If you are in Sweden or have been able to find a connection flight, train or other transportation to Sweden, you will like this useful summery of how to find cheap holidays if you want to travel within Sweden or continue from Sweden to other travel destinations.

Travel sites and agencies tips

Besides the three largest travel agencies in Sweden,, and, there are many other sites to search for cheap travel trips, like the combined or,,,,,,,,,,,, and

They have last minute (listed under ‘sista minuten’) or other deals to offer at their booking sites. For youths under 26 there is and for general cheap coupon travel deals there is to keep an eye on.

Flight sites and tips

There are better price levels now at the Scandinavian Airlines sometimes, even though not always as low as the lowbudget companies like, but might be a better choice since they departure from Stockholm Arlanda Airport ( and not from Skavsta Nyköping (1,5 hours from Stockholm) as Ryanair does.

Also have a look at the flight comparison sites or and don’t forget that there is a second airport in Stockholm with mostly domestic flights, Bromma (

If you want to go to Croatia and Bosnia, have flights there. Croatia travel have increased a lot since they started this route. No wonder, Croatia has a wonderful climate, fabulous beaches and offer cheap holidays. I wanna go there too…

Train sites and tips

Travel by train is possible within Sweden or to Norway or Denmark and beyond, but is generally not considering to be especially cheap and takes longer time than flying, but is a more environmental friendly way of travel. The main Swedish train ticket sites are (only last minute to retires or youngsters under 26, but also sells at auctions) or

Swedish bus sites and tips

By bus:,, (with free internet) or (northern Sweden). There are also and – mostly to destinations within Europe and perhaps not always so very cheap, but of course they also have special deals occasionally. Sign up for their newsletters to get them.

Cheap cruise sites and tips

Going on a short cruise from Stockholm can be a real cheap bargain, since there are extremely cheap deals sometimes – especially during the low winter season. Check up which cruise to Finland or Estonia and (favorite: artificial sundeck!) which has 22h cruises to Åland, or Another very cheap is with their 2h cruises to Åland with departure from Grisslehamn – right now 80 SEK/pp(!) with bus from Stockholm City.

Budget cottage rentals, hostels and camping

If you are more than 2 persons it might become cheaper to rent a cottage somewhere rather than staying in a hotel. There are lots of sites advertising, like – direct from the owners without middlehand fees,,,,,,, southern Sweden mostly: (german translation), (Swedish only).

The Swedish hostels are called Vandrarhem in Swedish, which means literally wandererhomes and most of them are managed by the Swedish Tourist Organisation. They have a great website which also have some inspiration of what to do:

There are Swedish Farmstay’s and Bed & Breakfast too, not as much as in certain other countries, but I have no favorite site. I would first search right out on the internet with the words Bed & Breakfast and the place where you want to go and do my own selection from there. Or contact the local tourist office.

You can also check the ad-sites or – or you could go camping, but make sure it’s the right season (July-August) because we do have a rather cold and damp climate over here. Great Swedish camping sites are: or – a more personal created one with real reviews from other camping guests.

The nature in Sweden is excellent for walkers and other outdoorsy people and there is countless of small lakes everywhere with small local beaches to explore. All for free and really recreational.

Conclusion how to find cheap holiday deals

Now you’ve got lots of useful travel sites tips to go through, some of the tips here you would not have found if you can’t understand Swedish, so it’s authentic Swedish insider tips.

Too many sites? Well, if you want to have the cheapest holidays deals, it’s unfortunately necessary to make an effort and search widely. There are different deals at different sites at different times, making it rather impossible to recommend just one or two sites.

Nothing comes for free. It takes time, so if your time is money – go ahead and pay much more for your holidays. Your choice. I look at the trip planning as a part of the pleasure, so for me it can take many hours of searching before I finally book something.

I might even just save the research trip info for later without booking any trip at all. It’s still worth it, as I learn things during the process which may come in handy at another trip planning occasion.

Do you have any other cheap holidays suggestions? Throw it in – even if it’s not about travel in Sweden, everything is useful.

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    Ginnie said:

    So, if we ever decide to make a trip to Sweden, we’ll know exactly where to go! :) Thank you.

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    Great blog.

    Just a small correction: You mention, the correct website adress is Besides great deals on more than 400 hotels across Europe and cheap mini stays – you’ll find the biggest travel club in Scandinavia “Vi Älskor Resor”.

    Special offers for members, Last minute stays as cheap as 99 SEK per person, auctions, competitions and a discount on all DTF stays of a 100 SEK per adult if you’re a paying member (the price is 100 SEK per 6 months).

    Keep up the good work

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    Did you know you can go by Bus between Gothenburg and Oslo with free internet connection? That’s important these days.
    The Price: Very interesting.


    Yes, Ginnie – and we would count on you to tell us when you arrive here and for sure meetup (if not on a trip) for a beer or drink or whatever preferred – and have a jolly good time, that’s def for sure :-) )))


    What a blunder HC, to not spell DTF’s URL right – my apologies. It’s corrected now. We have actually been booking once with DTF, at our Denmark trip years ago when we were members – stayed somewhere near Aalborg.

    Keep up the good work you too :-)


    Yes, Tor . internet is becoming more and more important – if not indispensable… At least one of the things that makes the customers to choose that above others!

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