Eye Catcher
Eye Catcher, 1969.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

Today it was a hairy business day. I had an appointment at the hairdresser. At 15.15. So I thought at least….

If I had checked my emails earlier I would have noticed the email from my hairdresser saying: Reminder about your appointment 12.00 for a men haircut.(!)

So I called her at 10.00 to ask what was up. She said 12.00, but the men cut were just a faulty data system. hm. I’m glad that I’m no man any more… (I don’t know what Mr L has to say about this!) *giggles*

How on earth we could (Mr L and me) note 15.15 when it was 12.00 still is a big question. We blame it on Mr L’s Outlook calendar which has gone nuts with other things too. I had a minor discussion with her about it. Never mind. She couldn’t at 15.00 so she offered another hairdresser luckily enough.

After the call I found her business card and… hrm… *ashamed* Look, there the time was. 12.00. I hate to admit that I’m wrong and apologize. We’re f*cking unbelievable with appointments nowadays. We really need an x-ray of our brains.

So, anyway, the other hairdresser cut my almost gone hair. At least it went fast since it was not much hair to cut… and not much hair to dry either… My ordinairy hairdresser also could see that there was more hair missing even since the last time I was there, which is the sad fact.

So she’ll contact the HÃ¥rologi’s expert team about it. I might have to leave some of my lost hair there too, so they can send it for an analyse. I don’t count on anything from there, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m also drinking some poision every morning, the Blutsaft preparate… (Iron) YUK x millions. It tastes disguisting enough to almost kill me, butt I’m really stubborn.

I drink some other multivitamines too. It’s supposed to be taken up of the body more efficiently if you have it in a liquid form than in tablets. I’m going to get rid off the lack of Iron or possible other lack of something.

What do you think about a wig? Have any good tip’s…? *giggles*

Captain Baldie Lifecruiser

PS. Don’t count on me visiting you this evening or tomorrow – even if my Photo Hunt will be up, because we have Miss Ass. Lifecruiser here visiting… (Danger alert!!!!)

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