Thursday evening a whole gang of us from the farm went to Lauters, one of the cool places to hang out on Fårö.

They arranged a Jamaica evening we thought sounded like a lot of fun. Last Thursday we missed the French evening. They have BBQ evenings every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


When we arrived there Sven, one of the owners said: “so you have come to start the dancing…” I wonder what we’re known of? *giggles*


The DJ, who is located above the bar at the barn loft, were playing a lot of Jamaica related music, but also a lot of other cool music. As always at Lauters there is a lot of dancing at the crowded Barn floor.


Here is Kari, our Norwegian friend, and two of the other girls staying at the farm this summer. Kari actually met two Norwegian guys this evening, who never had been here before. I imagine it was quite an experience for them, since everything is so very special here at Fårö.

The ones not dancing, can always sit in the part where they call “under bar himmel” (under bare sky), because it’s a part of the old barn where there is no roof, very cool actually.


Lauters limestone barn is from the 18th century and in my eyes a real beauty, so much history in this building. It has it’s own character for sure.


In daytime they have a very nice café here serving a Gotlandic speciality: saffranspannkaka (saffron pancakes), where you can sit and just enjoy it by the waterside.

As the matter of a fact, we took TorAa and Anna to the café last summer when they were here, in the pouring rain… Remember? Quite a memorable visit that too!

Lifecruisers photos from Lauters 2008.

Lifecruiser Lauters


11 Comments on “Lauters Jamaica Bar Evening”

    SwordMama said:

    Looks like y’all are having a blast! :mrgreen:


    Sounds like grand fun to me. I ♥ Tor and Anna. Have a great day Captain. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Wedded Bliss

    claudie said:

    Lot of fun here! Jamaica party! I love dancing on latina rytm!
    As I come back from Paris tonight I am still tired but after a good sleep I come back on the scene to dance with my cruisers friends on the virtual dancing piste! :wink:

    claudies last blog post..Mélissa back from Liverpool and Anaïs ready for Finland!

    TorAa said:

    Oh dear you Lifecruisers,
    you are prenting Fårö better than a certain Bergmann. No doubt.
    We wish we could have joined you.

    ut we will dance all together on Sept 20. Right?

    btw: I’m leaving to US on TORsdag. Visit to family and friends. Even a blogger friend in St Paul. Hurray

    TorAas last blog post..Cats and other creatures on Tuesday

    Ling said:

    You do have a badass rep, captain. :) Hope you enjoyed the wining and dining and dancing. Looks like a fun place to hang out.

    Lings last blog post..Whats News – End of The World Edition

    Gina said:

    Jah, MON!
    You are now being cast as the original Svensk Festdjur, LOL! :shock: Rock that place out, and the photos are so fun to look at and see what we are missing sweating to death between Uppsala and Särna…I could use a drink with a slice of mellon, too!

    Ginas last blog post..On a blog semester for a week or so…

    Gattina said:

    Sounds good ! I am back from my Art summer school and next week I am off to the south east coast of England !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    DianeCA said:

    Launters looks like a fun place to be, and Renny just loves regge music so we would have had a blast. Glad you are having a good holiday!!

    DianeCAs last blog post..Meme – a look into my shopping bag!

    RennyBA said:

    Now you are talking: Jamaica Rum and music and even dancing! You know I love Reggie (Bob Marley is my fave you know!) and I would have loved to dance with you in those romantic surroundings.

    Tor and Anna are always talking so nicely about their stay and one day… well at least we meet in September ;-)

    RennyBAs last blog post..Rainbow trout fish dinner delight

    Maribeth said:

    Wonderful. Someday I will come and we will go to Faro together!

    Maribeths last blog post..Smaller Clothes & Scraped Fenders

    Travel advice said:

    Excellent post!!Reminder of my good times back there in the carribeans , was there for the holidays last year. met with the son of bob marley, he’s also good in reggae music.

    Travel advices last blog post..Where to Eat & Drink in Vilnius, Lithuania

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