Lifebuoy Anna Visby

On a photo tour at the island Gotland last summer, we found another great marine finding: a lifebuoy with the name Anna on it.

Lifebuoy Anna Visby, Gotland, Sweden

I couldn’t find any information about the ship named Anna, but it did make me think about our good Norwegian friend Anna and her blogger husband Tor, which we have met many times by now and have had such a great time together with.

Travel is so rewarding, not only do you get to see many interesting things, but you also get many really great friends for life.

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Comments on Lifebuoy Anna Visby

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    TorAa said:

    What else to say but:
    Anna is honoured.
    We will meet again, that’s for sure.

    btw. Thanks for really great comments.
    And I must say the past 48 hrs has been from top to bottom and up again. Rubens Mother came down to our Winterhome, and she and Anna played Card until 5 in the morning, while I stayed overnight in downtown with Rubens “brother in blood” and his wife and cat….
    After all, it was a great time… My son Niklas went home in due time…..

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    claudie FRANCE said:

    :smile: Gotland is the treasures’ isle!!! A place we should have a blogfriends’ meeting!!!! We miss you all!!!
    Piano is a such great thing in my life!!! I progress step by step!!! I say always with a new exercise:”I won’t arrive!” and slowly day after day I progress slowly! :razz: Say to B.!!!

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    Gattina said:

    Did you ask Anna if it belongs to her ? :grin:

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