Our lovely summer holiday at Fårö (Gotland) island in Sweden has started now. This year we will only stay a month. (Last year we stayed 10 weeks!). As I suspected, it started with internet conncetion problems so I was wise that had scheduled a couple of posts in advance.

Sweden: Gotland holiday farm afternoon

Even my iPhone photo uploads has not been without trouble – that’s how life is on an island I suppose… This one is from yesterday afternoon, as you can see we have really nice Swedish summer weather, even though it’s a bit chilly in the air yet. The real summer weather will arrive in July.

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    Gattina said:

    Ah ! you are again on your beloved island ! I am back from Tunisia and find it quiet cold here ! Still waiting for summer ! I had real good internet connection throughout Tunisia, even in the hidden small towns in the South !

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