How to become an A-Team Cruiser

Attention all cruisers: The captain of this ship has tackled some changes in the ship rules.

From now all regular cruisers have to start in the A-Swab Team. See the starboard deck if you want to join.

To advance to the A-Team Cruisers you’ve to fulfil some of these qualifications:

- Cruise with us almost daily
- Participate in many cruises
- Fit in the entertainment crew
- Have old cruiser merit’s
- Invite the captain to the cabin
- Cheer with the captain
- Offer Dom Perignon
- Dance funny all night
- Have a life jacket

It’s the captains decision if and when you’re ready to become an A-Team Cruiser. If you aren’t on the A-Team list right now, don’t be sorry - continue to cruise with us and you will soon be!

If times goes by and you don’t cruise with us, you’ll be moved to the A-Swab Team. This is because we want to reward an Active Team Cruising in front deck position.

Our temporary cruisers will be listed as usual in the Cruise list for every cruise (post).

Since I’m joining something called Tackle It Tuesday today, the work with that changing of rules is my first tackle this Tuesday. To come up with the rules, to name the teams and sort our cruisers.

The second tackle is that I created a blogroll for Tackle It Tuesday. I’ve mentioned it for Janice, the founder of Tackle It Tuesday and we’ll see what she says. I want to have it myself anyway because I find it easier to find the participants to visit that way. Let me know if you want the code for it you too!

Comments on How to become an A-Team Cruiser

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    Can I be the silver tongued cabin boy who has his way with all the ladies..

    Lifecruiser: You know, on most cruises there is almost only ladies over 80…. *lol*

  • 2
    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    Wooo, I’m at the top of the A Team Cruisers. It must be because I’m an old cruiser, dance really funny (almost as funny as I sing) and have an unlimited supply of Dom. Either that or it’s a serious error in judgement by the Captain.

    Lifecruiser: You’ve got it all right there Dave, that’s the exact criterias you made it in the A-Team Cruisers :-)

  • 3
    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve been demoted already. Pretty clever to have the blogroll rotate those on the list. It makes all feel really special.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, and you have to really look if you’re still there ;-)

  • 4

    I don’t have to clean now do I? :???:

    Lifecruiser: No swabbing decks, just yourself after a hard dance night ;-)

  • 5
    eph2810 UNITED STATES said:

    Welcome aboard the Tackle team. Very cool. Now we can say that the bunch is from around the world. Have a wonderful Tuesday afternoon/evening. I am just starting my day…

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Iris :-) we’ll see how the day continues, it wasn’t a good start of it actually, but maybe it improves….

  • 6
    Jenn UNITED STATES said:

    Welcome to Tackle it Tuesday - it’s alot of fun and has kept me on task about a lot of “cleaning” :oops: I am not so good about cleaning! :) It’s nice to see new faces and your blog roll is sooo cool - now to figure out how to use it! :)

    We joined in this week too - Aubrey’s gonna be soo happy!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Jenn :-) Well, let me know if you need some help with the blogroll.

  • 7
    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    I can dance funny all night…LOL

    Lifecruiser: We’ll have fun together :-)

  • 8
    martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Call me Martin, anything but ‘Master Bates’ or Seaman Staines’ or ‘Roger the cabin boy’

    Hope you are both fine and dandy!

    Bye for now, I’m off to the pub!

    Lifecruiser: He he, now you just gave me some ideas…. *lol* Off to the pub sounds bloody marvelous Martin, cheers to you :-)

  • 9
    Stephanie UNITED STATES said:

    Welcome to Tackle it Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by mine!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Stephanie :-)

  • 10

    That’s a great idea to make a blogroll for Tackle It Tuesday… thanks for doing that.

    I’m glad to hear you’re excited about Tackle it Tuesday… it really is a fun way to get chores done.

    Talk soon,

    Lifecruiser: Well, Susan, for once, I found a meme that actually is very USEFUL, so naturally I want to spread it even to others. It’s a great, effective way to put some pressure on me to get chores done :-)

  • 11

    Hi - thanks for doing the blogroll. We had considered doing one. The reason we hadn’t done one yet is because the group evolves each week and the players change so much. A blogger looking for tackles can’t always find them at the full list of everyone who plays. We find the Linky the most effective to find the players weekly.

    But I guess it would be best to have both. So we will put up a blogroll. Please send us over the code.

    Also, could you please link back to our site each week so readers can add their tackle to the central Linky. :-))

    Lifecruiser: I thought so too, that both alternatives are good ones. I do think that the fact that you have a blogroll, may increase the participating since so many bloggers love blogrolls :-) I’ve sent you the blogroll code and all.

    Of course I’ll link to your latest Tackle It-post with the Mr Linky in every Tackle It post of mine, it was just this first one that kind of wasn’t a real Tackle-post…

  • 12
    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Invite the captain to the cabin!! hmmm… And who’s the captain???

