Paphos in Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality, so what could be more romantic than paphos holidays?

pahphos-petra_tou_romiou_beach, CyprusPhoto by Nino Verde

A must sight for me is the Aphrodite’s Rock (Petra tou Romiou) above, not only for the beach’s beauty, but for the history and atmosphere of the place where Aphrodite were born from the Sea. Many have done pilgrimage’s to the place during ancient and modern times.

Near Petra tou Romiou, there is Palaepaphos, Old Paphos, once upon the time the city kingdom of Cyprus, I really want to see. There were Kouklia, the famous Temple of Aphrodite constructed on the hilltop by its cult – the whole Aegean world did worship the goddess, not only Cyprus.

Nearby the fishing village Latchi (Akamas Peninsula) is the famous baths where Aphrodite used to take her baths, in the pools of this natural cave. It’s said that if you did bath in them, your fertility were restored. There are also Adonis Baths, which relates to the love story between Aphrodite and Adonis.

I would want to let the song of the crickets and the marvelous moonlight enchant me and my spouse, making toasts for our bright future together with a very bubbly champagne.

If you’re not already married: why not having an outdoor wedding ceremony? (I have always loved the idea of a beach wedding!)

Paphos region is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it even more desirable as a travel destination rich of history.

There are among other sights, spectacular mosaics (near the Paphos harbor) that has been buried for 16 centuries, from the houses of Dionysus, Orpheus, Aion and Theseus – mostly with Greek mythology motifs.

For us nature lovers, the Diarizos river valley is a great choice of road trip, through Nikoklia village to the Troodos mountains with wonderful scenery.

Of course there are other sightseeing to do since, Paphos offer a lot of attractions even for families or people not looking for a romantic destination.

There are the Paphos Fort at the marina, full of colorful history, built by the Turks in 1586, last actively used by the Brits. For families there is Aphrodite Water Park with lots of fun water rides.

Ideal time to go there would be May-June or September if you are like us, wanting sunny but not too hot weather, because in July and August they use to get heat waves with hot hot air drifting over from Sahara.

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    claudie said:

    This beautiful beach is waiting for people like we are! For sure!
    This year we haven’t a very hot air here! Just good! But all this work at the building! I dream I meet Aphrodite in Greece!


    How nice that you have wonderful air this year Claudie – it’s the same here. Not so hot, just lovely! Perfect building weather then! We still keeping our fingers crossed for your house. Bisous!

    where is cyprus said:

    Perfect place in Cyprus

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