One of the main things at our blogger meetups is the dinner times together, not only to just meetup, but to share different cooking and dinner tasting opportunities with each other. Some times localities, other times just great food without any connection to our different locations.

This time we were Swedish and Norwegian bloggers meeting up and perhaps our food habits are not that far away from each other since our countries are neighbors, but still it can differ.

In the photo below there is a little starter we made for us all, our own favorite shrimp cocktail with Champagne onion and a sparkling Cremant to drink with it.


We had to make a pause between the starter and the main course though, to really enjoy the food better.

This course, Anna and Renny had been preparing for us and it were an authentic old fashioned long-cook meat dinner with wine to go with it.


Yes, it was delicious – as always!!! We’re spoiled. It’s not always you get the chance to have long-cooked meals nowadays when everything is fast food.

More photos will come. Today we left Mariestad and the others and went home again. We did get home safe and sound, the roads were excellent, dry and empty.

Next trip? Who knows, it will be a surprise – maybe even for ourselves… *giggles*

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4 Comments on “Last nights dinner photos”


    No doubt! You had a marvelous gathering in Mariestad!!! I enjoy watching the pictures on your blog and facebook! Love the cocktail with champagne!

    TorAa said:

    A moment and dinner forever to be rembered
    It was really o great time
    Z U soon

    Emma said:

    Hi Bo! You might not know me as a website owner, but recently you gave me advice on where to dine in Stockholm ;) I took some of it and made a blog post – lol! At last!!

    Ginnie said:

    Knowing who you were with says it all! Maybe one day we’ll be with you, too. :)

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