Las Americas Beach Bay, Tenerife Island, Photo by Lifecruiser

Playa de las Americas are situated in the South of Tenerife Island, Spain. Combined with an attractive beach walkway, lots of sport activities and the wonderful climate, it’s not so difficult to understand why it’s so popular.

The South is more sunny and warmer than the North side, we could clearly notice the difference. Tenerife island is also known as the island of eternal spring.

I would also call it Tenerife’s most popular tourist destination. It stretches for quite a bit of the coast with different beaches almost all the way with breakwaters to stop the imported sand from Africa from being washed away.

Las Americas Beach, Tenerife Island, Photo by Lifecruiser

I’m not sure if the beach above really contained imported sand from Sahara, it looked rather black to me. Perhaps it get mixed up after a while.

I’ll show you a close up of the sand on that beach, in which you clearly can see that it has some darker lava sand in the mix.

Las Americas Beach Sand, Tenerife Island, Photo by Lifecruiser

For us, Las Americas seemed to be a bit lacking of the genuine Canarian culture though, if you wanna experience something local while there.

The explanation of that is that many tourists from northern Europe comes here frequently during the whole year and especially in the winter, when their home countries are cold. We noticed very many Brits here, but also Swedes.

There’s also lots of shops, bars and restaurants and it’s here the most lively nightlife is, filled with pubs, disco’s and shows, ranging everything from low budget to luxury. I would even call it exhausting nightlife.

Especially if I should judge from an older TV documentary (Tenerife Uncensored) I’ve seen reporting from here, but it might have shaped up a bit since then.

That’s also the reason why we didn’t stay there later in the evening than we did, just enjoying the sunset at a seaside restaurant.

Las Americas Beach Restaurant, Tenerife Island, Photo by Lifecruiser

We had a nice relaxed evening there, me with drinks in the same color as the sun, hubby was not as lucky since he had to drive us home.

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13 Comments on “Las Americas Beach Tenerife”


    It’s beautiful. I want to go.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    claudie said:

    :razz: A place to live an eternel vacation! would want to take sunny drinks too and dance in the nightlife of Tenerife! :lol:

    Ling said:

    That last picture looks really beautiful, with the sunlight and the palms and the view. Must feel real nice there, with the ocean wind and the nice climate. Hope you’re having fun. :smile:

    RennyBA said:

    I remember the Canarian islands was the first destination Norwegians where choosing when it was popular to go to the south for sun in the winter time. I would have thought all places was too touristy, but you’ve obviously found a great place!

    Poor hubby ;-)

    Btw; Thanks for the swinging of your magic wand – yea it helped. I just love witches like you!!! :lol:

    DianeCA said:

    The beach is beautiful, the water is so lovely and clear. I am not surprised it is a popular destination! And I love the beach umbrellas. I have never in my life rented an umbrella because I am so careful with my money…but here…I think I would! Magical. :cool:

    Gattina said:

    you make me feel like going back there again ! In the 90th I would say Las America wasn’t spanish it was a british Island. The Germans occupied Mallorca, the Britts Tenerife ! We have spent several Christmas and New Years there, really the british way and had such a lot of fun. The side were the big market is looks almost like little Las Vegas, at least we had this impression. That’s why we always stayed in Torviscas in the evenings, enjoying good food at the beach and nearly all restaurants had a singer or a show. I don’t know if it is still like that. The sunsets were absolutely beautiful. The sand in Las Amercas is (was) not imported, it was the real “black” lava sand. The only white beach at that time was in the North.
    And was it cheap !! I remembered we once payed for a New Year menu with show and drinks all included 25 € for 4 persons !!

    Sarah Sofia Granborg said:

    great blog! i loove the beautiful pictures and the interesting articles! greetings from Scandinavia, Sarah Sofia

    Mar said:

    I have never been there, thanks for taking me along for a short visit :cool:

    SwordMama said:

    Wow! I would love to go there! It is so beautiful!! I really love the upclose pics of the sand and the sunset. :-D

    ghee said:

    the island of eternal spring

    I can`t agree more!It sure is a perfect choice for a vacation!I wish I could go somewhere warm,it`s still freezing in our place. :smile:

    Sueblimely said:

    I sure get itchy feet when I see such beautiful places although I too would prefer to avoid more touristy destinations to get a taste of what it is like living in a different country. We are heading across Australia to Perth next month to visit my daughter – it is so far it may as well be a different country :-)

    Brian said:

    I have been going to Tenerife for over 15 years, I try to go at least 3 times a year, Tenerife to me is like home from home but with better weather, the sand is dark but you will get used to it very quick, I have travelled all over the world but Tenerife always calls me back, at 66 years old I am still young enough to enjoy everything it has to offer.


    Hi Brian,
    welcome and thank you for your nice comment on our travel blog about Las Americas, Tenerife :-)
    We really can understand why you’re returning to this beautiful island again an again!
    Actually we have written a lot of articles about places there already, maybe you read them too?
    We still have some more to write about Tenerife, it will come some day. We’ve problems to get enough time to write about all our trips. Too busy traveling and planning, preparing for trips. Which is a good thing :-)
    What is your favorites in this island? Do you have any tips of places to see, to eat at or stay at?

    Happy travels!

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