If you are a keen travel photographer, you will end up with a lot of photos from all your trips. I would not be honest if I didn’t admit that it is a struggle to keep up with the technique and all available options to keep them safely stored, but I’ll tell you what we have discovered being a working backup solution for us during the years.

Main rule: Always, always keep several backup copies of your photos on different places. Never ever only have them in one place!

Places or ways to store backup copies:

  • On several memory cards for your camera
  • Flickr account/similar internet photo storage option
  • Extern harddrive (Even small ones store much)
  • Different harddrives on your laptop/computer
  • Different fresh USB Memory Sticks
  • Burn backup CD’s or DVD’s copies

The advantage of a Flickr account is that you often can upload your mobile photos directly from within your mobile camera apps during your trip. I’ve done that a lot during our trips and it’s very appreciated by our followers since they felt like they were with us on the trip.

Warning! Only upload pictures if you’re on Wifi or the hotels internet, do NOT upload if using data roaming since it could cost you BIG!

It’s easy to download your photos from Flickr and other online storage solutions, whenever you need them again. I don’t even keep them on my working computer any more – I get them from Flickr or the extern harddrive when or if I need them.

I even consider NOT burning any backup DVD’s any longer, at least not of all our photos. Maybe just the exceptional good ones.

….and if worst comes to worst and you discover that your traveling laptop has crashed, your holiday photos are still not completely gone until you have tried to rescue them with a Data Recovery Service.
(I’ve only needed to do that once time earlier at work, a recovery for exchange server data).

There are so many different reasons for why your photos (or other files) can be destroyed, not only a hard drive failure, but also because of program failures, virus, theft, Champagne spraying (yes, happened once!) – or simply by you being clumsy and deleting them by mistake…

So our final advice is: always be prepared for the worst – with proper life jacket’s on and the lifeboat located – and within reach!

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    Jesse said:

    I also recommend for photographers to have any portable usb dongle or internet access device with them in case they want to have their photo be up sooner. Internet access can also help them with back up insurance when uploaded to image hosting sites like flckr and photobucket.

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