Ev Nucci at “My life is murphy’s law” was tagged with a meme once started by Christy’s Coffee Break – and now Ev want me to be “In The Spotlight” too! (The rules are here).

…and I’ve always wondered: where is that damn button to turn the spotlight on? *giggles*

Well, that wasn’t quite true. I think I prefer to put out the light! That way Mr Lifecruiser and I can get away with a lot of uhum…..[insert your own imagination]….. in the dark.

In the meanwhile: why don’t you visit Ev? She has said way too much nice things about me which makes me blush – so just ignore it and concentrate on the important stuff.

Dig in her blog posts and you’ll have some serious fun. She was just choosen to be “Best Blog Of The Day“, so head over and congratulate her. She really is worthy of it :-)

This blogger is ONE TOUGH COOKIE, I tell you!

She felt very familiar to me, because she seem to be having the same unbelievable bad luck as my best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser and she is as crazy as we are – need I say anything more?


So, over to the Meme questions and my answers.

What makes your blog unique?
Definitely The A-Team Cruisers & the A-Swab Team (see the sidebar) which does this Cyber Cruise to the most ultimate cool Cruise Ship ever. Cauz, without them, this ship would be lost in the fogosphere.

Oh, and maybe a bit of my shitty humor too…

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
Do I really have to accomplish something? I’m sort of allergic to that word. It puts pressure on my creativity. How about just relaxing and having fun together with my blog buddies? I mean, there is nothing wrong with having fun, is there?

Besides that I keep having this crazy idea of spreading love, smiles and laughter TOGETHER with knowledge of the world. Weird huh? *ROFLMAO*

What are your feelings on the “blog popularity” issue?
First: What is blog popularity if you really look at it? Is it a lot of links? Many visitors? Many comments? High Google Ranking? What is worth the most?

I don’t recognize or accept some of the big bloggers/blogs just because they seem to have a lot of readers and linkers.

Why? I don’t follow the stream.

That’s why you’ll never see links to some of the really big and famous blogs here. I simply don’t like them. I don’t like their attitude and/or content and they have gotten too impersonal – even if they wrote about personal stuff. Not interested thank you.

What really should be most popular is the Personal blogs, cauz that is the most difficult ones to write. To turn your real life “outside in” to the blogosphere is a much more difficult subject to reach out with than writing a Tech blog or something – that is just repeating of words.

Feelings, that’s what’s counts and that’s so darn difficult :-)

What’s your favorite childhood memory?
Well, I’m not sure that it was my favorite then, butt it sure is now. It was definitely when I did shit…. eh, well, better tell the story first:

“I was very sick with some stomach flu when I was maybe about 5 years old. So I sat on the toilet having some diarrhea when I suddenly felt like I was going to puke too. Being so young, I didn’t know what to do – the handbasin was too far away, so I shouted for my elder sisters:

- I’m going to puke, I’m going to puke, what shall I do?

- Well, do it in the loo, was naturally their answers, as they really couldn’t understand the question at all.

So I turned around, puking my guts out in the loo, at the same time as the puking forced the poo out in the other end…. right on the bathroom carpet!!!!

Oh, those wonderful face expressions…. they felt so guilty about their answer to me!

…and how wonderful to hear their giggles through out the YEARS….!!!

I hope that it was my one and only time to shit on the carpet, butt we’ll never know… and I do hope it’s not gonna happen in the spotlight – or at the red carpet!!!


Do your moral values affect the way that you blog, and if yes, how?
Of course, to some degrees, butt then again, what is moral? I’m quite frank in my blogging, maybe too frank sometimes in my own posts….

What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?
Eh… That has to be our US trip we did in 2005. A whole month. Don’t even ask me!!! It was so weird everything that I can’t even describe it!!!!

What is your best quality?
Unconditional Love :-)

What is your worst quality?
Oh, I’m stubborn as a red pig (?!). If I’ve decided to manage something, I’ll do it even if it nearly kills me!!


Any one that reads this and wants to do it :-)

Captain Shitty Lifecruiser

UPDATE: Don’t miss today’s cyber cruise stop at the end of the film festival in Cannes that Claudie is inviting us to :-)

Or that Melli got mail!

NOTE: If you want to see a real Scottish Castle, hop over to Caledonia to see her post about Stirling Castle!

