Just a short report on how it’s going with our non-cutting hair business because of the hibernation we are in.

I guess you’re not surprised when we say that neither one of us have had a haircut yet. It just don’t seems necessary when you hardly ever goes out among people. For gods sake, it’s snowing ouside and is very very disguistingly cold! Have some mercy with us.

Of course, Mr Lifecruiser is in a worse condition than I am, because he has more beard than I have. He still hasn’t decided what style he shall choose, remember our earlier post about growing a beard or a moustache?

Soon I too have to decide that, but on my legs, I’m afraid of getting sideburns. Ever heard of legmoustaches or legbeard? Maybe I’ll start a new trend here.

I think Mr Lifecruiser is starting to have nightmares about going to the barber…..

Mr Lifecruiser getting barbed bald

2 Comments on “Leg sideburns or moustaches”

    Happy and Blue 2 said:

    The two of you should cut your hair before spring. You don’t want to start attracting wildlife..

    Lifecruiser said:

    Ooops, thanx for reminding us about that dangerous fact! For once, I’m glad that we don’t live out on the countryside.

    The only animals here is squirrels, birds, rabbits, deers and the neighbours…. ooops…

    *terrified of the thought*

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