13 Joyn Crack Me Up Friday…

1. Welcome here tomorrow (Friday) to Crack Me Up!
2. Crack Me Up with hilarious storys, jokes, comments…
3. Anything fun you can come up with.
4. Bring your best crazy mood
5. Bring all your friends
6. We’ll crack up lots of Dom Perignons – giggle water
7. Eat gigantical amount of yummy food
8. Dancing in our most fabulous outfits
9. Surprise me and I might surprise you
10. Bring joy and friendship
11. This is a camouflaged loser party for the Awards…
12. …which only you can make a winner party by voting!
13. We’ll have a bloody marvelous Friday whatever :-) )

JOYN CRACK ME UP FRIDAY 15 DEC!(For me Friday from the afternoon to late night/morning, for U.S party people Friday day and evening)

TIP: post your outfit and other fun stuff on your own blog too and tell us about it!

Dress code: What ever you like, formal, informal, masquerade or nude if you so want! *lol*

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35 Comments on “Joyn Crack Me Up Friday”

    happy and blue 2 said:

    I have been voting for you daily. You are a winner to me..
    I’ll be here for Friday. Which is really Thursday here. .

    Lifecruiser: Thanks again HB2, your’e one of a kind :-) Are you sure it’s thursday? Isn’t it kind of halfways to Friday then over at your place? Hm…

    Melli said:

    Ohhhhh my! Sounds like it is going to be QUITE the affair over here tomorrow! I will have to make sure to stop by! Sounds like it’s going to be wiiiiiild!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it sure will be – if you’re coming ;-) Ahhh, we’ll have FUN!

    Skittles said:

    :mrgreen: Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a great time Friday night. Hubby is off so I don’t know if I will have any comp time. Thanks for the invite and the great TT. :)

    Lifecruiser: Well, let’s hope then. We’ll miss you :-)

    Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said:

    I am really bad at being funny…. but if I come up with something… I will definitely post… Ofcourse it will require a huge effort on my part… as I am completely clueless….. maybe I’ll wait and see what other post…. to get ideas..

    Lifecruiser: Well, don’t take it too serious, just have fun! Sounds like a good idea, check in the others to get some ideas :-)

    thebluestbutterfly said:

    Sounds like fun. I have at least one post in mind. Do you do this every Friday or just the 15th???

    Lifecruiser: This is the first time for me ;-) *blushing* *not*

    It’s because of the Weblogs Awards that is going to end after Friday, but I was planning on starting it as a continuing thing if it turns out well :-)

    rashenbo said:

    Well, many times I’m the only one who thinks I’m funny! :mrgreen: Course, I could totally go for a glass of Dom and some good giggles! Maybe I’ll just come back and read the cleverness!

    Lifecruiser: So, there is nothing is wrong with that, the main thing is that you have fun at least :-) *giggles* Yes, do come back!

    Chana said:

    party? did you say party? costumes, party hats and lots and lots of fun? yeap i will be here..on friday or should i be here on thursday, your friday? lol…either way i will be here, friday, my friday i guess, lol…to party it up God help me nothing gets in the way. we need to laugh it up..

    thanks for the love, hugs and words hon. life is always better when we have great friends who care..and i do..look at me, i got you too! whoo-hooo!

    now, what are you wearing or not wearing to this party? formal, informal?

    i have been voting for you. you are the best dairy blogger for me too. you are never a looser at anything. you rule!

    Lifecruiser: Dress code: What ever you like, formal, informal, masquerade or nude if you so want! *lol*

    Gattina said:

    It’s a must for me to join crazy people otherwise I get bored !
    I tried to vote for you as an european and then as an american, but they didn’t mix up the times (sigh)

    Lifecruiser: That’s a true crazy fun statement that we LOVE :-)

    Gina said:

    I forgot to tell you I voted! Going back everyday till they add’em up! I stole ( I mean “loaned”:shock:) a good one!

    Lifecruiser: Excellent my dear Gina! I do hope that you’ll come on the Crack Me Up Friday Party then :-)

    Chelle said:

    Cool! I love parties! “:)

    Lifecruiser: Who doesn’t…? *lol* Welcome back then :-)

    mar said:

    giggle water??? I will be here to giggle :)
    Happy TT!

    Lifecruiser: OH, YES! We’ll be sored of all the giggles!

    Chi said:

    Can hardly wait for the party!! I will have the answer to your question on my blog in the morning…LOL It’s too early for me to vote yet but I will do that in a few hours.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, isn’t it FUN? A party now in the winter darkness is just what we needed!

    incog said:

    See you there !!!:mrgreen:

    Lifecruiser: Welcome to the giggle party :-)

    Sanni said:

    :mrgreen: Thanks for sharing this great list! Enjoy your Friday =)
    I love the (new) header and glögg as well :grin:

    Happy TT from Germany,


    Lifecruiser: Thanks you too Sanni. Don’t you coming? Bummer! we’ll hve fun! You know where we are if you change your mind!

    carmen said:

    First, your Santa smashed header cracks me up. Second, I’m always up for a crazy mood!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Carmen :-) Gooooood, we love to have you here!

    colleen said:

    Go on over to my 13 and see if anything there can crack you up! We can get a head start…but I’ll come back tomorrow as well!

