

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