The 3 hours ferry ride over to the island Gotland was very calm and went fast. There were a lot of dogs and horses on the ferry, some events in the weekend obviously.

We saw dogs in all shapes and sizes when waiting in the ferry line in the warm summer weather. I wish I had taken a photo of them. The most striking I noticed where Dalmatians and Grand Danois.

Mr Lifecruiser at the Gotland Ferry Lines, Nynäshamn, Sweden, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser.com

Above you can see Mr Lifecruiser waiting at the ferry line. The ferry in the end of the photo.

The vacation mood did struck as soon as I sat my foot on the island, so I haven’t felt like starting up my computer at first and then when I wanted to, we had a major power failure that took some time to fix.

At the island Faro, Gotland, Sweden, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser.com

We had very nice weather at first, then the cold front did hit the island and it has been very, very cold. Icing winds. Today we’ve had rain all day long, something that is not that usual for this island. We’ve heard that all Sweden have had bad weather – as well as Norway.

I hope they’re right when they say that the heat wave from Russia is on the way to Sweden – I have had double pants on me today! *giggles*

We have been around the island to check that everything is the same. Small changes here and there, but not so big ones. One thing: the cafe is not run by Selene and Paco this year, because they’re expecting their second child in July. We’ll miss them very, very much. Such a lovely family.

The days passes by very relaxed with some small chat moments with the people on the farm – the same people arrives here year after year, just like we do, because it’s such an awesome farm. The Norwegians arrived early this morning.

We’ve been back twice times to Fårösund – at the northern tip of the island Gotland, to shop some things we needed and to do something while the weather was bad.

There will come more soon, especially photos.

Happy summertime!

Lifecruiser Fårö


9 Comments on “Installed at Faro island”

    Puss in Boots said:

    Your trip looks very relaxing and summery. Pity about the sudden weather change…I hate that in the middle of summer. One year in November, I went to work in light clothing. It was 31C, then we had a storm in the afternoon and the temperature dropped 10C to 21C. I was so cold, because I didn’t have a jumper with me…brrr. That wasn’t nice.

    Maribeth said:

    Ah you are back! I can hardly wait to hear more and see more pictures too! We had two nice days of sunshine and warmth and now we expect another 5 days of rain! Boo-hoo!!!!


    You are living the life!!!!!! I love love love going to islands, they seem to have some extremely quaint feel to them. and ferry rides are without a doubt my absolute favorite. it always feels like you’re about to embark on a new adventure, even if the ride is 15 minutes:)

    Ling said:

    Nothing beats a vacation where you’re wearing double pants. Hope you enjoyed it. If that Russian heatwave comes in, you might have to take em’ off though. :mrgreen:

    scott said:

    I’m a big fan of ferry rides!

    Cecil Lee said:

    Great to know that you are off for travel again! And this round is for your long awaited summertime, hope you will enjoy your holidays as much as I reading your blog… :razz:

    RennyBA said:

    Good to know your well installed and of course, nothing is like the first days in Paradise (every year its like that :-) )

    Yea, the weather changed dramaticly last weekend. From 30C to 15C and with thunder. That’s Scandinavia.

    I’m in our Paradise (as you can see from the flag :-) ) and so far; just poring rain. Hope soon to be able to swing the clubs :lol:

    Holiday With Mama said:

    Wow, this can be a good idea for next holiday. We’ve never been there.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Holiday With Mama

    A Ferry said:

    Faro is beautiful! I went there about six years ago with my now ex-girlfriend. It’s an unusual destination that quite often doesn’t hit peoples radars (travellers from the UK tend to visit only mainland Sweden).

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