    Lifecruiser: Ah, excellent, we love to have you here Colleen :-) You know I love your T13′s… Of course I’ll pop over!

    Laura said:

    Good luck. I’ve been voting nearly every day.

    Lifecruiser: Thatgrrl is a good grrl ;-) You go grrl! I hope you’ll come to the party too :-)

    Kukka-Maria said:

    Great reasons to stop by what appears to be a fun time! I’ll try to stop back, but if I can’t get to it, I’m definitely coming back to read the stories and get some laughs!

    Happy TT!

    Lifecruiser: We’ll have a blast, so I hope you make it, otherwise it’s wise to come back afterwards too!!!

    my 2 cents said:

    Sounds like fun!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it will be! Be prepared to have a laugh blast!

    OneMoreWord » Thursday 13 #17 — Things I’ve Gotten Done said:

    [...] ***Join me tomorrow at the Lifecruisers Crack Me Up Party.  We’re gonna eat, drink, and be merry while we laugh our a**es off.  I think I’ll be wearing a tye-dyed toga…I always wanted to go to a toga party and I don’t look good in white. [...]

    Danielle said:

    I need a good party! Thanks for the invite!

    You guys are the greatest blog–no one else could ever possibly be the best diarrhist :lol:

    Lifecruiser: Good! we’ll have some serious fun! No, blast! OH, I’m so proud to hear you say that…. *blushing of pride*

    Shannon said:

    WoW! SOunds like fun. I’ll stop by.

    Have a happy Thursday!

    Lifecruiser: You do that! We’ll have FUN .-)

    ChupieandJsmama said:

    I’m babysitting two 2 yr.olds tomorrow. I think I will need all the laughs I can get. I will be here.

    Lifecruiser: Aha! A fellow blogger in need, we must get you to giggle the most!

    Pink Chihuahua Princess said:

    Your party sounds like its gonna be a blast. I’m already thinking of what I’m gonna wear!

    Lifecruiser: Well, that sounds really, really marvelous! I can hardly wait!

    beth said:

    That sounds wonderful!! Happy Thursday / Friday it doesn’t matter, just have a happy day :)

    Lifecruiser: hm… that sounds like you’re not coming? We’ll be happy to have you here!

    Jane said:

    What a great idea. I will try to get by here tomorrow.
    Thanks a lot for stopping by my T13 and for commenting. :-) )

    Lifecruiser: Yes, please do, we want you to come! The more the merrier :-)

    N. Mallory said:

    I’m confused, but that’s not new. So, I guess I’m in.

    BTW, I love the crashing Santa. He looks like I feel today. :P

    Lifecruiser: Perfect! Love to have you here, we’ll have some serious fun! Bring your best mood – or not because we’re fgonna get you in better mood otherwise :-)

    Christine said:

    What to wear? Oh my! Your party sounds like it’s going to be marvelously funny…..I’ll be back tomorrow for some giggles!
    BTW, You got my vote! It’s always so nice to see you when you come to visit! :wink:

    Lifecruiser: Thanks! Good! We’re looking forward to see you giggle like never before :-)

    Tricia’s Musings » Crack me up Friday said:

    [...] Tomorrow you should to go over to LifeCruiser and participate in her Crack me up Friday event. She’d love to have you come visit. Bring some funny jokes, hilarious stories and comments with you, or point her other visitors towards funny pictures and sites. [...]

    Lonnie said:

    I have been a faithful voter….Some of those other blogs are, uh…..

    I am wtiting MY concession speech now…

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Lonnie :-) Well, maybe I should wonder how my blog was picked as a finalist too…. It is difficult to understand how they choose. Our taste is so different obviously :-)

    Eric said:

    Hi Mrs L. I was just about to climb on to my magic carpet of the internet to attend the party, when I was pecked by a pesky pelican, so please accept my apologies. For futher details of that unprovoked attack, please see

    Lifecruiser: Ooooops! I had no idea that they could attack! Nice article Eric :-) We’ll miss you if you don’t come…

    Tricia said:

    Happy Thursday .. even though it’s friday here now. :) Interesting read in the comment above about the pelican attack. He’s got Pelicans … we’ve got geese that do that. LOL

    I made a post on my site about your Crack me up Friday .. hopefully a few of my visitors come by to see you. :)

    Lifecruiser: GREAT! We want people with party mood to show up ;-)

    Irish Church Lady said:

    I’m here for Friday but I started partying on Thursday and now I’m paying for it!


    Lifecruiser: Oh oh, started in advance have we? Well, maybe you have to take a short nap to recover? *lol* I can sing some lullabys…. *teasing you*

    Chi said:

    Hurray, it’s party time!! My choice of clothes to wear can be found on my blog today but am thinking I could sign up for that show called What Not To Wear! LOL

    Lifecruiser: Warmth welcome Chi! YOU CRACK ME UP with this GORGEOUS FUN outfit!!!!! *giggles hysterical* *hick* Have some more to drink!

    colleen said:

    My post is not exactly funny today, but maybe I can tell you a real life joke: I was visiting my friend in Puerto Rico and he told me we were going to a Tapas Bar and I thought he said a “topless bar!” Does this humor translate in Swedish? How about if I tell it again wearing a clown wig?

    Congrats on the nomination!

    Lifecruiser: I moved this comment to next post, since I thought it was a pity that the other party people should miss it :-)

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