    Lifecruiser: So you don’t like surprises hah? *lol*

  • 13
    Tammy UNITED STATES said:

    Good job making the blog roll! I was wondering if there was one! Thanks!! I love your blog btw!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Tammy, I’m glad you enjoyed both :-)

  • 14
    Tricia CANADA said:

    What an honour to be selected!
    Mrs. Lifecruiser - Have you been peeking in my windows and watching me dance all night? :oops: I always forget to shut the curtains! LOL :roll:

    Lifecruiser: As a captain of a ship I have very powerful binoculars….. *lol*

  • 15
    Wystful1 UNITED STATES said:

    Well, I just might invite the captain to my cabin!! Depends. And no that doesn’t mean I wear Depends either!! I full bodied, and am capable of dancing the night away…or whatever the captain chooses!!

    (I set up a blogroll account as you wished! Never had it done…so, you’re the first.)

    And I got it all straight, I was just kidding around about the starboard. But ya know, for the life of me, I just don’t get it…LOL –why not just say right and left and floor and door instead of deck and hatch! (just kidding again)

    Okay, so I invited the captain to the cabin, he’d better have lots of eye makeup on and love treasure and gold. Not all treasure is gold matey!! And then dance ’til the crow’s nest falls down!!!

    Lifecruiser: You are in the A-Swab Team, definitely. We’ll have a dance contest soon I think, to see it you fit into the A-Team Cruisers!

    O’hoy! The canons starts firing due to the enimies heavy attacks! Save the treasure maps in your dress gal’! The captain will call for it soon again!

    (Tip about that blogroll account: you can move our other regular links in to that one, so you don’t have to tinker with blogger each time you’ll put a new link in there).

  • 16
    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    Wow great tackle! I am so honored to be one of the A-Team Cruisers! I do try to stop by daily and participate when I can! Nice job setting up the blogroll!

    My head is doing a bit better but as I sit here to type it really does not like the monitor! But the rain is finally moving out so tomorrow will be a bit sunnier and up in the 70’s (ugh) again! So I will do better getting around!

    Lifecruiser: Well, you may even be invited to have dinner at the captains table one evening ;-) Oh, I suppose this pink color on our blog doesn’t exactly help when it comes to headaches…. OR it will help - to make the headache even worse! *lol*

  • 17

    Thanks again for the blogroll!

    And with all that blogroll chat, I forgot to say WELCOME to Tackle It Tuesday! How rude of me !:oops:

    Welcome - it is great to have you on board! :) So glad you like the concept!

    Lifecruiser: No, not rude, I didn’t even notice :-) Thanks for starting it and make us all doing our chores.

  • 18
    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    Can I say I have no idea what you’re steering at? Lol, seriously, are you going to categorize us now: officers, deckhands and steerage? Hey, I saw Titanic and the fun to be had down below, so even though I don’t have a clue what journey we’re embarking on here exactly, count me in.

    As far as the tackling thing goes, do you want me to send you pics of ‘all the things I NEED to get done but haven’t yet’? Lol, in that case, expect quite the photo album!

    (I’ll read this post again tomorrow when I’m awake - it’s two a.m. and I don’t take on much information when I’m tired).

    Ship ahoy!

    Lifecruiser: Uhum… compare us with the Titanic you…. but there is no ice to crash into - yet ;-) and we’re not steering THAT way, no to the south! *lol* It’s the same here, not quite awake!

  • 19
    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Okay I think I understand it.
    I’m on the A-Team Cruise list.. and that’s a good thing, right? lol.

    I can’t visit every day cause I work 12 hour shift.. but I do visit probably 4 times a week at least.

    Anyway, about the Tackle it Tuesday, I can’t join that one, I work Tuesdays.. and after joining Green Thumb Sunday, I reckon I’m bursting at the seams lol

    Have a great day Mrs Lifecruiser.. ohh and I have my Christmas Grotto Goodie Swap posted, if you’d like to participate?

    Mandy x

    Lifecruiser: You don’t have to worry Mandy, since you are one of our very first cruiser ever, you have some priviligies: as long as you come here when you can, you’re in the A-Team :-) Or you can just bribe the captain with some Dom Perignon…. *lol*

    Sorry, even though the Christmas Swap sounds fun, I’m not up to it. Too much other things to take care of right now and forward, so I wouldn’t make a great swapper at all!

  • 20
    Erna CANADA said:

    Welcome to Tackle It Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. How neat that you made a blogroll for Tackle it Tuesday! Have a great day!

    Lifecruiser: Thank you Erna :-)

  • 21
    mar SPAIN said:

    I will try my best to make the A-Team!!! does my inflatable ring count as lifejacket???

    Lifecruiser: Let me see how you swim with it for a while, to see how it goes… *throwing it in the big ocean* If you make it back here all the time, I might consider it :-)

  • 22
    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Okay Mrs Lifecruiser, thanks for answering my question about Christmas anyway.

    Ohh and I have privledges, yeehaw! I’ll bribe the captain with a little more than a bottle of Dom Perignon! lol


    Lifecruiser: *Looking very pleased*

  • 23

    I’m becoming a regular cruiser who happens to like dancing the night away, hope I am ship shape for this ship! ;)

    Lifecruiser:You might want to consider to get a life jacket before…. *lol*

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