Quality Spa & Resort Holmsbu IMG_2657

I like this photo above of the Quality Spa & Resort Holmsbu, because it almost look like I’ve merged two different photos together if you look at the water surface. It also look like the clouds are smoke coming from the Spa roof.

We were lucky when we were in Norway, because we had almost only good weather, except from the very first day when it was cloudy all day. After we left Norway, the rain started!

Quality Spa & Resort Holmsbu IMG_2654

It was here some of the other guests at TorAa & Anna’s birthday party were staying. It has a more modern style than the Holmsbu Bad & Fjord Hotel we were staying at. The red cottages look like they’ve shrunk, looking like a mini-village.

A harbor in Holmsbu IMG_2653

The also have a small harbor there, since it’s right beside the fjord. I’d love to take a boat tour in one of those… Feeling the sea breeze…. Ah….

Ferry IMG_2670

We did go to another small harbor in the Hurum half-island, where we saw this ferry. At first it were heading right toward us at the bridge, like it were letting off people – or taking aboard us, but then suddenly it changed directions.

Maybe we did look too suspicious…? *giggles*

Harbor at the Fjord IMG_2663

As you can see, Norwegians are as much a boat loving people as all of others are. There are full of private boats in every harbor. Norway does have a lot of fjords, like we have a lot of lakes in Sweden. Not to mention being surrounded by the Sea.

It were there we also did meet a nice fisherman, you can spot him in the photo above. We did have a nice chat with him. It turned out that he also had a home in Sweden. He didn’t catch any fish though.

Norwegian Police Boat IMG_2666

Maybe the Police catched some “bad fishes” instead….?

Noooo, not us!!! *giggles*

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8 Comments on “Hurum Harbors Norway”

    Ling said:

    That first pic does look strange. Maybe its the bank inclination, or the shadow of the buildings. Or maybe you did put together two pictures. :)


    I always enjoy the fjords. The best fjords I ever been to is Flam

    Borneo Falcons last blog post..Muara Tebas

    Puss in Boots said:

    Isn’t Norway a beautiful country? I love the photos you, Tor and Renny post. I’m determined to visit there one day…here’s hoping. Although I think I would probably need to win Lotto first…

    Puss in Bootss last blog post..The Continuing Story…

    Maribeth said:

    Those are so clear and beautiful! Nice job Captain!

    Maribeths last blog post..31 Days

    claudie said:

    :razz: More i see pictures of Sweden and Norway more I love your north countries! I really love boats since ever and nature! So I just can applaud watching and take great pleasure day after day admiring your photos.

    claudies last blog post..Exhibition au Domaine des Vidaux

    Mark H said:

    The first photo is a little weird. Norway seems to provide the most fantastic scenery and photos.

    Mark Hs last blog post..Photo of the Week – Tombstone in Tombstone (Arizona, USA)

    Anders said:

    I’m in love with Norway! There’s so many places I haven’t yet seen in Norway and my plan is to do a trip there next year, that is if I have any income at that time…..
    I have spent a lot of time before in the Trondheim area and I would really love going back there again!
    Great photos as always!

    Anderss last blog post..Torsdag kväll

    Dot said:

    Can`t say I am crazy about bees after killing over 100 in my kitchen last yeay. But i do enjoy seeing the pictures of norway. Since i don`t expect to ever visit there. the pictures are greatly enjoyed.
    Glad you are still able to keep traveling and enjoying life to the fullest. That was your Mom`s wish for you. I think of her often.

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