After the sleeping on top of the disco loudspeaker equipment and abandoning the ship in Helsinki port without even having return tickets back to Stockholm, the first thing we did were to go to the railway station to use a locker for our luggage. It was there our way to the jail did begin…

I’m a stubborn person (Finnish Sisu!) and won’t let anyone bully me or destroy my travel experiences for no reasons, so I just went obstinate thinking that we should create a nice ending on this cruise trip instead of being left with an unpleasant memory. Especially since it was a birthday involved…

We needed to find somewhere to stay for the night, somewhere really nice. Not so very easy when there is a sport event in town filling up the hotels with sport freaks… We stood there in the railway station searching and searching for a more luxury place to stay, when I found the perfect place for hubby on his birthday: a jail.

Yes, he should be locked in again! This time in a Finnish Jail and not a Swedish Jail. It was the perfect solution!

We had not done anything criminal at all, but we really did feel like teenagers on the run since normal grownups may not leave a booked cruise in the middle of it like we did. At least not all grownups…

Second thing we did were to explore the city until it was time to be locked in our jail, we are after all true explorers (even though we have already been to Helsinki many times). We did get some photos which you’ll get to see later too.

We did take a taxicab to the jail and while doing so I noticed that the driver was having a cold, he had a nose flow he tried to hide. (My old readers know about my bad luck with sickness during travel and understand why I instantly thought: oh no…! But I did shake it off my mind!)

It was in the night, in the jail, that I started to feel strange… No, it was not the fact that we were locked in a jail, more like the fact that I had to lock myself in at the toilet… Yep, it was now that undone breakfast buffe content from the cruise ship started to make themselves reminded.

I thought the sausages tasted strange, but ignored it because I was so tired that morning, tired of bad sleep and all the bad things happening. I should have known that you can’t ignore such things… it always has to come out!

…and it did. I actually paid 210€ to spend the night in that toilet… Though I was happy that at least I could be sick in style, this toilet were so much fresher than the one on the cruise ship! One has to love that fact! What a memory for life!

I’ll tell you all about the actual (nice) birthday celebration in the jail in another post with photos, so be sure to stay tuned to read more about our ehrm… interesting… experiences.

- Especially in the end of the week when we will tell you about our day in Tallinn and St Petersburg sightseeing, which included an Idiot (or maybe more) and Russian Vodka!

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4 Comments on “How we escaped from a cruise and ended up in jail… Part 2”


    You guys had your share of fun and excitement throughout your life and travels! But I bet they helped you stay as fresh as you seem you are now :)


    I feel like I’m reading a suspense novel. I can’t wait to find out about your experience in the jail and how exactly you came to be there!

    Gattina said:

    Geez, that wasn’t a horror trip but a horror cruise ! Do Helsinki jails rent rooms for tourists ? As colleges do during summertime in Oxford, lol ? I don’t get it how you could land up in a jail.

    Emma said:

    Haha, wow – nice to see this! I look forward to your Tallinn experience!

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