Ever thought of naked airplanes? I have. I’ve wished for naked airplanes for many years now. What I mean by naked is: stripped without color and just plain metal. Now British Airways have a new paint called Triple O, which as least is stripping the costs and impact on the environment.

British Airways has tested this new environment-friendly paint for a year now on an airplane with a flight route between London and New York. The new paint is not only better looking, but also improving the aerodynamic of the airplane, making it less fuel consuming and saving millions for BA.

I have no idea why the airplanes can’t be bare naked, why must there be paint at all?

There are many other ways to strip an airplane obviously, British Airways let all their employees come with suggestions and they came up with enough alternatives that made BA save enough fuel to power 550 flights from Heathrow to New York last year… and they continues with other projects in 2012.

I was just thinking: think if every airline (and other transportation related companies) would adopt this, making all kind of savings – what an impact it would have on the environment!

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2 Comments on “I Want Naked Airplanes!”


    Good job for British Airways! I praise them for taking care of the environment. Although I have a hunch it’s more a cost control move. Nevertheless, everyone is happy by this decision :)

    Ginnie said:

    WOW. Anything to save money makes sense to me! My brother once worled for GM years ago (in Lansing, Michigan) where if anyone came up with an idea that helped save them money or was used in a car design, they’d get a bonus! :)

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