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15 Comments on “In The Spotlight might be right”

    claudie said:

    Hello my captain
    I will go visit the site you speak about! But now i must work for my pupils and my class!
    Yesterday I was in Cannes for the end of the festival and that’s why I posted the last pics of this event on my blog.
    I’m total ok with you for the best quality!

    Lifecruiser said:

    There you are Claudie, I went looking for your post before posting this post, butt you weren’t ready yet :-)

    I’ll pop over at once!!!


    Hi Captain Lifecruiser!
    I blog-hop from Ev’s. Looks like you two are pimping each other. hehehe….

    Ev’s a wonderful gal, isn’t she? :)

    cool meme. Will do it.

    Ev Nucci said:

    Wow Lifecruiser! You honor me. I honestly didn’t expect that you would do this for a while because I know how busy you are….you know…in blogoworld. I call it blogoworld because I am a non-conformist and everyone else calls it the blogosphere. Can’t help myself. You are awesome. You really are. I just love you….you make me feel normal for the first time in my life! But even more than that your generosity of human spirit demonstrates that everything I’ve believed in life about “greatness” is true. So you validate my book’s premise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Hi there eastcoastlife :-) Welcome – and I hope you’ll come back later too. Care to joyn the pimp club? *giggles*

    Oh, yes, Ev is a super gal to be exact!!!

    Lifecruiser said:

    I’m glad that you’re finally realizing that you’re NORMAL CRAZY! *giggles*

    Seriously, it’s a healthy sign to be crazy – do NOT begin to follow the mass stream ever again whatever you do. We love you crazy :-)

    Hm. About your other mentioning of me: are you sure you’re not talking about yourself? *lol*

    (I suck on receiving compliments)

    Hootin' Anni said:

    I love this meme you did [no, I won't do it, but I love what YOU did] —
    The candid writing, and the honesty glows Me Captain!!! You did a superb job of it all!!

    Now, you got me wondering….why don’t they make a double dipper loo!!?!! Hmmmmm.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Ha ha, you have the most Hootin’ ideas Anni! I’d love to see that one.

    I once went into a public loo in a Pub in the city, that had kind of twin-loo’s, because they got tired of all the girls going in there in pairs anyway…

    And they took away the mirror inside the loo, to speed up the visits… *giggles*

    Sanni said:

    HA! I see – you´ve got a LOT of MEMEs to catch up ;)
    Excellent answers as usual, Captain!

    (Note to self: Don´t shit on the carpet!!!)

    Sword Girl said:

    I love your answer to the “blog popularity” question! Very well put! That has been on my mind a lot lately. And you worded everything I’ve been wondering about perfectly!

    Gattina said:

    I have done this some time ago, only my answers were 3 words long in average, lol !
    In a few hours I will happily be seated in an airplane and land tonight in Izmir Turkey ! And tomorrow off with the bus to Istambul with quite some stops of course to visit interesting things. It’s just ime to go away because it rains cats and dogs here and we only have 11° !!

    Lifecruiser said:

    We wish you a fabulous vacation – and that you come home and have a lot of fun to tell us about :-)

    Oh, I wanna come to ;-)

    I can’t believe that we haven’t travelled for a year now! That’s so NOT we. Damn health.

    I’m aiming for a trip in the autumn…. *dreaming*

    (I don’t count the summer vacation at FÃ¥rö island as a trip)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, and I’m having a very difficult time with your Eating out-meme – how on earth does this hungry monster CHOOSE restaurants…??? Almost mision impossible! *lol*

    mar said:

    Loved your answer to the second question! I actually liked all your clever answers :)

    that frolicsome kid said:

    I agree with some of your answers up there, Cap’n! I too think that wanting to accomplish something with my blog too puts pressure on my creativity. Anyway, there’s nothing to achieve in mine. It’s just my diary. Lol! :P

    Just like you, I thought some of the famous blogs are bad! =O A few even have to sacrifice their dignity and insult people and being rather impersonal. It really is ugh~. Sure, it’s highly entertaining, and I’m highly tempted to read them but I don’t want to just let their blog posts affect my way of thinking (subconscious reinforcement? LOL!).

    Hahaha! I love your toilet incident! =P I had some unpleasant memories in the toilet. I still remember there was once a few years ago when I nearly blacked out and lost consciousness from passing out my faeces. It was really scary as my vision was flickering into blackness. I had to crawl out of the bathroom and struggling to put on my pants and seek for my parents. Forget about the flushing and my dirty arse, I’m too weak (and I really needed help)! =P

    Great meme by the way! =)

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