One thing I was unaware of before going to France, was how many fabulous medieval villages there are there! Many of them placed upon a height with such beautiful views. The last day we had at Claudie & Pierre’s place we went to one of them: La Cadiere.

La Cadiere is just some kilometers from the other medieval village we visited earlier, Le Castellet. Even this one surrounded by wonderful vineyards of Bandol AOC.

La Cadiere viewpoint, France

The medieval villages in the South of France seem to be everywhere there. How long would it take for us to explore them all? *giggles*

We went there last summer in August together with Pierre, Claudie, her sister and husband, wonderful persons they too – they all feel like family now.

We just love to walk on those charming old, stoned and narrow lanes, imagining the good old days…

La Cadiere street, France

Though there is only one problem: it’s very difficult to get photos of the buildings when the streets are so narrow!

I could have taken off with this one below since it’s very hot in Provence in August! So wonderful!

La Cadiere moped, France

I bet they thought we were crazy: we were like fanatics about all the wonderful windows and doors we could spot in this village, running around taking photos of all of them.

I hope they didn’t think we were too boring…

La Cadiere window, France

Who can resist to take a photo of this fabulous summer sign…? *giggles*

For us, doors and windows has personality. The time is shaping them too, giving them lots of charm. You might only see a window, we imagine what has happened behind that window in all those years!

La Cadiere window, France

Later on we will show you all our doors and windows photos – what a fantastic diversity of them.

Check in the slideshow below for more charming photos from La Cadiere – and some photos with some known faces.

This was the last excursion we did together, the following day we left Claudie and Pierre’s home to go on by ourselves. Though we had big difficulties to leave… We had such a great time together that we didn’t want to leave.

Stay tuned to read more about our roadtrip!

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5 Comments on “La Cadiere d’Azur, France”

    LindaN said:


    kate said:

    These are great photos :) I wish I can go here someday. Btw, I also love taking pictures of windows and doors!

    claudie said:

    So good memories!!!! I was there a few days ago with my girlfriends ; we ate at a nice restaurant and we laugh so much around the table! The diaporama brings me back summer 2009! Pierre and me we think you are talentuous reporters!!!
    I really love this one with the baby on the bench!!! :grin:

    Ralph Cauble said:

    Wife has brother named Pierre with a wife named Claudie. They live in Paris but have a house in La Cadiere. Could they be the Pierre and Claudie? We think not. But?


    What a coincidence! How fun! No, Claudie and Pierre does not have a house in La Cadiere – we were just visiting this lovely village :-)

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