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1 Tackle: I’ve been very busy all week just to tackle making love – as you can see proof of in my earlier posts here. I’m quite exhausted after it actually, but I’m planning on continuing on that path. I don’t even think that I will need a reminder of it, since it’s going so well… *lol*

2 Tackle: Clean hall closet – and the hall I would say. At last I’ve come around to that tackle! This could be a very fun tackle, because I’ve no idea what I will find in there, maybe monsters ;-)

I could combine this with the love making tackle too – fun nude cleaning and in the closet too – a classic wouldn’t you say? *LMAO*

We did censorship the nudity in the pics though – sorry ;-)

Lifecruisers hallway before  Lifecruisers hallway after

The other jackets and sweaters were put in the closet as there suddenly became more space there after this cleaning raid:

Notice how packed everything is, it’s clothes, shoes and things everywhere, it’s kind of hanging out of there. The clothes are actually hanging on each other – 2-3 jackets on the same hanger, very tight so they all get creased.

Lifecruisers hall closet before
Lifecruisers hall closet after

We actually have a normal closet to hang clothes in!

The shoes are packed on top of each other, making it very difficult when you’re going to have one of them and it happens to be the one in inner corner… Which it actually is every time – at least feels like it!

Lifecruisers hall closet bottom half before  Lifecruisers hall closet bottom half after

Of course, this could be a very popular position of mine in Mr lifecruisers eyes, with my butt in the air when poking around after my shoes ;-)

This was what we throwed away afterwards:

Lifecruisers hall crap to throw away

How on earth did all this fit in the closet and yet if you look at it now, it’s still full…???!!!

Reminder rest Tit’s:

1. Make Love
2. Learn more about Fibromyalgia
3. Get copies of med. journals (next doc. appointm)
4. Find new kitchen curtains
5. Kitchen cupboards
6. Porcelain boxes
7. Clean bathroom
8. Clean hall closet
9. Basement storage
10. Sales ads

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9 Comments on “I Love 2 Tackle”

    marina kuperman said:

    i’ve been bad. i know i haven’t written in ages. but if you think your tackle it is bad, i don’t even want to begin with my mess. besides the dumb builders messing up everything in my house, they’re managing to steal from me as well. so life could be a little calmer, even here in tropical costa rica.
    ciao for now :roll:

    Lifecruiser: Well, you know I’ll forgive you since I know a bit of what you’ve been up too!!! Phew, it really sounds tough…

    jenny said:

    that’s a fun tackle! especially the 1st one :grin: Looks like u got some shopping to do…

    great job on all ur tackles! I hate dealing with closets, but there’s no way out! hehehe!

    Lifecruiser: Exhausted again…. Phew….

    Claudie said:

    Jules Renard a french writter said: “If you want always to perform your’s duty, do what is unpleasant for you”.
    Easy to say but never easy to do!

    Lifecruiser: No, not easy at all!!!

    Sanni said:

    Let´s have some DOM right now to celebrate your TITs =)

    Lifecruiser: Excellent suggestion! I never say no to some Dom!!!!

    Celeste said:

    Great job! :grin:

    Lifecruiser: Thanks :-)

    Aimee said:

    Well done on the tackles. :) Thanks for stopping by my TIT.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Aimee :-)

    Irish Church Lady said:

    Nice job! Thanks for motivating me to do mine!! (soon)

    I’m still tired from moving my Dad last week and doing so much cleaning. Maybe this weekend I will get back in the cleaning mode for my own house (crosses fingers).

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. So that’s your tackle then, that last for weeks :-)

    Liza said:

    I love visitng your TITs :)

    Good job on the Tackle. I need to do that too :)

    Lifecruiser: Oh, thanks Liza – I’m glad you do :-)

    marina said:

    i’m being very positive, i’m hoping that within the next 2 months it will be ancient history and i could have life back…:twisted:

    Lifecruiser: Being positive helps a lot, I know :-) I’ll wish that for you too!

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