Did you know that kissing is good for your teeth?

When you’re expecting to get a kiss, your saliva start flowing och gives the teeth a well needed shower, which prevents plack.

Just the thought of getting a kiss makes your mouth watering just like when you’re hungry and you imagine a delicious dinner. The saliva has a great deal to do with the fight against holes in your teeth.

You see, drooling isn’t that bad ;-)

So, we prescribes kisses at least every hour – start kissing!

Lifecruisers kiss prescription

7 Comments on “Kiss prescription”

    Dave said:

    OK! Got to get busy on that, see ya later with my healthy smile and teeth….

    carmen said:

    Ok, now I really have to get a boyfriend. :) Thanks, BTW, for the cool review on blograter.

    Lifecruiser said:

    This is really fun, every one is hurrying away from here to find someone to kiss *lol*

    sharlet said:

    Haha! That means MR Lifecruiser must have very clean and healthy teeth! ;D

    Lifecruiser: Hm… maybe HE is the one in need of the drooling kit now *lol*

    Mandy said:

    Ahh now I know why my teeth are in such good condition! :-)


    Lifecruiser: Yes, keep kissing *lol*

    Pewari said:

    Oh what a great reason – good job hubby is working from home today :lol:

    Happy birthday btw – the Complimenting Commenter sent me :)

    Lifecruiser: I hope you attacked him with kisses *lol* Thank you for the bday wishes!

    Tips on how to kiss said:

    Wow! its amazing………… now all to do is start kissing :smile:

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