While I’m still sorting photos from our last roadtrip (and plurking, I confess!), I thought I’d share some travel related links that I’ve stumbled upon lately.

Best ships for couples, “From party ships to ultimate luxury, there’s a cruise for every twosome”. I want to go on a romantic cruise. There certainly are plenty of ships to choose between. If you’re considering to go, check out those cruise ships. Some day, I’ll go. Maybe at our 10th anniversary? Though I have to wait another 6 years for that… *bummer*

Cruising during hurricane season, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst when sailing the (rough) seas”. I’m not really that brave, since I were on a cruise in a storm and got really, really sea sick. Not quite so romantic, especially since we had only known each other for about 3 months… In that stadium, you really wish that you were dead ;-)

Don’t Get Stranded at the Airport. “Know Your Rights and How to Deal With the Airlines to Make for a Smoother Trip”. Considering the fact that only the Americans are expected to take more than 211 million air trips in the next three months (think about all the travel in the world!), there sure isn’t a bad thing to read this article with some useful tips.

Vibram FiveFingers Sprint. At first I thought it were a brilliant idea. Loved the thought of it. Then I got thinking and that made me wondering a lot about them. Running in these? Aren’t you supposed to have a lot of support for your feet in a runner shoe? And what about to travel in those? If you have the slightest problem with your back or knees that is not a shoe for you. I can understand it for climbing where you might use your toes too or other things like yoga maybe. And how about the feeling in it, does it breath properly or are my feet going to be hot in those? And what about friction, since it’s polyamide? I’m very easy getting shafed feet. See, I’m very curious if they work…

The craziest shoes from around the world. Now this is the real show fashion! I’d love to see creative shoes like this in the stores. After all, I once went to Milan in Italy just to buy shoes, so I easily could see myself traveling around the world to buy these kind of shoes! *giggles*

Sports bra saves hiker stranded in Alps. I might have to get a sports bra, never have thought of this way to have use for it…. *giggles*

The best one I’ve saved for the last, is one that Saboma sent to me, if you haven’t the time to visit the other links, you simply must read this one!

A bra’s Tale: Detour on a Daughter’s Trip Abroad. Wonderful story! I laughed out loud and it really did make my day. It’s a pity she hasn’t kept the bra, I would have loved to see it!

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    RennyBA said:

    Always great tips coming from you – and a good laugh too – I liked the lost bra too :lol:

    Thinking of trips: we are soon about to start our vacation in our paradise and you know where that is ;-) We are here just for the weekend too, but since I’m connected to my VPN account, it might not show in the flag.

    RennyBAs last blog post..Fish and Seafood delight from Norway


    Great tips and fun things too. You are such the world traveler. Have a great day Captain. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Travel 7 Continents

    aithne said:

    I personally gravitated towards the hurricane season one myself!

    Eric said:

    My roommates are on a cruise right now, and I’m anxiously waiting to hear their review. I have never been on one, but want to take my wife next year. Thanks for the tips. How far out is the best time to book a cruise for value? :?:

    Erics last blog post..I Miss Josh

    TorAa said:

    this is written in between, I do not longer know how many times Rosa and Felicia have been in and out. And waked me up. Hahaha – what don’t we do for our closest friends.

    Wish we could haeve the opportunity to visit you this year as well at Fårö. But it seems the bill from – you know – grrrr. WE have to pay “it” private. (NOK 50 K +) U Z?

    PS. Rosa is inside—

    TorAas last blog post..Bright – PhotoHunters June 28 – 2008

    Ling said:

    Air travel in America is going down sharply. More and more people are optiing to travel by rail and bus instead, or just staying at home. Something to do with your EU currency being too costly.. :)

    Lings last blog post..Big Sur Tourism Hit By Wildfire

    A. said:

    Those are some wonderful links! :) I don’t fancy those shoes though, they don’t look at all comfortable to me.

    A.s last blog post..PhotoHunter: bright

    Anders said:

    May I say it was an wonderful and odd collection of links, however that gave me an idea to do the same over at my blogg at some time! ;)
    My Backpacking experience is getting closer and even if I dont have that travel nerves yet so do I have an extraordinary excitment about it all, so I hoipe to be able to share as much as possible “on the road” and then collect my toughts when I’m back about it all.
    My very best regards!

    Anderss last blog post..Om att definieras av andra

    Helen said:

    Thanks for sharing these links! I love the shoes from around the world, the airport tips and the bra story – hilarious!! Oh the pains of being a traveling woman! I forwarded the bra story on to my other fearless traveling women friends! Sometime the misadventures are just as good as the adventures…at least when looking back and sharing travel stories. :smile:

    Andrea said:

    I’m not sure I like some of those shoes but the idea of travelling around the world just to go shoe shopping is right up my alley!

    claudie said:

    wonderful links! What do you think if I use the Vibram FiveFingers Sprint tomorrow at school? I’m sure I would have a such succes!

    claudies last blog post..The biggest bouillabaisse of the world

    Adam(PixelHead) said:

    I was just checking out your blog, via the Plurk timeline. I love the theme. I am normally a fan of white backgrounds, but this is sweet.
    My wife and I have done quite a bit of traveling, but have not gotten out of North America. We just got our passports, so going abroad is in our travel plans as well as cruising.

    Adam(PixelHead)s last blog post..Marriott’s Ocean Pointe -Vacation Club on Singer Island

    Estartit said:


    I just wanted to say thanks for the fave on Technorati. The strange thing is I don’t have a Technorati button on my site, lol. I guess you know something I don’t.

    All the Best – Estartit

    RennyBA said:

    Just here to wish you a wonderful summer and that you are always welcome to visit my vacation secret:

    RennyBAs last blog post..My personal Strawberry Place

    Dan said:

    Great post with some very useful information. Really love the site too.


    Craig said:


    I saw your question on Vibram fivefingers as a travel shoe and thought I’d better drop in a comment as I reviewed the classic model last year. Most people are looking at the KSOs as the best model at the moment.

    And Claudie, I wear them to school all the time…and I’m a teacher. So many puzzled kids, it’s great fun.

    boji girl said:

    What fun going through your links! I’ll be back for more! The bra story was too funny! I look forward to the day I can travel the world!!

    Colin Seymour said:

    Re your question on the Vibrams: I’ve got the Classics (reviewed here) and love them to bits. The whole thing about needing support etc is just FUD spread by the shoe manufacturers. The best thing for your feet is what your body provides. Just look at how well the Kenyans and other North Africans run if you need proof. I’ve switched to the Vibrams for all my running now, and in 2 months I’ve been completely injury free. The only troubles I had was actually with sizing as no one provides any really useful tips on this – but not anymore. :wink:

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