Las Galletas, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

The beach in the small village of Las Galletas, in the South of Tenerife Island. One of the shortest road trips we made when we were there in January, to the next village.

The Marina over there had an interesting blue building.

Las Galletas Marina, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

By the Sea were a nice walkway, which we did walk along several times. It doesn’t look much at this photo below, but it was popular, not only by us, but of a lot of people – all places were full.

It was such a lovely weather, warm and sunny, so we wanted to sit down at one of the restaurants and enjoy. Finally we found two free chairs.

Las Galletas Beach Walkway, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

After that we went for a walk around the village, but it was during siesta time, so not much were open. We didn’t mind since we were there to just have a look around and maybe find some nice photo objects.

This shop entrance was one of the things we did catch, quite creative mind that come up with this, wouldn’t you say?

Las Galletas Shop Entrance, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

If the walkway were quite gray and dull-looking, there were obviously a lot of other more colorful findings to make around there!

Another painting that got my attention were a Hip Hop shop. At first sight I thought it were just Graffiti on the wall.

Las Galletas Hip Hop Shop, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

I guess this car has some connection with the Hip Hop shop above….

Lion Painting, Las Galletas, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

There were a couple of more photos taken there, but I placed them in the general photo folder where you can see all Lifecruiser’s Tenerife photos so far.

Lifecruiser Las Galletas Colors

8 Comments on “Las Galletas Cool Shop Colors”

    SwordMama said:

    I loved looking through your slideshow pictures! Such a beautiful place and great captures. I love the little straw hut umbrellas on the beach. :-D


    wow, looks like a great place to visit. I miss developed boardwalks!
    The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

    Dot said:

    I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Almost like taking the trip with you.

    Gattina said:

    The colorful paintings are not bad at all !

    I had a very nice day together with Diane ! You can see pictures on my blog !

    Ling said:

    Whoever painted those last two pictures needs a lesson in animal behavior. That dog looks way more scary than the lion. :mrgreen:

    TorAa said:

    Rather tempting to go south right now.
    That in spite of allmost 4 hours in the Spring Sun at out winterhome veranda (April 6 – 30 years since we met – so we will soon jumpm in bed. LOL)

    The wall paintings ar rather amizing

    RennyBA said:

    I remember Teneriffe was one of the first place to go for Norwegians when they start heading for south to get some sun in spring or fall. I’ve never been there, but after this, for sure I wanna go – thanks for sharing!

    john mac said:

    Thank you for sharing your photos,i lived 5 minutes walk from here 10 year ago and miss it every day,im off here im january for a trip down memory lane,great photos

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