Perhaps not the most common tourist activity: kayaking or canoeing in a capital city. This photo is from the capital of Sweden: Stockholm, with lots of opportunities to paddle around in an own sightseeing tour from the waterside.

Stockholm-capital-city-kayaking, Sweden

The Northern Venice: Stockholm, has a lot of water surrounding the city: one big sweetwater lake Mälaren is meeting the Baltic Sea in a couple of locks and there are also several other smaller lakes.

If you don’t want to follow the Viking trail at the canal of Åkers, Garnsviken, the lakes Vadasjön & Helgösjön, you can have an adventure out in the fantastic Stockholm archipelago with around 24,000 islets and skerries.

You can find some of the tours at Stockholm Adventures Paddle Tours, but as always: contact the local tourist office for updated and more information about the different tours that might be available – as well as advice about the best accommodation.

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    I had so good time in Venice!!! I can imagine what fun in North Venice!!! I will be on holiday wednesday after school!!! I don’t tell you! We need so much time to put all in order in the new house! But we don’t forget you!!! Bisous!


    Claps for this:) Super like

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