One of the things we enjoyed enormously in France last summer was when Claudie and Pierre took us to the beautiful isle of Gaou (Le Gaou, Le Brusc), a nature protected isle in the French riviera.

The beginning of Gaou Isle, France

Some of you might remember Claudie’s post about the isle on her blog, but it’s definitely worth seeing once more!

Actually it’s a small isle of Gaou and a grand isle of Gaou, to be exact. Nowadays there is a bridge to walk over, earlier you had to take a boat to get there.

The tree’s are leaning, reminding me of our summer paradise island in Sweden – where the tree’s get tortured by the winds like that too.

Tree at Gaou Isle, France

Sometimes in the summer there are different performances on the isle too, but not when we were there.

We walked to the part where most people seemed to like to take a swim first. There were some rocks to.

Beach rocks at Gaou Isle, France

We had such a gorgeous weather, so it was a perfect day to get a dip at the beach at the isle… toes up! *giggles*

Taking a swim with toes up at Gaou Isle, France

Very wise to get cooled off before starting the walk around the isle which has some parts that are rather high with a beautiful view over the Mediterranean Sea…

Pierre on top of road at Gaou Isle, France

You’ll never know what you’ll spot when exploring a new place. We did spot some other interesting things, like this spider which was very difficult to get a photo of.

Spider at Gaou Isle, France

…or this Cicada, so well camouflaged don’t you think? I think that I’ve heard somewhere that the Cicada is some kind of symbol for Provence too.

Cicada at Gaou Isle, France

There are more photos from this wonderful Gaou isle in the slideshow below.

This is clearly an isle you could visit more than one time. Very special with it’s different landscape and those high cliff roads to walk.




9 Comments on “Isle of the Gaou, France”

    TorAa said:

    What a gorgeous report .
    I now realize we went up north far to early last August.
    But, work is you know……

    Thanks for sharing those excellent photos.

    In the mean time, enjoy some photos from our visit to Fortaleza,
    some years ago. First time revealed on my blog (had to scan from old photos)

    PS. Anna was sitting at the veranda for several hours this afternoon. In fact it was hot.
    And I had to work until past 5 PM. Grrr..

    claudie said:

    What a nice post about the Isle of the Gaou!!! Such great memories …And the spider!!! It was so beautiful! and you captured it so well!
    Next time, if you want we’ll visit the Isle of Les Embiez, wich is just in front the Gaou and we’ll take the little train around the Isle!!!
    Bisous! :grin:

    DianeCA said:

    Mmmmm really lovely. I am sorry I missed this place on our short visit to Claudie, guess we will just have to come back sometime! :cool: This post gets me in the mood for summer and I am so looking forward to taking a dip myself. Looks like a magical place!

    Fida said:

    Wow, fabulous! No wonder you enjoyed that journey so much. I imagine myself sitting around, drinking a glass of wine, chatting with friends, laughing, enjoying the sunset… ah, I need a vacation!

    SwordMama said:

    Wow, it is so gorgeous there!! I can’t wait to get over the big Atlantic one of these days to see in person. Thanks for sharing your precious pictures, love them as always! :-D

    RennyBA said:

    Looks like a fabulous trip I am sorry I missed it. Guess we will just have to visit Claudie again eh!! :lol:

    Tom Volpe said:

    That looks absolutely gorgeous! Except the spider, he is rather creepy looking!

    Andy Hayes | Sharing Travel Experiences said:

    Looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. :cool:

    Gina said:

    Beautiful photos (except the frog/spider)*shudders* The only trees I have seen lean like that were the divi divi trees in Aruba. I would love to travel like that!

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